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A Palestinian Should be Ashamed


John R. Houk
© April 17, 2011

A person commented on my SlantRight 2.0 blog concerning a post dated March 27, 2011. The post is entitled, Lies of Palestinian Propaganda”. The comment congratulated me on my fine post followed simply with a link to a YouTube video entitled, “I Am Palestine”.

When I first examined the comment I suspected it was spam that would send readers to a marketing or porn site. I also like to give commenters' the benefit of the doubt so I went to confirm my suspicions by copying and pasting the YouTube link to a browser as a due diligence before I was going to delete the comment.

To my surprised delight “I Am Palestine” was a video of sarcasm showing all the things Palestinians are proud of and that the rest of the world should be wagging the finger of shame to you Palestinians.

From the YouTube site a transcript of the rapid moving words of the video is available.  I will post those words followed by the video.

JRH 4/17/11
I am Palestine

By Jean Vercors
Apr 10, 2011

My people were invented by the Arab countries in the 60's
with the goal to destroy Israel.
We came from, Syria, Egypt and Irak.
No Arab political entity was called by that name
before that date.

I have no idea who before Arafat
was a Palestinian Leader
I claim borders for an Arab country
that never was.

I can speak Arabic that is my mother tongue,
forget about the Palestinian Language

I claim Jerusalem as my capital
though not mentioned once in the Quran
but mentioned 700 times in the bible.
King David founded Jerusalem,
Mohammed never set foot in it, so what?
Jews pray facing Jerusalem,
Muslims face Mecca.
If we Palestinians
are between the two cities,
we pray facing Mecca,
with our backs to Jerusalem.

Today There are 22 Arab countries,
not counting Palestine.
But We Muslims constantly scream
and whine about Israel
occupying Muslim lands in Israel.

Israel is surrounded by hostile states
650 times their size in territory
and sixty times their population.
who is occupying what?

BDS: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
and all ignorant people have so much hate
for the Jews that why they support us.
And we like that...

Don't tell me ! The only true Apartheid states
in the Middle East are Islamic states
in which Jews are not allowed to live
and where Christians, Copts, Kabyles, Baha'is
and other religious minorities are objects
of discrimination and persecution.
Or that The entire Jewish population of Muslim countries
had to flee as the result of violence and pogroms.
I don't want to hear it, that’s not my business!

I Want peace
but I rejected the peace plan
in 1948 and 2000.
Why ? simply because I teach Jihad
and martyrdom to my children,
they are glorified as the means
to liberating "Palestine"
and children's poems contain calls
to war and bloodletting.

we Arabs were supporters of Hitler in the 1930,
The father of Palestinian nationalism.
Haj Amin Al-Husseini, was a devoted Nazi
who spent the war in Berlin
and worked with members of the Third Reich
to plan extermination camps for the Jews
of the Middle East.

BDS: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
and I don't like Israel's Security fence
that is an apartheid wall
because I cannot commit suicide bombings
and rocket attacks on Israeli citizens.

We Arab refugees from Israel
began calling ourselves "Palestinians" in 1967,
two decades after (modern) Israeli statehood.

no Arab country would take in us,
the "Palestinians" who were invited into camps
and were kept there by the Arab regimes
to stir up hatred against the Jews.

it suits Arab states very well
to have the Palestinians
endure permanent refugee status.
our special thanks to UNRWA,
an agency exclusively
serving the Palestinian.
a special UN agency
that was created just for us
and even better
Some UNRWA personnel belong to Hamas.

I am a base of thousands of rocket attacks
against schoolyards and townships in Israel.

I am a well known media manipulation expert
and the anti Israel media bias love us,
Have you ever heard of Pallywood?

I use Human shields:
a military and political technique
that is the deliberate placement of civilians
in or around combat targets to deter
an enemy from attacking those targets.

Human shields are the weapon of our resistance.
the use of human shields constitutes
"perfidy" under Article 147
of the Geneva Convention IV
defining the laws of war
but we consider it a noble cause.

I am proud to be Palestinian because
i receive the most humanitarian aid
per head of population
(in 2008, receiving US$2.6 billion
and US$799 million respectively).
That's right, Palestinian people
receive the largest amount of donations worldwide.
we mean business.

According to serious studies, during 2009 and 2010 the PA's reliance on donations increased -- with a 20% growth in donations, totaling some $3.96BN per year.
In fact, the Palestinian people receive the largest amount of donations worldwide. we mean business.

I preach and engage in violence and terror
in order to destroy the state of Israel
and replace it with an Islamic state.
My virulent hatred of Jews and Judaism
is deeply rooted in the anti-Semitic
writings of Muslim Brotherhood theologians.

I wish to thank
the US and EU taxpayer,
the UN and the anti Israeli media
for their continued efforts
in our ignoble cause.

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