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Yes Virginia, Ikhwan is a Danger to America

Mohammed Badie - MB Leader
John R. Houk
© October 13, 2010

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB or Ikhwan) could be described as the progenitor radical Islamist thought. The MB has embraced large segments of the theopolitical Islam which can be described as Salafism and Wahhabism. The Wahhabi movement of Saudi Arabia origin is the primary context of al-Qaeda’s call for a global Caliphate, an Islamic reform movement for the religion to return to the purist thought of the days of Mohammed and Islam’s earliest Caliphs and for the community of Islam (Ummah) to fight violently for those ideals even if the collateral damage is kafir civilians or Muslims viewed as diluting Islam’s purity.

There are similarities with Saudi Wahhabism; however the MB has its very own writers that have established the Salafi concept of returning Islam back to its brutal origins. These origins magnify the reality of the theopolitical Islam conquering the world for Islam and converting kafir by the threat of death or by dealing out heavy diabolical oppression on the conquered. The oppression led to conversions to Islam by Middle Eastern and North African Christians that dominated those areas prior to the extremist conquest by Islam’s early Caliphs.

Part of Islam’s success in securing the conquests was to entrench Islamic Supremacism among the ever growing decisions for Islam and among the ever shrinking minority of kafir-Christians. Islamic theopolitical propagandizing secured Islam as the supreme religion wherever Islam was able to secure conquered land. After the new Muslims began having offspring then the Islamic Supremacist paradigm was drilled upon future generations. The result as related to the present: The existence of a population devoted to Islam. In the late 19th century through the present 21st century the theopolitical paradigm has kept out potential rival religions. The Islamic community with often direct collaboration between Muslim Clerics and Muslim governments has codified punishment for preaching an alternate religion or for a Muslim to renounce Islam. In most Islamic nations doing either will result in a rule of law death penalty conviction. Today even the few Islamic nations that have proscribed the death penalty for Muslim apostates will look the other way as a devoted Islamic family hunts down the apostate and kills that person for family honor.

The Muslim Brotherhood is not pleased with the still present oppressive of murdering proselytizing Christians and apostate Muslims. As far as the MB is concerned that is a status quo practice of Islam that is ever being influenced from Western non-Muslim nations (dar al-harb) dilute Mohammed’s original Islam. The MB believes this must be stopped even if this means the utilization of violence in Muslim nations (dar al-Islam) and violence against Western nations (and Western style nations such as Israel). A Muslim will be quick to tell a kafir that the Greater Jihad is the inner struggle to become victorious in the fight against sin. Accordingly most Muslims will tell a kafir that the Lesser Jihad is Islam’s struggle non-Muslim peoples which must end in victory for Islam. The Salafis and Wahhabis, of which the MB is a card carrying member, would reverse the order the order of the importance of the Greater and Lesser Jihad. As much as most Muslims may presently feel the most important Jihad is the peaceful Greater (i.e. inner struggle) Jihad, it is the loud voice of Salafi/Wahhabi/MB that is gaining the attention of Islam’s youth globally to fight the Lesser (violent-murderous) Jihad. Indeed a close study of the Quran and understanding Islamic theopolitical concepts as “Abrogation” will show that the so-called Lesser Jihad is in actuality the Greater Jihad.

Let’s zero back on the Muslim Brotherhood a bit. The MB came into existence in 1928 with its founder Hasan al-Banna in Egypt. Al-Banna hated Western ideals of civil rights and democratic institutions. Since al-Banna believed in violence to reform Islamic society and reestablish the Caliphate, he found a non-Muslim supremacist who also hated the ideals of civil rights and the process of democratic institutions. That was Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler. Hitler and Jerusalem’s Grand Mufti al Husseini had mutual Jew-hatred. With Nazi backing al Husseini inspired Arab led uprisings and terrorism against the Palestine Mandate governing British and against Jews flooding into the Mandated land because of the promise of a Jewish national homeland. Al Husseini actually took a trip to Berlin to meet with Adolf. Al Husseini convinced Adolf to support Arab nationalism. In return al Husseini aided in forming SS divisions of the then Yugoslavian Muslims (remnants of Ottoman conquest) to carry out the plan of the Final Solution for Jews. Al Banna and al Husseini had hooked up possibly for different reasons; nonetheless al Husseini became the conduit to Nazi ideology which al Banna admired in principle.

Nasser and the MB were buddies working to expel British influence in Egypt. After Nasser betrayed the MB after his military coup that kicked out the European installed King he made the Muslim Brotherhood illegal. The Egyptian ruling elite between Nasser, Sadat and now aged Mubarak have intensified and relaxed the illegality of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2005 the MB surprised Egypt’s ruling elite by capturing 1/5 of the Egyptian Parliament running as independents. The MB ran as Independents because the political wing was still illegal. On the November 29 Parliamentary elections of 2010 the MB’s new leader claims the Independents running in support of the MB are shooting for 30% of the seats.

Now 30% does not sound like a threat that an Islamist government will come to power in Egypt does it? Here are some to think about. Egypt’s President Mubarak has been in power for nearly 30 years. Mubarak is 82 years old and has terminal stomach cancer. Egypt has had only three Presidents from the time King Farouk got the boot: Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak. I’d say it is pretty definite a leadership will be happening soon in Egypt.

The presumed replacement for President Hosni Mubarak is his son Gamal Mubarak. The MB’s English speaking website – IkhwanWeb - is not so keen on little Gamal replacing Dad:

Egypt's opposition forces and Western advocates of democracy promotion all seem to agree on one thing: Gamal Mubarak should not be allowed to succeed his father Hosni Mubarak as President of Egypt.

The IkhwanWeb article proceeds to give a few reasons affirming that Gamal should not become a President via a rigged election inheritance.

It is my belief that the Muslim Brotherhood agenda of global Islamic domination ala the Mohammed style is a reason Americans should be very concerned about increasingly growing popularity of the MB by the Egyptian populace.

In 1932 Adolf Hitler won his democratic election process that included numerous elections between the years 1932 – 1934. The highest percent of the electorate ever achieved during fairly decent yet intimidating vote was roughly 37% of the Reichstag. Rigged elections never produced more than roughly 44% for Hitler in Reichstag elections. Hitler always had less than 50% of the electorate’s vote. After many attempts to form a German government without Hitler, Franz von Papen engineered some back room politics to convince the aged von Hindenburg to appoint Hitler Chancellor in 1933.

If Hosni Mubarak dies soon after the November elections and the MB achieves its goal of 30% of Egypt’s Parliament I am guessing some Egyptian back room politicking will go on for what the power base is in Egypt. Gamal Mubarak has not had a military affiliation as Hosni Mubarak has had. Indeed, Nasser and Sadat both had military associations prior to becoming President. Egypt’s ruling elite is secured by the nation’s military and not by the will of the voters. When President Mubarak death occurs many believe Gamal has been groomed for succession. Is the Egyptian military willing to have a man that was successful in the UK with banking before coming home to become involved in politics to be the first non-military leader of the Egyptian Republic? Will the military ignore the wishes of President Mubarak’s will of succession and place a military man in the Egyptian Presidency?

If Military allows Gamal Mubarak or another civilian candidate to achieve the Office of Egyptian President, what will indicate of the power of Egypt’s Parliament? I am guessing the MB is banking on a Parliamentarian Egyptian government to enable the MB agenda to progress in Egypt. Perhaps the Egyptian military has secret Muslim Brotherhood members or sympathizers. Certainly an Egyptian Parliament infused with greater authority might place the Muslim Brotherhood with a little confused support from the Egyptian military to gain control of Egypt with about a 30% election support in the Egyptian Parliament.

Since Sadat made peace with Israel and recognized Israel as a sovereign nation, Egypt has been the beneficiary of American military hardware and technology. Thus the Soviet benefactor was given the boot before the Communist collapse that would occur later. Relations between Israel and Egypt are not exactly those of best friends however. Although America has honored it part of the Egypt/Israel peace by becoming Egypt’s new military and technological supporter, America has been nudging Egypt about human rights deficiencies.

America experienced a huge whole when Iran switched from being a superlative ally with the Shah to becoming a Cold War style superlative enemy under the Ayatollah theocracy. Could Egypt under the auspices of the Muslim Brotherhood become the Sunni version of a crazy nut job State like Iran? Could a Palestinian State created by the power of America, UK, EU and Russia become closely aligned with a Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt? Keep in mind Hamas is a Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood chapter that is still overtly devoted to Israel’s destruction and another Holocaust of Jewish people. Can you see how American technology might be the final coffin nail in a casket designed to bury Israel’s existence?

But the Muslim apologist retorts that the Muslim Brotherhood has sworn off violence that was espoused by founder al Banna and ideologues like Sayyid Qutb. Do not be deceived by Islamic propaganda. By swearing off violence the MB does not actually mean placing the goals of an international Caliphate or placing purist Islam of the days of Mohammed. It meant gaining acceptance in the West by stealth. This can be seen from a document found by Swiss authorities in November 2001 entitled “The Project”. The Project was all about turning North America and the USA in particular into an Islamic land.

The Muslim Brotherhood has very recently chosen a new leader – Muhammad Badi (or Mohammed Badie, et al). Badi seems unashamed to announce that violence must be unleashed on America; i.e. a Muslim Brotherhood declaration of war against the USA in the same format as al Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Below is an ACT for America e-news alert writing about this very thing.

JRH 10/13/10
Muslim Brotherhood declares war on U.S.

Sent by ACT for America
Sent: 10/12/2010 12:01 PM

For years the Muslim Brotherhood has had a plan for “civilization jihad” against the West. The goal, stated in its strategic memorandum: “destroying the Western civilization from within.”

Brigitte Gabriel devoted an entire chapter to this in her best-selling book,
They Must Be Stopped. (If you already have a copy, we encourage you to purchase another one and donate it to your local library.)

As the WorldNetDaily story below reveals (highlights added), the Muslim Brotherhood is openly moving to the next stage of jihad—violent jihad. Meanwhile, the Obama administration and numerous government agencies continue their failed policy of “outreach” to leaders and organizations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. They hope against hope this will “marginalize” the “extremists.”

As Dr. Phil would say, “how’s that working out for you?”
Muslim Brotherhood 'declares war' on U.S.

Analyst compares leader's sermon to bin Laden's pre-9/11 warning

By Art Moore
Posted: October 12, 2010 1:00 am Eastern 
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Five years before the 9/11 attacks, al-Qaida declared war on America, the West, Christians and Jews – and virtually no one noticed.

The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Badi, who was elected only months ago, has "endorsed anti-American Jihad and pretty much every element in the al-Qaida ideology book," writes Barry Rubin, author and director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs Journal.

The Brotherhood – the dominant Islamic organization in the West that has spawned most of the major Muslim terrorist groups, including al-Qaida, along with the largest "mainstream" organizations – is giving the signal that it is "ready to move from the era of propaganda and base-building to one of revolutionary action," says Rubin.

In a sermon published Sept. 30 titled "How Islam Confronts the Oppression and Tyranny [against the Muslims]," Badi said waging jihad against both Israel and the United States is a commandment of Allah that cannot be disregarded.

The remarks were delivered in a weekly sermon, published Sept. 30
on the Muslim Brotherhood's website and translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Governments trying to stop Muslims from fighting the U.S., he said, "are disregarding Allah's commandment to wage jihad for His sake with [their] money and [their] lives, so that Allah's word will reign supreme" over all non-Muslims.

Rubin concludes: "Let it be said that in September 2010, the Muslim Brotherhood, a group with 100 times more activists than al-Qaida, issued its declaration of war."

He calls the sermon "one of those obscure Middle East events of the utmost significance that is ignored by the Western mass media, especially because they happen in Arabic, not English; by Western governments, because they don't fit their policies; and by experts, because they don't mesh with their preconceptions."

The sermon is a signal to the Brotherhood's hundreds of thousands of followers, Rubin says.

"Some of them will engage in terrorist violence as individuals or forming splinter groups; others will redouble their efforts to seize control of their countries and turn them into safe areas for terrorists and instruments for war on the West."

Rubin calls Badi's "explicit formulation of a revolutionary program" a "game-changer."

"It should be read by every Western decision-maker and have a direct effect on policy because this development may affect people's lives in every Western country," he writes.

Some U.S. and Western leaders are urging engagement and partnership with the Brotherhood, Rubin notes, because they regard it as moderate. But the movement, founded in the 1920s in the wake of the collapse of the Ottoman Turkish empire, considers itself an instrument of the charge Muslims were given when Islam was founded 1,400 years ago – to make the Quran and Allah's authority supreme over the entire world.

In a 1991 document titled
"An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America," the Brotherhood stated the Muslim community "must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

In his sermon, Badi declared Arab and Muslim regimes are betraying their people by failing to confront the Muslim's real enemies, not only Israel but also the United States.

All Muslims are required by their religion to fight, he said: "They crucially need to understand that the improvement and change that the [Muslim] nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice and by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death just as the enemies pursue life."

Asked by WND to assess Rubin's conclusions, Robert Spencer, author and director of the
website, said Rubin is right that "war against the West has been the Brotherhood's program, according to captured internal documents, since at least 1982."

"This sermon just crystallizes many of the ideas contained in those documents," he told WND.

Spencer said be believes it's possible that Badi's sermon is a seminal declaration of war comparable to al-Qaida's 1996 declaration.

"It certainly could be," he said, "but I don't see it as all that much qualitatively different from things they've said before. If they were dedicated as far back as 1991 to 'eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within,' this doesn't seem to represent a huge departure."
Call to arms

Rubin emphasizes the significance of the remarks coming from Badi. He explains that when a "marginal Muslim cleric" like Britain's Anjem Choudary says that Islam will conquer the West and raise its flag over the White House, the remark can be treated as "wild rhetoric."

"But when the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood says the same thing in Arabic, that's a program for action, a call to arms for hundreds of thousands of people, and a national security threat to every Western country," Rubin says.

Rubin notes the Muslim Brotherhood controls front groups recognized by Western governments and media as authoritative. Government officials in many countries meet with these groups, he says, asking them to be advisers for counter-terrorist strategies and national policies.

Prominent U.S. organizations launched by Muslim Brotherhood leaders include the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim Students Association, North American Islamic Trust, the Islamic Society of North America, the American Muslim Council, the Muslim American Society and the International Institute of Islamic Thought.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR – a self-described civil rights group that has more than a dozen former and current leaders with
known associations with violent jihad – is trying to keep alive a lawsuit against WND and two investigators behind the best-selling expose "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America."

CAIR's origin as a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas is documented in "Muslim Mafia." CAIR and some of its leaders were confirmed by the Justice Department as unindicted co-conspirators in the trial of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation, which was convicted of helping fund Hamas.
Banner of the revolution

Rubin points out President Obama "speaks about a conflict limited solely to al-Qaida," which "makes sense when referring to Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen."

"Yet there is a far bigger and wider battle going on in which revolutionary Islamists seek to overthrow their own rulers and wage long-term, full-scale struggle against the West," he says. "If it doesn't involve violence right now, it will when they get strong enough or gain power."

Three years ago, Rubin published a detailed analysis of the development, explaining that the "banner of the Islamist revolution in the Middle East today has largely passed to groups sponsored by or derived from the Muslim Brotherhood."

The exposure, he writes, "so upset the Brotherhood that it put a detailed response on its official website to deny my analysis."

"Yet now here is the Brotherhood's new supreme guide, Muhammad Badi giving a sermon entitled, 'How Islam Confronts the Oppression and Tyranny,'" Rubin says.

Badi's interpretation, he says, is in tune with the stances and holy books of normative Islam.

"It is not the only possible interpretation, but it is a completely legitimate interpretation," he says. "Every Muslim knows, even if he disagrees with the Brotherhood's position, that this isn't heresy or hijacking or misunderstanding."
Yes Virginia, Ikhwan is a Danger to America
John R. Houk
© October 13, 2010
Muslim Brotherhood 'declares war' on U.S.

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