Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cult Hutaree are Terrorists more than are Christian

John R. Houk
April 1, 2010

There are terrorists in our midst who are not Muslim. These terrorists have taken Christian apocalyptic Scripture to twist it into an excuse to commit murder of Americans who have a job to protect Americans. Ultimately the harm would include Americans who are seeking the benefits of the result of the American Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War began a political experiment in which citizens were enabled to seek Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Those American foundations were based on Christian ethics and religious freedom.

This Hutaree religious cult that bases itself of a warped interpretation of Christian Scripture is giving a bad name to all people who call themselves Christians or Conservatives. In essence it enables Muslims who justify terrorism as a means to a desired end. I have been on a campaign to expose the violence that is inherent in Islam. Islamic violence and terrorism is a part of Islamic holy writings. The Hutaree cult members enable Muslims to point the finger at Christians and claim, “See! There is violence in Christian Scripture that justifies the same violent acts we Muslims are accused of perpetrating.”

The Hutaree terrorists also give more fuel to Leftists that blame violence in America as the result of Right Wing Conservative incitement. The Left has already jumped on board of the blame Right Wing incitement. When Leftists are condemning incitement they are speaking of people like Sarah Palin or groups associated with the Tea Party Movement. The reality (reality and Leftist are somewhat oxymoron terms) is Palin and Tea Partiers are protesting too much government, too much taxes and a return to Founding Father principles.

Evidently the Left does not count as incitement the ugly pronouncements over President G.W. Bush or prominent Conservatives who merely promoted security over the blindness of ignorance and the attempt to build democratic principles in intolerant nations or regions.

The reality is Lord Jesus Christ highly condemned violence. Christian apocalyptic Scripture is a warning to individuals who reject Christ because bad things will happen to individuals who embrace the Anti-Christ. Christians do not wrestle with flesh and blood but with fallen spiritual creatures under the minionship of Satan and the future (or hidden present) anti-Christ. Christian individuals are specifically instructed to resist evil with good. The only justified violence in Christianity is those set in place to enforce the rule of law and defend a nation.

The Hutaree cult terrorists are acting out to a self-developed theology that is more akin to Islamic jihad (spun by moderate Islam as outer or lesser jihad as opposed to inner or greater jihad).

Evidently the Hutaree terrorists have assigned the anti-Christ to the U.S. government and thus local police forces are tainted. Now I realize there are corrupt cops or corruption in some police forces that might be influenced by an anti-Christ spirit; however there are police who take their job seriously to “serve and protect” American citizens. It is a Christian duty to pray for those in authority that a Christian has the opportunity to live a quality of life in which the rule of law is enforced to keep murderers, thieves, anti-social violent persons and so on from harm. Christians are not of this dark world in Christ but we live in this world. Our mission is to share the Good News that Christ’s death, burial and Resurrection enables us to be children of God and joint-heirs with the First Born from the grave.

The Hutaree terrorists who have self-promoted themselves as Christians and American Patriot militia members are self-deluded individuals whose fruit demonstrate they are the ones under the influence of an anti-Christ spirit more than the people they intended to murder.

In America we have the Constitutional right when accused of breaking the rule of law of being innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers. If guilt is indeed assigned to the Hutaree terrorists who conspired to kill police officers by a verdict, then I pray the extent of the law puts them away. God have mercy on their souls.

JRH 4/1/10

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