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Blue Print for USA economic recovery Independent from the Fed

Tony Newbill touches on the thought that the American economy should be encouraged to refrain from outsourcing outside of America for cheaper labor. One way to do this is to tax companies and corporations for outsourcing labor to foreign cheap labor.

JRH 4/20/11

Blue Print for USA economic recovery Independent from the Fed

Sent by Tony Newbill
Sent: Apr 13, 2011 at 10:30 PM & Apr 14, 2011 at 10:28 AM

We need to start the drilling for Oil and producing all forms of energy that are efficient. We the people will have to do this at the State level.

It’s time to shut down the NUMBER 1 Funding agency that Funds EVERYONE BUT USA CITIZENS. Shut it down by cutting off their mandate to the States and leave them with ONLY the Federal Government. And to heck with the Lobbyists at this Point too, because they would have nothing to do with the States. It starts like this:

And then together the States work together sharing assets and resources that can be used as Leveraged positions to allocate funding from for development of these vital human needs and once these items are produced then the debt that’s leveraged on these goods is then converted into equity as the consumers who are the laboring force that makes paychecks from these productions can buy these goods and the cycle of capital circulates around the community and capital formation and Innovation happens and at the end of the day we party and thank God for the Liberty and independence and for prosperity from we the people supplying our own Vital Human NEEDS. NOT Obama and a death panel hit Squad!!!!

If you want to grow our way out of this mess then we have to restore our ability to convert our debt we incur into equity and we do this by retaining the assets in this country and that’s done with capital circulating through the communities as they mine and produce our Vital Human needs and this is missing from our economic fundamental because of that Darn WTO Trade Policy that Only works like how it worked for Mitt Romney here as a Example. What Mitt has done here is a Clear example of what has happened to our USA economic vitality: 

And we have this Process peaked out to the point that it’s shifted all the control of vital human needs and control of these needs to our foreign WTO partners and now they think they got the Upper hand on the USA. So whose got the Guts to step up and call these guys out and say Hey it’s time to do some negotiating or we quit the WTO????

Permanently end tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas. Give it to the companies that create jobs in the US.
There should be an import tariff fee, so outsourcing companies will be discouraged from trying to sell the products back to the USA at slave labor prices.
I do not claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to politics, but after doing a lot of reading and researching on this subject this is about as close as I could come to how I feel. The middle class will soon be gone. There will be just the poor and the rich.

This is a very interesting organization which is on a mission to restore the Integrity of the US economy and what sustains the American People's self-Reliance, Liberty and FREEDOM to pursue the fruits of our labor. Please check them out here at this site. First we do this to Prosecute the Criminals.
: If we end the Federal Reserve we control the printing presses and we can then fund what needs to be done to restore the Life giving vital needs of the USA in a Independent manner that will place Intrinsic Value back behind the dollar’s worth and fund these State banks though the commerce clause like this next link shows:
State owned bank of Arizona HB 2221:  
This is the only way to counter the Federal Government GIVING AWAY States Resources to Foreign Governments like China for I guess Debt forgiveness, but this is NOT the way the debt should be paid back. We the people should develop into finished products our resources and then for the Highest Possible value from what we create from these resources. That way has a chance to maximize the net worth and profit potential to realize net gains. These are Simple Business fundamentals that can stand up the States Independently and sustain citizens’ right from a collapse at the Federal level. And what has been happening in this country over the past 3 years or so with the invasion of Shariah Financial Compliance: 

We have got to get out from Under this Capitalism Killing Policy coming in and dictating our monetary policy at the federal Level. It’s time for Good People who still believe in FREEDOM to stand up.

BRICS demand global monetary shake-up, greater influence:

We the People Must sustain our Independence and this means we create with our Own Resources more than has been being done in the past under the failed Free Trade Agreement. We the people must stop this Invasion of our resources too, by those BRIC nations who are plotting the destruction of OUR USA Dollar.

Stand UP for America Please!!!!!!!!!!
Why are we letting China come into Our USA oil reserves when we the people need it?? Don't try and tell me they are coming to Help US citizens with their Oil Needs because I bet that they are going to take a Bunch of it back to China!!!!!

China Just Made A Huge Investment In The American Energy Source That Everyone Still Ignores.

Chinese national company is interested in Boise:

Please Stand UP for America!!!!!!

What Good was the last 16 years of WTO FREE Trade Agreements that have led we the people to this demise???

I mean with the rejection of the Dollar in BRIC Trade as Trade Currency now even all the Money Mitt Romney made out sourcing the intrinsic value of our Wealth creation:

Now the dollar won't even be worth the paper Mitt has saved up. This is a sign of a failed trade policy that’s been going on to the point of placing the USA in harm’s Way.

A mission to restore the Integrity of the US economy and what sustains the American People's self Reliance, Liberty and FREEDOM to pursue the fruits of our labor. Please check them out here at this site.

We the people must roll these systems of finance in these next links into the State control for Independence from the Federal Government’s Conflicts of Interest with International Finance and its Imposition on USA States Rights to Their Citizens Resources. And how does the Federal Government which has imposed on the States’ Lands for Leveraged Borrowing in Exchange for States’ Raw material Resources? This raw material WHICH BELONGS TO THE CITIZENS of the USA to sustain their LIVES WITH! HELLO does this matter?????

LOOK at WHAT SOROS is doing too. All these Clowns were at the Brettonwoods last weekend drafting up this BRIC defection from the Dollar as Reserve Currency that’s NOW being announced. Is anyone paying attention to the USA Sovereign RIGHTS and what it takes to sustain that?? It’s all about Vital HUMAN RESOURCE NEEDS and IF you are DEPENDENT on a FOREIGN SOURCE they are GOING to USE this against your VERY EXISTENCE! It’s been done over and Over through History. Once the Vital Resources are controlled by one entity the others suffer with Great Strife. You guys know this is what the Founding Fathers Meant when they embellished the words “Inalienable Rights” to independently seek Vital Human resources on this Great land of Liberty to be FREE and Find and preserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness with, Didn't you???

If you think that Beer coming out of the tap in the bar or the Food come out of that Door at the supermarket or out a drive-up window is all that’s Needed to sustain Liberty and Independence with. Today we the people need to Stop, Stop and Look up at your Computer Screen and Google the word “FARM”. Now consider what happens if we the people do not have these people Independently Represented in OUR Land of LIBERTY because we did not make sure they were Equipped with all their Vital NEEDS to Perform their magic in the South 40 acre field - No Food in the Supermarket.

Think what Happened to Iceland when Their Currency was no longer accepted in the world for the exchange of food and durable goods and Iceland does not have much in the way of Raw material resources to be Independent. So Icelandic people are Suffering and Oppressed as they try to exist in their way of Life Now. And because the BRIC nations are cutting off Accepting the US Dollar as Trade Currency and instead starting to issue YUANS in their Nation’s Financial exchange. This means Next Year’s Fresh produce that we the people have been used to having in the winter won't be there because we don't have Yuan's to trade with the BRIC nations for their Fresh produce that’s being produced when we are in the dead of winter. Oh no. And think about if we did not think AHEAD about this. Can a BUNCH of extra FOOD for the WINTER to make up this LOSS of overall SUPPLY be found? Not only will we the people be getting HIT with HYPER INFLATION on what Dwindling SUPPLY we have in the USA, but we the people will have a Nasty famine going on with uncontrollable Civil Unrest. So WHO IS LEADING AMERICA TODAY? HELLO IS ANYONE HOME IN REALITY????

Bolsheviks 101 is what’s happening. The GOONS that are causing this and anyone associated with them need to BE Prosecuted!!!!!

Don't let Soros control this (i.e. restructuring of global economy) in the USA to dominate the Food industry. We the people need to counter him with the Hope of this:

There are so many options that can be implemented into these Buildings. Like this: Plastic producing bacteria is an excellent Idea. Why not do these things to reduce dependency on OIL???

And this Bio Algae:

Are you telling me we the people don't have what it takes to stay FREE and Independent from the Dependency of the world and continue to LEAD the world with Advancement????  If so then why stall the announcement of Camp FEMA, “Coming to a ‘STALAG’ near you"??????

Offer these solutions to the world rather than consolidation of existing resource supplies like the Bolsheviks of our time like Soros is trying to do.

Now George Soros is taking over our food industry!

Tonight I saw this news article on Wall Mart CEO warning about Inflation coming:

And I had a Thought about trying to rebuild the fabric of American Communities that might be a way to do it so as to not have to make such a drastic sea change in Trade Policy with China and energy distributors. And that is with a Rebirthing of the Small Business sector in Retail that can rebirth the era of the Mom and Pop Retail sector so that opportunity can come back to the main streets of America. A reborn small business sector can recreate the redistribution of sales of the durable goods sector, thus creating a tax code and taking the Employment Part of the Federal Reserve’s dual mandate and placing that back into the Tax Code Restoration Act. These kinds of things would enable competitive fields of Free Enterprise to reopen so that Walmart and The Big Box retail consolidators that are joined at the hip with Asia and lobbying Washington for Trade Policy enabling features. This has to be restructured to allow greater wealth from the retail sector to be redistributed across the American Communities. And to have Free market Competition to be allowed to come back allowing for better capital flows. For formation from these flows to be realized and the transactions across a greater swath of society to be converted into Equality in these Communities so the Tax Revenue streams can be restored at the local, State and Federal levels for our Infrastructure sustainability across the Good Old USA!!!!!

Thanks for your time.
This Tony Newbill post has been edited by copying and pasting two separate emails. Both emails are a bit repetitive of past Newbill emails and even this edited version may include repeated information.

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