Monday, July 18, 2011

Rick Perry and Agenda 21-ICELI


Whereas Tony Newbill focused on Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty in the post “Romney, Pawlenty, Agenda 21: Road to Serfdom,” this post zeroes in on Governor Rick Perry of Texas. FOX News reports I have been listening to show that Perry might be a heart beat from entering the GOP Presidential nomination race. I had no idea until I read this that Perry has all the baggage of the label RINO.

The only problem I have with the Newbill post is one of the links lists Sarah Palin as a proponent of Agenda 21 in America. Palin is a less taxes and less government Tea Party kind of gal. Agenda 21 is all about government manipulation to appear local when the program is really a sovereignty busting United Nations program to control people, the way people live, the environment people live in and population control. I probably left a few Liberty destroying aspects of Agenda 21 but you get the idea. Palin definitely is not about government tentacles invading the individuality of a person’s life.

This Newbill post has been edited by me and I have arbitrarily chosen quotes from the links provided by Newbill for greater clarity. If you find this post interesting you may wish to examine the link content in its entirety. The Newbill links will be in plain text. The links inside the quotes will be in html.

JRH 7/18/11

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