Monday, April 4, 2011

Quran Burning and Afghanistan

John R. Houk
© April 4, 2011

 Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan have used the Quran burning (about 17 minute mark) inside the walls of Pastor Terry Jones’ Church is being used as a propaganda tool to enrage the Muslim Afghan majority. There have been violent protests by Muslims over an incident enacted by a Pastor fed up with the theopolitical nature of Islam which embraces violence as a propagation tool and as a submission tool against Muslim believers and non-Muslims (kafir) alike.

Military commanders among the NATO forces battling the Taliban have ran into a public relations problem with the Afghan populace who have been ingrained with Islamic Supremacism hence the rioting. Part of the strategy against the Taliban is to win the sympathy of the Afghan people for the Afghan government of President Hamid Karzai and antipathy toward the purist Islam of the Taliban. NATO commanders have begun condemning the burning of the Quran in the small Church in Florida.

I have no doubt the United Nations will cite it’s don’t blaspheme Islam (Defamation of Religions) resolution to condemn Pastor Jones probably with a call for criminal charges because the religion of peace executed seven U.N. workers in Afghanistan.

With the NATO commanders coming down strong in condemning the Quran burning undoubtedly to appease the populace they are fighting to keep free from intolerant purist Islam of the Taliban, could there be a move in America to criminalize those of us that openly condemn the violent nature of Islam. Will Christians who evangelize in America be accused of hate because part of that preaching is telling the Good News of deliverance from participating in the dark world that promotes violence and moral impurity?

 Islam promotes violence against non-Muslims determined to not bowing down to Islamic Supremacism and against Muslims who have determined to walk away from submission to Islam. Pastor Terry Jones allowed the Quran to burnt in such a public manner may have been a mistake; however its symbolism to expose that Islam is inimical to America’s Christian foundation and inimical to the U.S. Constitution is a valid act.

Where is the outrage over how Islam persecutes Christianity in Muslim lands? Christianity is violated by the ability of Muslims to destroy property, kidnap children to force conversion, kidnap women to force conversion or to rape and squelch any form of Christian worship including the open use of the Holy Bible in public. This treatment of Christians occurs all over Muslim dominated nations even in Afghanistan.  

The question should be: Is Quran burning by a small group in a small Church an incitement to global hatred or is the open persecution of non-Muslims in Muslim lands incitement?

JRH 4/4/11

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