Thursday, April 21, 2011

The War for Israel's Independence

Abbas Wants it All

Ari Bussel correctly rails on the concept of a U.N. General Assembly vote recognizing a sovereign Palestinian State perhaps in September 2011. Bussel is correct because there was and is no such thing as an Arab culture called Palestine. The existence of Arab-Palestinians purely exists because in 1948 five-plus invading Arab armies attempted to destroy Israel’s existence just after the Jewish State declared Independence. The massive Arab armies lost in their bid for a second Jewish Holocaust. Their loss created refugees who had fled the war thinking they would return not only to their left behind but to claim booty from the hopefully defeated Jews. That never happened and the Arab instigators refused to take in the Arab refugees created by losing invaders. Only Jordan entered a semblance of refuge; however those Arabs deemed as Palestinians became hated by the Hashemite governed Bedouins. Hence in Jordan the Arabs deemed as Palestinians have been discriminated against with even now Jordanian talk of stripping away citizenship and moving them to a U.N. created Palestinian State out of fear of an Arab-Palestinian take-over of Jordan and the expulsion of the Hashemite Monarchy and the relegating of Bedouins to second class citizens.

The Jordanian response to a Palestinian State is only the tip of the iceberg of the probable geopolitical maelstrom in the offing if the U.N. creates a sovereign Palestine.

JRH 4/21/11

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