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Let’s Help Geller Beat Lawfare

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John R. Houk
© July 22, 2011

Remember how Rifqa Bary’s purist Muslim (i.e. Radical Islamic) parents tried to force their 16 year old daughter home after she fled for her life to Florida? Rifqa had converted to Christianity in Ohio and was found out by the family. In essence apostacizing in Islam according to the Quran and Hadith is reason enough for a death sentence. Rifqa feared she would be the victim of an honor killing so she departed with the help of a charismatic Church in Florida.

This is where things got a little thorny in the legal realm.

Once Mo Bary found out where her daughter was he proceeded with legal measures to extradite her from Florida back to Ohio proclaiming all the time that his precious baby-girl, (by now) 17 year old Rifqa had nothing to fear from her crazy – err – doting parents.

Pamela Geller continuously kept Rifqa in the news with her blogging efforts. Geller is a renowned anti-jihadist and anti-Islamist blogger. Geller receives vitriol from Leftists and Muslim apologists much like Ann Coulter does with her anti-Left Conservative humor. Geller is a hero by showing no fear to the violence and legal jihad that flows toward people who take a stand against the evil portions of the Quran, Hadith, Sira and Sharia Law.

Rifqa stuck to her guns and claimed her father had accosted her prior to fleeing to Florida. One thing Rifqa feared was if she was returned to her parents that they would ship off to Sri Lanka. The Bary’s were legal resident aliens. If Rifqa was sent back to Sri Lanka she felt the honor killing would be carried out there.

Rifqa managed to stay free from her Parents in Ohio by being remanded to juvenile detention until a Judge could decide her fate. The stall tactic worked for as soon as Rifqa turned 18 she applied for her own resident status which was granted. Wisely Rifqa Bary has drifted from the public eye to continue to evade the threat of an honor killing.

So why do I rehash this legal victory for Rifqa Bary?

Bary’s lawyer in Ohio sued Pamela Geller for her part in keeping Rifqa free. Attorney Omar Tarazi is claiming defamation. Tarazi is taking the stand that his connections with CAIR does not he has a connection with Islamic terrorists. The suit against Geller is for 10 MILLION bucks.

Pamela Geller and is becoming a victim of Legal Jihad or what call Lawfare. The lawyer(s) handling the Bary’s side has had connections to CAIR. CAIR is the certified unindicted co-defendant from the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) case in which key HLF people were found guilty of funneling money to Hamas the Islamic terrorist organization representing the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza (Gazastan-Hamastan).

As pointed out by Julia Gorin writing for Political Mavens: Are we going to allow Geller to fight this legal battle alone? Dear God in Heaven I pray not! Geller has a pro-bono lawyer; nonetheless legal costs arise and the money has to come from somewhere. If you are one wishing to take a stand against Islamic Lawfare you have to truly consider donating some dough to Geller’s Defense to overcome her being buried by moneyed lawyers that will keep legal motions going to bankrupt Geller and her lawyer with legal fees perhaps without even losing the case to the Bary family.

JRH 7/22/11 (Hat Tip: Grendel Report)

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