Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Iranian Armageddon

Alan Caruba inserts a shot of realism with a “beware lest history repeats itself” in relation to Iran. It is interesting to note as you read the Caruba article that some of the information about how America and the West look the other way as Iran deceptively arms itself with nuclear weapons of mass destruction, in that the Libyan rebels chosen as the lesser of two evils by the Obama Administration, the Brits and the French is selling chemical weapons of mass destruction to Hezbollah and Hamas. Hezbollah is Shia like Iran and Hamas is Sunni like about 90% of the rest of Islam. Even though there is a mutual hatred between Shias and Sunnis, Hamas brand of Muslim Brotherhood purist Islam has the same goal establishing Islam globally. Whatever the Shia and Sunni differences on how to establish global Islam there is one mutual goal to get the ball rolling for the process of Islamizing the world ala militant Mohammed. That goal is the destruction of Israel. Evidently mutual al taqiyya is a strategy of deception that Shias and Sunnis are willing to use in cooperation with immediate goal.

JRH 4/9/11

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