Friday, October 1, 2010

The Attack of the Stuxnet

John R. Houk
© October 1, 2010

Caroline Glick writes about a piece of technology she describes as an act of war. What is this technology? It is a malware worm delivered via a USB port (so far) rather than the Internet. Apparently the target of the computer worm was Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

I’ll Glick describe how the malware worm works for I am a bit cyber/computer challenged. The outcome of the effect on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure is what caught my attention. Whatever the worm does it seems to have affected Iran’s nuclear sites to the point of delaying the opening of one and the slowdown of another.

When I first began reading the Glick article I thought there would be a punch line for Glick does have a sense of humor in her political communication such as the Latma satirical videos (You may need a Web-Translator) poking political fun at Israel’s enemies. As I read on I decided I was either gullible or this is some tech info not being confirmed in the way it should be to the public.

The worm has a name: Stuxnet.

According to Glick no one is claiming credit for developing the worm, but the first nation hit by believes it was the USA, India or Israel. Of course Iran’s focus is on Israel. And even Glick guesses that Israel was responsible for developing the very complicated worm.

Most experts believe this needed the resources of a nation-State to develop Stuxnet. If indeed the USA and/or Israel clandestinely have discovered a new weapon for the 21st century that attacks technology rather than people (or at least not people directly) then I pray it is utilized on belligerent nations whole-heartedly – such as Iran – before nuclear technology is used to obliterate Israel and the planet.

JRH 10/1/10

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