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CAIR Lawfare and WND


Correction to: CAIR Lawfare and WND

In the post “CAIR Lawfare and WND” I wrote that CAIR was suing publisher WorldNetDaily and Joseph Farah along with Dave Gaubatz (father) and Chris Gaubatz (son).

In my zeal to make the Islamist American-Muslim organization known as CAIR I failed to do my due diligence about who are the exact defendants in CAIR’s lawfare to bring silence to the information in the book the Muslim Mafia.

Via SlantRight’s comment section Joseph Farah would like me to issue a correction. I have to admit I am taking the email’s identity for granted; however it sounds legit to me.

The correction runs as follows ... HERE.

John R. Houk
© July 6, 2011

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been visibly running ever since a very public law suit against Anti-CAIR publisher Andrew Whitehead was shut down defeating Legal Jihad/Lawfare. The CAIR intent was to keep Whitehead silent concerning his writings exposing CAIR as being an American-Muslim front to funnel money to Hamas which is also connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

CAIR gave up on Whitehead because he asked for “discovery” as was his right as a defendant. CAIR evidently did not want that information to be made public and so a settlement followed between Whitehead and CAIR. It was one of those settlements in which the terms were sealed to the public; HOWEVER Whitehead was NOT forced to retract anything he had said about CAIR AND Whitehead has continued his Anti-CAIR activities.

CAIR has been directly and indirectly involved in Lawfare civil suits to not necessarily win but rather to cost defendants so much money that the defendant could not afford the legal fees.

One such prominent lawfare case resulted due to the publication the book “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America.” The authors of the Muslim Mafia are P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry. The book was published by WorldNetDaily. Why is CAIR so unhappy about the Muslim Mafia?

Dave Gaubatz’s son Chris privately without any law enforcement backing went undercover posing as a Muslim. After Chris gained the trust of CAIR personnel he set about obtaining documents that were primarily supposed to have been destroyed and I believe recorded conversations. Here is a paragraph from a WND promo email that writes the sources used to write the Muslim Mafia:

"Muslim Mafia," published by WND Books, is packed with pages of recently declassified government documents and evidence from the covert operation, including thousands of e-mails, faxes and internal memos that were never meant for public viewing. The first section of this book reveals how the Council on American-Islamic Relations functions as a dangerous front organization. More alarming, however, is that CAIR is part of an organized crime network in America made up of more than 100 other Muslim front groups that collectively make up the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

CAIR sued the authors, WND and WND founder Joseph Farah. The last that I had read about the authors are they may be off the civil suit hook. I cannot say for sure though because of the nature of Lawfare to keep suing until the opponents cannot afford the legal bills.

WorldNetDaily has discovered this fact about Lawfare because CAIR has continuously sued WND draining funds to pay the legal fees. The last time I touched on the Lawfare being executed on WND was about a year ago with the post entitled, “Islamist front targets book publisher, First Amendment. I have learned from an ACT for America that CAIR is still pursuing Lawfare against WND. Because of this Lawfare from CAIR against WND, requests for donations are coming in to offset the legal fees WND is experiencing.

CAIR has to be feeling the squeeze because their image is becoming sufficiently tarnished that only open deception which quite probably will be found to be illegal is becoming one of the remaining options for the lie of claiming to represent moderate Islam.

On the other hand CAIR as a Muslim Brotherhood representative in America has quite probably acquired a powerful ally in President Barack Hussein Obama. The Obama Administration is involved with having the Justice Department to stop investigating radical Islamic organizations in America. Couple this with the Obama decision to actually cozy up with an enemy of America in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood that CAIR may be feeling pretty haughty again.

Because our government under the auspices of Obama’s leadership may be stabbing Americans in the back, it is imperative to support all organizations public and private to fight Stealth Jihad from acquiring a toehold in this nation as it has in the United Kingdom. Because of this I urge you to join ACT for America’s Brigitte Gabriel in supporting the request to send money to WND to have the legal fees to overcome CAIR’s Lawfare!

JRH 7/6/11
World Net Daily needs our help!
CAIR using “lawfare” to silence the truth

By Brigitte Gabriel
President, ACT! for America
Sent: Jul 6, 2011 at 12:59 PM

For years WorldNetDaily (WND), headed by my friend Joseph Farah, has been an important and courageous source of news and commentary, especially on the issue of radical Islam. WND has exposed information that most media wouldn’t even touch out of fear and political correctness.

To illustrate, WorldNetDaily had the courage to publish the blockbuster expose’ about CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, entitled Muslim Mafia.

As a result, CAIR, in a “lawfare” effort likely funded by foreign money, has relentlessly attacked WND in the courts. I say “likely” because there is substantial evidence that CAIR has received millions of dollars from foreign entities (see
). It is hard to imagine that CAIR could be funding legal challenges against WND out of contributions from its small membership.

CAIR, the American propaganda arm for Hamas and un-indicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism trial ever in the history of the United States where 108 guilty verdict were handed down, will not reveal its funding sources, has not filed the required non-profit tax returns for the past three years (which resulted in the IRS stripping CAIR of its non-profit status), and has never filed as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

CAIR is using relentless legal attacks against WND trying to silence them and suppress the truth. It has become the modus operandi of our enemies to use our legal system, with Middle East oil money, to attempt to silence and intimidate those patriotic Americans who are standing courageously on the front lines fighting to defend our freedoms and expose those who wish America harm. WorldNetDaily needs our help in its legal defense to continue fighting and exposing CAIR.

We at ACT! for America will not stand by idly on the sidelines. We are going to make a contribution to WND’s legal defense fund and are asking you to join us in doing so.

log on here to make a contribution to the WND legal defense fund and stand with me in supporting such a courageous organization headed by a great patriot, Joseph Farah. Every dollar will be greatly appreciated, and every dollar counts.

At a time when moral clarity is scarce and courage is hard to find, it is our duty to lift and support those who risk so much to expose the truth. I urge you, my friends, to take some action today on behalf of WorldNetDaily in its legal and financial struggle against CAIR.

Thank you.

Always devoted,

Brigitte Gabriel
CAIR Lawfare and WND
John R. Houk
© July 6, 2011

World Net Daily needs our help!

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