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Obama, Iran and Nuclear War Part THREE

Soros Puppeteer - Obama Puppet
Danny Jeffrey has posted his Part Three of “Obama, Iran and Nuclear War.” Part Three delves deeper into reasons why Obama desires to create the situation that is favorable to a nuclear weapons exchange. By deeper I mean more than Iran and Israel having a nuke war. There is the exploration of the possibility of nuclear weapons being detonated on American soil. It is a part of the insidious plan for the New Word Order for security chaos to create the reasons for a Police State.

The players projected begins at the top with George Soros. Obama is the puppeteer-in-chief. The other rapscallion players are Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and John Kerry. He gives Janet Napolitano dishonorable mention in allowing the USA’s southern border to become porous so that not only Mexican Illegal Aliens flood across the border to inflate the Dem Party voting base, but also allowing Radical Muslim Terrorists to sneak into America. The Muslim terrorist component is important because of the capability of suitcase-equivalent nuke bombs to be smuggled into our National Soil.

Tied into this is Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. government through the some of the players mentioned above which might explain Obama’s insistence of covering up his nefarious tentacles in Benghazigate and the Syrian Civil War.

I am telling you this essay is LOADED with food for thought that makes a lot of sense. READ IT!

JRH 11/13/13
Obama, Iran and Nuclear War Part THREE

By Danny Jeffrey
November 12, 2013 8:58 PM

In the first two parts of this series of essays I put forth what may sound like Limited Nuke Explosionan outlandish theory to some; it being that Barrack Obama is intentionally leading us into a nuclear war. It is not so very outlandish after all, for all of the pieces are now falling into place.

If you are a newcomer to these essays it would be best to read the two previous posts before beginning this one. Here are the previous links:

There is an old adage that in unity there is strength; quite true. That strength through unity holds true for not only in regards to a good cause but an evil one as well. Simply look to the people that Adolph Hitler surrounded himself with. Some of them may have deluded even themselves into believing that they were striving for the good of Germany, but the bottom line was their ruthless pursuit of power.

So too it is with the minions of Hussein Obama and his mentor George Soros. History shows us that there is no worse character flaw in a leader than a blatant willingness to abuse the power they possess, and history will reveal that the Obama gathering were all to willing to do just that.

What are you obsessed about? I can ask that question with confidence knowing that most everyone is obsessed about something. With some it is their children, their cat, their dog, their job, physical fitness, sex, alcohol, fast cars, or the environment. When it comes to Obama's circle of friends the primary obsession seems to be achieving power, with a secondary obsession of using that power to destroy the United States and Israel.

Let us examine that circle of friends. Obama is now in his second term
in office and some members of that group have changed positions, and so I shall address his allies of both terms, starting with everyone's favorite,Hillary Clinton next to Pakistan Flag - Crescent Moon & Star Hillary.
None that I know would be gullible enough to believe that Ms. Clinton is a Muslim, and yet her every move promoted Islam, at the expense of the U.S., Israel, and the entire West. If you are not familiar with UN Resolution 16/18 you must read 'If You Do Not Know What Resolution 16/18 Is Then You Are Asleep And In Danger'. If you read that essay you will begin to grasp the agenda of discarding our First Amendment and disallowing anyone in the world to discuss Islam; right in line with Orwell's vision of thought control.

Janet Napolitano, during her tenure as DHS chief, managed to keep our southern border open that illegals might enter unobstructed. This policy served a dual purpose, allowing both Democratic voting Hispanics to enter, as well as Islamic terrorists. She readily admitted before Congress that members of Hezbollah have indeed come to the U.S. across that porous border.

In my most recent essay 'Iran, Obama, And Nuclear War-Part Two' I discussed the great difficulty of Iran being able to successfully deliver a nuclear device to Israel, however it would not be at all difficult to transport it to a city in the U.S.. The border is open and our cities are unsecured.

Then there was UN Ambassador Susan Rice who did a whistle stop tour of all the talk shows blaming a crude video for the debacle in Benghazi when in fact the death of those four men was sanctioned to allow the flow of arms throughout the Islamic world. Today that UN post is held by Samantha Power who openly advocated that our troops should attack Israel on behalf of the Palestinians. In this video she states that our military should intervene to prevent the 'genocide' of the Palestinian people by Israel.

I have mentioned Clinton, Rice, and Power, so let us see how they work together. Our military is directed by a civilian government and the Commander in Chief is in no way duty bound to follow the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but it is usually a pretty good idea to listen to their thoughts and act accordingly.

When Al Qaeda was attacking Qaddafi, the JCS advised Obama against any U.S. involvement as it was against our national interests. They were summarily ignored and Hussein heeded the council of the three women listed above, and sided with Al Qaeda, and we all know what happened from there. Libya fell, Qaddafi was raped and murdered, Western nations were expelled from Libya, and four Americans were sacrificed in the name of Allah.

Today we find Clinton gearing up for a Presidential run, Samantha Power has become the UN Ambassador, and John Kerry is Secretary of State, not trying to get Iran to end their nuclear agenda, but simply to slow down for six months. Now factor in the reality that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our nation, they they are calling the shots with the DHS and directing our intelligence agencies, as well as being guests of honor in the White House.

No nuclear weapon has been used as an act of war since 1945. It therefore stands to reason that those nations who possess them do so largely as a defensive measure. Then came those Muslim nations who would violate that policy. First there was Iraq, that would have most certainly employed such weapons as an aggressive measure. Their ambitions were thwarted by Israel. Then came Syria, and again Israeli planes took to the air, eliminating yet another danger to world peace.

Now we are dealing with Iran and the world holds its collective breath hoping that once again Israel will fly to the rescue. However, Israel has long been an ally of the U.S. and they are under severe pressure from this administration to abstain from any military action while Iran proceeds with its terrorist agenda.

Obama continues to side with Islam against Israel, knowing full well that their ultimate agenda calls for an occupation and destruction of that tiny country, which is about the size of New Jersey. If Israel is defeated there is a drastic price to be paid. Obama is fully prepared, but I do not believe that the American people are.

Ask yourself if any nation is going to allow itself to be destroyed while in possession of a vast store of nuclear armaments. Israel keeps secrets, but our best guess is that they have between 85 and 200 nuclear devices. In one of my early essays I predicted that before Israel would suffer defeat they would launch any and all of those weapons on those who have attacked, and those who have betrayed them.

Later I found my prediction to be valid as Israel has in place a plan know as 'The Samson Option', see links here and here, and here. There yet remain a few survivors of The Holocaust, and both they and their descendants have taken a vow of "Never Again." Islam is threatening Israel, Obama and anti-Semitic nations of the West are pressuring Israel, and as the noose tightens nuclear war appears ever more likely, and Israel will not fall until they have completely expended their arsenal.

And therein lies the sheer insanity of the whole thing. Liberals and Progressives would not hesitate to categorize me as part of the lunatic fringe for my unshakable beliefs that Obama is pursuing a nuclear holocaust, but I await anyone who can project a future other than the one I put before you, based on all information available to us today.

The next essay in this series will discuss how Obama and his allies plan to gain from the advent of nuclear war.

One closing thought: Over my years of writing I have learned what an effect a title of an essay can have have on a potential readers. The mere mention of nuclear war will discourage many from reading this discourse. After all, one nuclear bomb can mess up your whole day. The fact remains that there us nothing we, as a people, can do that will alter the danger of a nuclear conflagration. The main difference I hope to make in writing of this is to mentally prepare those who will listen, for this eventuality. If I am correct about coming events those who choose to disregard the danger have about the same chance of surviving as the proverbial snowball in hell.

The following links were written between 2010 and 2011 and I have found no reason to change my opinion. In fact, today's events are only bearing witness to what I predicted then.

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Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

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