Thursday, October 7, 2010

Promoting Homosexual PDA on NYC Subways

Homo-PDA ad promo
John R. Houk
© October 7, 2010
Homosexuality is an ungodly practice and lifestyle that the Mainstream Media (MSM), entertainment media and Leftist Dems have gone to great lengths to propagate as normal and accepted. This would mean people such as I who regard the Bible as the inerrant Word of God are labeled by the same Secular Humanists listed above are racists and promoters of hate crimes against reprobate homosexuals. If this is not reversed then there will be an unfortunate time in which Biblical Believing Christians will be going to jail for their faith and their speech.
Below is an article written by a local media outlet in New York City about homosexual explicit posters advertising a promotion that homosexuals be proud of their sin and openly display their perverted sexual practices in public. The article attempts neutrality; however it is obvious the article is slanted toward pro-homosexuality or at least doing all it can to not agitate homosexual activism.
The subject of the article is about posters displayed in NYC subways showing homosexuals embracing and in a lip-lock. The homosexual promoters are slick. The posters utilize minorities such African-Americans and Hispanics in the perverted posters. Thus when a Biblical Christian demonstrates against promoting homosexual public displays of affection, the Christian will be easily labeled as a racist rather than a person standing up for Biblical Morality.
Am I advocating a Muslim-like jihad to humiliate, hurt or kill one practicing the homosexual alternate lifestyle? NO! NO! NO!
I am advocating religious freedom and free speech to share the Good News of Jesus Christ without worrying about racist or hate-monger accusations from those who control sources of communication. This would include for every moment homosexual activism is allow in Public Schools and Public Universities, equal advocating of Biblical Morality be allowed as well.

JRH 10/7/10 (Hat Tip: Solid Snake)

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