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I am a Patriotic American

Chamberlain-Hitler & Rouhani-Obama History Repeating
Unless you are an idiot liberal, you would agree that the roll out of making Obamacare a viable national health plan was a calamitous disaster. Ari Bussel wonders if Obama is incapable of the successful management of his signature piece of legislation, how can he be trusted to make the world safer by being the prime mover behind negotiating nuclear peace with Iran so that we can give the psycho-Mullahs sanction relief to the tune of SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS?

JRH 11/26/13
I am a Patriotic American
By Ari Bussel
Sent: 11/25/2013 12:54 AM

Ultimately, only diplomacy can bring about a durable solution to the challenge posed by Iran’s nuclear program.  As President and Commander-in-Chief, I will do what is necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  But I have a profound responsibility to try to resolve our differences peacefully, rather than rush towards conflict.

Today, we have a real opportunity to achieve a comprehensive, peaceful settlement, and I believe we must test it.  President Obama

What was achieved last night in Geneva is not an historic agreement; it is an historic mistake.  Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

I am a patriotic American.  Whenever I see our flag, my heart springs to attention, and I am filled with pride and joy.  Very little can unnerve me enough to shake my solid belief in this great country of ours.

On Saturday, the 23rd of November 2013, Bloomberg’s top headline read:  “Iran Agrees to Deal With Powers to Curb Nuclear Work.”  It was subtitled “Iran to Reap $7 Billion in Sanctions Relief Under Accord.”  CNN’s top headline:  “Deal Limits Iran’s Nuclear Program,” and Fox’s:  “Deal Struck:  World powers reach agreement with Iran on nuke program.”

Everyone was focused on Iran, except the White House website that still showed the heading “Working with Both Parties to Keep the Economy Moving Forward.”  The latest e-mail blast I received from the White House – part of the White House American Jewish Outreach Update – is from earlier this month, boasting a statement by President Obama on the 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht and a speech by the President at Dallas Temple on the Affordable Care Act.

[The White House website was later to change with “breaking news:  President Obama’s Statement on Iran, the United States – together with close allies and partners – has taken an important first step toward a comprehensive solution that addresses concerns with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program.”]

The President’s top priority always enjoys the full backing of the most sophisticated PR and outreach machine this great country of ours has ever witnessed.  Iran, apparently, is more a nuisance than the top priority.  At least that is how it seems from the attention afforded to it by the White House, resembling a disgusting task that needs to be carried out; an afterthought.

Clearly, the President is not very much interested in Iran, or its threat to the USA.  All that was necessary was an agreement, so that the Iranian “issue” can be put on the backburner. 

There are much more urgent issues we face, such as the President’s historical legacy – Obamacare.  (The program, at the moment, is still suffering from “technical glitches” despite an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in a website that does not work properly, not to mention a faulty architecture that will eventually bring its collapse and finger pointing at the Republicans and members of the Tea Party:  “It is all their fault!”)

Three more years from this November until the next Presidential election, and at the moment, the President is very focused:  Obamacare!  (It is not even a true concern to reform the healthcare system, just maintaining a legacy and not admitting a mess of colossal proportions already so clearly evident.)

Why should anyone worry?  Iran is far away and has repeatedly stated – contrary to all appearances and its abundance of oil as an energy source – that its nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes.  The Sanctions this Administration has put in place have been most effective, successful in causing remorse among the Iranian leadership and a reversal of course.  It all works.

Iran will say whatever the West wants to hear, while continuing to do exactly what it wants: accelerating development of its military nuclear program.

Indeed, given all the Administration under the current Commander-in-Chief achieved, we are witnessing “Peace in Our Lifetime.”  Let us focus on what is really important:  Higher health insurance costs; mass cancellations of policies for millions who were, until very recently, insured; hospitals and doctors pulling out of networks and Medicare recipients hurting due to cuts.  All this “noise” has to be dealt with quickly, lest it detract from the crowning achievement of Obama.

A negotiated peaceful end to all this unpleasantness with Iran!  Thirty-five years from the ascent of Khomeini to power and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and finally a Peace Laureate manages to bring an end to decades of open hostilities.  Truly, I am in awe of the massive achievements by one person.  Would I be amiss admitting the Messiah is finally appearing before our very eyes, revealing himself to the world?

Some feel that President Obama just “threw Israel under the bus,” but I say differently:  The President of the United States of America is not entrusted with protecting Israel.  Israel is a sovereign nation, and knows how and when to protect itself.  (If it does not, well, then it – and it alone – will suffer the consequences.)  Israel must not expect, and definitely cannot plan, for America to do its bidding.

The President – glossy and glory speeches notwithstanding – never intended to do anything of substance against Iran.  Similarly, he never had any real intention of standing in the way of Syria’s Assad and the latter’s slaughter of hundreds of thousands of his own people. The world stood silent.  Why bother?

The President “showed determination and force” against an ally – Egypt’s President Mubarak – ushering in the Muslim Brotherhood’s ascent to power and control of the largest Arab country in the world.  The President ordered direct attacks in Libya, against a leader who repented and was working with us, the late Kaddafi.  (Where was the same determination and use of force and resources when our Ambassador and others of his protective detail were murdered?)

And Israel.  Again, Israel.  That is a difficult thorn indeed, only because of the all-powerful Jewish Lobby, AIPAC, that controls DC (please refer to a book about the Jewish Lobby and some statements by the Jews who truly care about America and are part of J Street), and all these rich Jews who support the Democratic Party.  For them, and because of them, we have to pretend. 

What a great conclusion:  The Jews are at fault for the President having to take a tough stand against Iran!  Not Israel, but those super-wealthy, super-powerful Jews right here in America.  If it were not for them, life would have been so much easier, a negotiated surrender could have been achieved ages ago.

Forget about Iran.  They do not know what they are doing.  They use idle threats, not really intent on doing anything with their nuclear power.  In fact, they have every right, exactly like Israel, to have a full-fledged nuclear program. 

Why should Israel have an arsenal it can use at a moment’s notice, and Iran be precluded?  What’s fair is fair!  Besides, there are enough crazies in Israel, not less dangerous to the world and to world peace!  (If Netanyahu didn’t possess so much clout with Congress, the President would put him exactly where he should be and declare him the real obstacle to peace in our lifetime, peace in the Middle East and the return of the Palestinians to their homeland and eternal capital of Al Quds.)

The President of the United States has to “make-believe” he is proactive so the Iranian “issue” can be set aside.  There are much more urgent things to which he must attend.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, then Christmas and New Year.  What trips are planned?  Have thousands of members of the Entourage teams been invited to these all-expense-paid trips?  How about just a relaxing get-away using Air Force One to Martha’s Vineyard (too cold already), Hawaii, India or Africa?  Welcome to Beverly Hills!  You can enjoy a moment of rest with peaceful and protected shopping on Rodeo Drive!

There are endless parties to attend, a family and a Royal Dog.  Alas, the President is also the Commander in Chief, and there are still thousands of Americans around the world (time to get back home!).  Just recently we saw a disaster in the Philippines, and there, too, Israel was first.  First to respond and so effectively so.  The first baby to be delivered was called Israel and millions of hits (five million by the last count) were generated around the reports of the Israeli Consul General in the West Coast.  Those damn Jews!  First at everything!  They even managed to steal the glory from the President sending our military force and full might to extend a helping hand.

The Presidential Calendar is full!  Five days in Geneva have been overwhelming, truly exhausting even for a seasoned politician like our Secretary of State.  Time to get back home.  The days to Thanksgiving and Black Friday are drawing closer; let us stop wasting time on Iran.  Declare an agreement.  State the historic significance of our achievements, ease and eliminate the sanctions and let’s focus on what is really important.

Our allies in the Middle East and throughout the world are shocked.  Even France (usually characterized by their rush to surrender at the face of even the slightest hiccup) decided to take a different stand.

Our “allies in the Middle East” have long awakened to a new frightening reality, one in which the USA cannot be trusted.  Saudi Arabia sees something that our President does not, so it messes things up for him, for his plan for a peaceful holiday season.  Perhaps they simply do not understand the peaceful intentions of Iran and Iran’s right to achieve nuclear dominance (for “peaceful purposes” and nothing else).

A new coalition of the frightened is being formed.  Israel, France, Saudi Arabia, other countries in the Gulf.  Is anyone surprised that the fanatic Prime Minister of Israel is heading it, stirring trouble in peaceful and otherwise calm waters?

In fact, anyone with a bit of common sense and understanding of reality, and anyone who knows how to read what the Iranians are saying and analyze what is actually taking place in Iran, would conclude that the US-of-A has gone mad.  Apparently a previous history lesson – “Peace in our Lifetime!” – has been forgotten (or never learned at all).

If I, a patriotic American, did not believe Saturday night’s speech by President Obama, imagine what others, particularly Iran, countries throughout the Arab World and Israel, made of it.

I, at least, have given my President the full benefit of the doubt.

I would stand and defend our country to my last breath, and although I am registered with the Selective Service, we have not had a draft in recent memory.  I am just afraid my Commander in Chief has brought us a step closer to the beginning of World War III, willing to sacrifice whatever is needed, similar to the offering of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

Ari Bussel and Norma Zager collaborate both in writing and on the air in a point-counter-point discussion of all things Israel-related.

Zager and Bussel are based in Los Angeles.  Zager is an award winning investigative journalist, journalism professor and author.  Bussel is a foreign correspondent in Israel.

Together, they have dedicated the past decade to promoting Israel.

© Israel Monitor, November 2013

First Published November 23, 2013

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