Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hamas Lies to Justify Targeting School Bus

John R. Houk
© April 9, 2011

On Thursday April 7 Hamas targeted a school bus that critically wounded a thirteen year old Jewish Israeli as well as wounding the bus driver. Hamas has the audacity to claim it was a mistake, they didn’t realize it was a school bus.

NOW that is a load of Palestinian dung! Not only was the school bus the typical yellow stand-out, but the anti-tank missile fired by Hamas was laser guided!

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in near immediate fashion launched a counter-attack against Hamas Islamic terrorists. An Associated Press release I found at Yahoo News as of Saturday morning shows the IDF retaliation has killed 18 Islamic terrorists and wounded another 65 Islamic terrorists.

If you are a supporter of Israel’s right to exist and opposed to the Palestinian goal of wiping Israel off the map, then you have to agree this is a blatant act of terrorism. And yet – the Associated Press article does not call this an act of terrorism. The AP as is the case with most of the Western media describe such atrocities as the missile attack on the school bus and the recent butchery of the Fogel family in their own home as a mere crime of violence. Indeed in the Fogel family case the media seemed to go out of its way to justify the butchery of a Jewish family by blaming it on an Israeli occupation of Israeli land that should be known as Judea and Samaria instead the old Jordanian appellation of the West Bank that was actually occupied by Jordan via the multi-Arab-Muslim invasion to destroy Israel in 1948.

You have to ask, “What is the difference between a violent crime and a war crime?”

A violent crime is that which happens when a criminal assaults in some form of robbery or moment of hostile passion. The Hamas attack on a school bus was a calculated act with laser aimed anti-tank missiles. THAT IS A WAR CRIME!

I haven’t checked out all the information yet but I have to tell you I would not be surprised if the response of the IDF to the pip-squeak Hamas Islamic terrorist machine will be denounced as a war crime. I can see the denunciations of 17 Islamic terrorists being killed while Hamas missile shot at children in a school bus is described as a violent act of military insurgency.

Meryl Yourish of Hot Air asks, “When is a war crime not a war crime?”

So I ask: Is the laser targeting of a school bus a war crime or is the targeting of Islamic terrorists a war crime? The first is the targeting of innocent civilians. The later is the targeting of war criminals that live to destroy Israel and as many Jews as they can locate.

JRH 4/9/11

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