Sunday, April 10, 2011

The “smoking gun” – a Social Security number

At one time I was huge on the Birther bus before Barack Hussein Obama was actually elected as President. After a while I became convinced that challenging BHO’s legitimacy qualifications to be President could not proceed as long as he remained in the Office of President. The Office of President and Executive Privilege simply is too great an obstacle to overcome. I still believe this.

On the other hand with the 2012 election process beginning to emerge I believe the more recent information available today that was not available in 2008 could be a huge tool to expose BHO as a deceiver. The fact is no matter how many Birther issues have been proven as a bit out there, the digging has led to new information which BHO’s army of lawyers is STILL trying to keep out of the public record. These unanswerable questions cast a dark shadow on the truthfulness of the Leftist messiah.

I found a post that pretty much avoids the past dead ends of Birther suspicions and illuminates many of the problems Obama is working feverishly via his army of private lawyers and the power of the Executive Branch to block investigations that Americans have a right to know concerning elected President.

JRH 4/10/11 (Hat Tap: Tony Newbill)

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