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TPE and One Nation PAC Battling

Dartha Vadera
John R. Houk
© October 8, 2010

If the “Force” of Star Wars fame was real then analogy could be used for Deborah Johns. As Anakin Skywalker went over to the “Dark Side” and became Darth Vader, so it seems Deborah Johns – Blue Star Mom – has also embraced the Dark Side. Perhaps to make a mental connection between Vader and Johns we could call her Dartha Johns.

The Tea Party Express has emailed another exposé of Deborah Johns and partner in Left-like smear campaign Kelly Eustis of their Political Action Committee called One Nation PAC. A quick perusal of One Nation PAC’s website evidences a Conservative Agenda; however the Tea Party Express has some serious allegation toward Johns and Eustis:

Mr. Eustis and Ms. Johns even went so far as attempting to break into our office - which we were alerted to by building security, resulting in our filing a police report against them. They stole a part of the Tea Party Express email list upon their departure, but we have retained legal counsel to take action in this regard to get it back.

They also tried to gain access to the company we use for broadcasting our emails, when their own email provider shut them down for SPAM (as a result of them stealing their list) but as soon as our own email provider saw that they were doing they shut down their account and warned them never to even consider coming back.
( post 10/6/10)

Even though the One Nation PAC looks like a Conservative website one must question an agenda in which two prominent members are accused of PAC espionage and theft.

Below is the most recent Tea Party Express email I have received.

JRH 10/8/10
Gov. Sarah Palin Attacked by Same Group Attacking Tea Party Express

Sent by: Tea Party Express
Sent: 10/7/2010 9:38 PM

Hello patriots - many of you have written to us telling us about the harassing emails you received from the bogus One Nation PAC front group operated by Kelly Eustis and Deborah Johns (who is on a crusade to defeat the great conservative Republican veteran running for Congress in North Carolina).  We want you to know you're in good company - Gov. Sarah Palin has come under attack from these folks as well.

We're including a sample of some of the attacking emails you've forwarded to us below.  But for now, in response to your questions on what actions you can take.  First, Unsubscribe from their bogus "The Conservative Update" and "One Nation PAC" email lists - CLICK HERE TO UNSUBSCRIBE.

You should also report their emails sent to you as SPAM.  You can also report their attack SPAM to the government:

Over the past several months Kelly Eustis and Deborah Johns have emerged as the leading smear agents used by the liberal media to hurt conservatives and the tea party movement.  When Huffington Post, TPM Muckracker,, New York Times, CNN and others need someone to attack the tea party movement or conservatives they know they can turn to Kelly and Deborah to smear our side.  It's happened time-and-again and is happening this week with the attacks on Illario Pantano.

The top recipients of funds recently distributed by One Nation PAC (the front group that Eustis and Johns lead) is none other than themselves - they are paying themselves to attack conservatives and the tea party movement.  Here is the report from  - note Eusatrix is Kelly Eustis' company being used to send out the emails attacking the tea party movement and the Tea Party Express.  We believe he is their only employee, which would mean he's paying himself to attack conservatives.

Again, you'll note the money they took from conservatives was funneled right back to themselves so that they could then attack tea party supporters and conservatives such as the Tea Party Express, Illario Pantano, Gov. Sarah Palin and others:

Yesterday Mr. Eustis and Ms. Johns put out a completely dishonest press release that claimed among other things some connection between Gov. Sarah Palin and Ms. Johns and One Nation PAC.  This is a complete fabrication - in fact One Nation PAC's principles have worked to smear and undermine Gov. Palin.

If you want to know the real, and ugly, relationship One Nation PAC has really had with Gov. Palin, then look no further than the "Tweets" Kelly Eustis made attacking Gov. Sarah Palin on his very own Twitter page - here's just a sampling, there is an entire stream of attacks on Palin by One Nation PAC's Eustis:

And on and on it goes.  Pro-Troop leader Melanie Morgan came under attack from Mr. Eustis and Ms. Johns as did patriotic singer Diana Nagy.  It just goes on and on.

Some of you tried to confront Mr. Eustis and Ms. Johns about their disgusting conduct and behavior to attack the tea party and conservative movement, but the responses back have been nasty.  This is why we recommend instead to Unsubscribe from their lists and report the emails they send as SPAM.  Again, to report their emails as SPAM to the U.S. government, send an email to:

We are so sorry some of you have had to endure the vicious attacks from Mr. Eustis and Ms. Johns.  We are going to provide a sampling below - to warn those of you who don't wish to receive such vitriol to unsubscribe from their lists, do not engage them in conversation or stand out - as you could be on the receiving end of their next attacks.  In this email, Kelly Eustis attacks our supporter incredulously turning truth on its head and accusing the tea party of activist of being the one who is a SPAMmer.  Warning - Mr. Eustis uses a great deal of obscenities in the email:

In this next email Eustis makes the absurd claim that he practically started the Tea Party Express - totally untrue.  He then claims you all are "mindless followers" - which is weird since he just got done suggesting he started the group you all follow.  The blatant contradictions in one email are rather hilarious:

In the email below Mr. Eustis claims they have given more money to conservative and tea party candidates.  That's interesting, because the Tea Party Express has spent millions upon millions of dollars supporting tea party conservatives across this nation.

As we showed you, One Nation PAC in contrast has directed more money to their principles (Deborah Johns and Kelly Eustis) to fund their efforts attacking conservatives than they've given to anyone else.  What's also interesting is the response they are making to each person who writes in - attempting to badger them.  Note this email to another tea party supporter once again starts off with, "I cannot believe you are sending me this email":

If you have any other questions or comments about this matter please feel free to contact our Tea Party Express Director of Field Operations, Tiffiny Ruegner, who can speak quite clearly to all the issues involved in this effort to destroy the Tea Party Express and conservative candidates like Illario Pantano and conservative leaders like Gov. Sarah Palin.  You can email Tiffiny at:
TPE and One Nation PAC Battling
John R. Houk
© October 8, 2010
Gov. Sarah Palin Attacked by Same Group Attacking Tea Party Express

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