Friday, October 29, 2010

Midterm Elections SarahPAC Money Bomb

Palin Gazing from Alaska to Cap. Building
Conservatives4Palin as well as Tea Partiers who have an understanding of the meaning of the Sarah Palin phenomenon assume she will be running for President in 2012 and will the GOP nomination to defeat President Barak Hussein Obama.

My understanding of this phenomenon is that Palin has become a political icon or at least a political representation of the main components of the Tea Party Movement. Those components are:

·       Fiscal Responsibility

·       Limited Government

·       Free Market

·       Fair or less Taxation

Who better to implement Tea Party principles than Sarah Palin who has crossed the lines of the various local Tea Party organizations supporting Tea Party Conservatives (mostly GOP) to throw the Leftist bums out?

JRH 10/29/10

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