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The Elusive Case of Oscar Hill IV

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John R. Houk
© May 16, 2013

I have been following the Oscar Hill IV story for some time. The story if accurate is repugnant for it is a huge miscarriage of Justice. The email and pdf attachment show a different spelling of Oscar’s last name than previous posts I have made on this subject. In the current email Oscar’s last name is spelled “Hill”. In previous stories the letter “s” was how I came to know the name – “Hills”. This could be the reason I have had such a difficult time researching Hill’s case – I don’t know. Below is the copy of the email I sent to Joshua Spielman relating to the email and pdf document (Only I changed the my email address because I sent him a more personal address):

Mr. Spielman I have actually tried to follow the story of Oscar Hills IV. It has always been a difficult subject to research with a search engine because the Mainstream Media seems to have not found it on their radar. The two stories I have posted are "Oscar Hills IV: Persecuted or Prosecuted?" dated 5/25/11 AND "Gayle: Oscar Hills IV" dated 6/29/12. I am really uncertain how anybody has found my blog (SlantRight 2.0) to send me these elusive updates. Perhaps you can point me to some further information available online that will make me feel good about corroboration even if it is the other side of the story? At any rate I will format the pdf file you sent me and post it.

John R. Houk

Since I have been writing this post Mr. Spielman has responded that he will keep me up to date.

Now one thing I have noticed about the pdf attributed to Oscar Hill IV is his use the name “Ya” in parentheses following the name “God”. My concern stems from the cult spin-off House of Yahweh (HOY) was founded by another Christian cult Worldwide Church of God from Herbert W. Armstrong.

The HOY cult uses “Ya” for God and Lord. They also use the appellation of Yashua for Jesus. Both names are used like this in Mr. Hill’s pdf document. The HOY take the belief that Jesus was not preexistent to His human birth. Rather Jesus is the Son of God only in the sense he became a follower of Yahweh after arising from the water from the John the Baptist Baptism. Hence the HOY do not believe in ONE God in three unified persons as in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As a Christian I have to state these HOY beliefs are unacceptable.

AGAIN I must reiterate that I do not know if Oscar Hill IV follows the HOY theology. Indeed the First Amendment guarantees the HOY to practice their faith in Freedom. I just have to wonder if the Louisiana part of the Federal Justice system focused on Hill because of Cult-like behavior and thus fabricated evidence that ended in a conviction that had absolutely nothing to do with Hill’s faith.

I give credit to Oscar Hill IV that he is not appealing to religious persecution but utilizes religious terminology as a normal display of his faith whether he follows the basic Christian tenets or HOY-like religious tenets. Under that situation Oscar Hill IV deserves freedom from incarceration and his name must be cleared due criminal conduct from the Prosecutor and the ATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – better known as ATF) agent Joseph Gahn.

JRH 5/16/13
worldwide news network
Contact: Joshua Spielman
Sent: May 16, 2012

Press Release

Another Case of Federal Prosecutorial Misconduct – Middle District of Louisiana
Conviction Unconstitutional

BATON ROUGE:  Assistant U.S. Attorney Rene I. Salomon, ATFE special agent Joseph Gahn both in the Middle District of Louisiana, conspiring with State Farm Insurance Company allegedly submitted fabricated evidence subsequently wrongly convicting Oscar Hills IV. The Fifth Circuit of Appeals overturned Hills conviction and the Government conceded that Mr. Hill's conviction was unconstitutional. Mr. Hills stated, “The Government’s fabricated evidence exonerated him and incriminated them.” Mr. Hills has served two years in federal prison for a crime he did not commit. Hills also announced that he would run for president of the United States in 2016. For more on this story read the press release in its entirety, see attached pdf file.
Attached PDF formatted to Word Document

Another Case of Federal Prosecutorial Misconduct - Middle District of Louisiana

By Oscar Hills IV
May 14, 2013 9:00 AM

Name on Header:

Brad Heath
clip_image001USA Today Newspaper
7950 U.S. Today Street Mc Lean, VA 22108

BATON ROUGE: First, I like to thank you for accepting my email request. Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Oscar Hills IV; currently I am federal inmate #05251-095. Since 2011, two-years now, my incarceration has been illegal. On May 23, 2011, I literally drove myself to Texarkana FCI in Texas and self surrendered. After sixteen months there, I was transferred (unsupervised Greyhound Bus furlough) to the federal comp in Pollock, Louisiana. Currently, I am at the halfway house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mr. Heath, after reading your article, "Locked Up But Innocent?" I must say, you nailed it! However, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mr. Heath, in "Criminal Law" there's two classifications of innocence, one, "legal innocence," and two, "actual innocence." Legal innocence, defined as the absence of one or more procedural or legal bases to support the sentence given to a defendant. You were referring in your article "Locked Up But Innocent" to this innocence. Actual innocence, on the other hand, is a state of affairs in which a defendant in a criminal case is innocent of the charges against them because they did not in fact commit the crime of which her or she have been accused.

ACTUALLY INNOCENT? What if I told you that I am "actually innocent" of the crime I'm currently incarcerated for and the U.S. Government (ATFE agent Joseph Gahn, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Rene Salomon) and State Farm Insurance Co. fabricated their evidence to get an illegal indictment which led to my illegal incarceration.

What if I told you that with the same evidence the prosecutors' produced to the grand jury and the courts' exonerates me and incriminates them.

Aver of evidence is factual and backed by the U.S. Government's own fabricated evidence; this is not a conclusional assertion. Furthermore, on June 25, 2012, The Fifth Circuit of Appeals granted me a certificate of appealability (COA). Moreover, on August 20, 2012, the U.S. Attorney's Office conceded to the fact that my conviction is unconstitutional. Yet, eight-months later, I am still illegally being detained. The prosecutors' asked the Appeals Court to dismiss my appeal, and remand the case back to the district court for a limited view. Rebutting the prosecutor's request, petitioning the Appeals Court not to dismiss my appeal, I pleaded that the conviction be completely overturned. One, because I was actually innocent, and two, according to United States v. Cronic, 466 U.S., a denial of counsel during trial proceedings requires automatic reversal of conviction because prejudice presumed. The Appeals Court, denied my request, and totally went against Supreme Court caselaw, subsequently, remanding my case back to the District Court, where just several months prior presiding judge James Brady denied my motion to vacate citing I had no merits. Clearly, I recognized the subterfuge of the U.S. Attorney's Office.

April 22, 2013, the deception came full circle when I went for a status conference in the District Court. Out the gate, Judge Brady ridiculed me, stating he was not "going to play this game" with me, he pretty much eluded my actual innocence plea. I reference to the judge that I have done 95% of the time, and my main concern is clearing my name and bringing justice for the outrageous conduct of assistant U.S. Attorney Rene Salomon and ATFE agent Joseph Gahn. Under the Color of Law--these two men, along with others, abused and misused their authority. The court eluded addressing my actual innocence claim. It did not surprise me, I was informed a week before the status conference that my case was the first of its kind. I was also informed that normally the Fed's are the aggressor, and being that you have substantial evidence of their malfeasance they're in a peculiar situation. It was explained to me, even though you have the "up's on them,"  the presiding judge was going  to still save face for  the prosecutor, "it is what it is, especially in the Fed's," explained the source. The way the status conference played out, he was right. I being actually innocent of the crime should mean something if not everything, but from the looks of it, it means nothing to the court. Judge Brady scheduled an evidentiary hearing for May 21, 2013, and for the fifth time I will submit to the court the government's own evidence that exculpates me and inculpates the prosecutor. After 2 years of hell, will I finally see justice, or will this injustice continue? Proverbs 17:15 states: "He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord (Ya)."

Prior to going to prison, I presented this overwhelming evidence (certified mail) to the Inspector General, Daniel Levinson, our so-called ombudsman. Following up on my complaint a representative in the civil rights department claimed she forwarded the information to the appropriate people including the ATFE agency. I personally sent the same information (certified mail) to Kenneth Melson, former head of the ATFE agency, to no avail. Mr. Melson has now been demoted, for his mishandling and non-actions in the infamous "Fast & Furious" gun-trafficking sting operation, in which illegal guns from the operation appeared at many crime scenes across the United States and Mexico. One of the stolen guns killed a U.S. border patrol officer. A whistleblower within their own agency brought to light these unlawful acts of the ATFE agency in Arizona. I even reached out to "every member" in congress (Washington DC) prior to coming to prison but my pleas were ignored'.

My situation is not an isolated one by far; there is a reason why 97% of the federal cases result into a guilty plea. Trust me the U.S. Attorneys' is not that good. Counsel for the defendants'; especially court-appointed counsel, are an extension of the prosecution. Almost immediately in their initial attorney-client meeting, the appointed counsel is pushing a plea deal in the face of the accused. It is all about "VOLUME!" Court-appointed attorneys' are paid the same amount if they argue the case or get you to take the plea. There is no incentive to exonerate their client, so it's all based on volume. Picture an assembly line of rubber-stamping plea deals that is all you got going on here. The prosecutors' get their man and defense attorneys' are compensated for sending their clients' up the river without a paddle. All at the expense of the indigent clients' and taxpayers. There is nothing new up under the sun this is a modern day Sanhedrin Counsel. Yashua (Jesus Christ) called them hypocrites and usurpers.

OLIGARCHY FEDERAL JUDICIAL SYSTEM: National media coverage as your article illuminates what is going on in this "privileged only" federal judicial system. You see, once the tables turn on the "Oligarchs'" they only get reprimanded or excoriated. The "Oligarchs'" do not discriminate though; look at Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska case for example. The malicious prosecutorial misconduct was so great; U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stepped in and asked the judge to dismiss the case after the conviction of the Senator. Stevens's attorney, Brendan Sullivan spoke out saying: "the illegal verdict of guilty in Stevens's case had cost the veteran Alaska Republican his seat in the Senate and shifted control of the Senate to the Democrats." Let us take it even further, if this illegal ordeal had not taken place, Stevens probably would have won his seat back, and would have been in Washington DC, instead of on the plane that crashed and took his life? After the malicious misconduct of the prosecutors' scheme came to light, one of the prosecutors committed suicide. The others two prosecutors involved in this malevolent act just got an insignificant punishment, losing 40 and 15 days without pay. Then it was back to work as usual.

Recently, just down the road in the Eastern District of Louisiana, specifically, New Orleans, Louisiana, another case of prosecutorial misconduct was revealed. U.S. Attorney Jim Letten's second in command, Jan Mann literally lied to a federal judge. Ms. Mann, in writing, told the court she was not involved with the blogging on several federal cases in litigation. Which was indeed, not true, Jan Mann, was ousted by retired FBI agents that were hired by the defendant Fred Heebe to investigate the U.S. Attorney's office outrageous conduct, among other things. Subsequently, Jim Letten resigned, claiming he had no idea that his second in command was participating in theses egregious acts. No one in the U.S. Attorneys' office has been indicted, sorry to say that I suspect no one will be. Yet, there are people in jail for perjury, as I write this letter. Apparently, this does not apply to the prosecutors, just everyone else.

IMMUNITY + IMPUNITY = CORRUPTION: When it comes to federal prosecutors, and agents they "enjoy qualified immunity." Federal judicial employees have "free will" to do whatever they please and do not suffer any punishment for their mischievous actions, they are practically untouchable. My life my home was invaded because of one agent's abuse of power, ultimately losing over two years of my freedom. To add insult to injury, at the status conference, there sit the special agent Joseph Gahn. Observing, making sure the court carry out his subterfuge. Will district judge James J. Brady continue to go along with the government's modus operandi? Will he finally render true justice and overturn my wrongful conviction? Only time will tell, May 21, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. cst.

BANKING ON BONDAGE: Incarcerating folks is a multibillion dollar a year business. Make no mistake about it. The Prison industry creates and maintain jobs--forfeitures of property and assets--which federal employees' get first dibs--$25k plus annually of taxpayers' money for housing each inmate--commissary--outrages phone and email rates for inmates produces millions of dollars a month--"their" selected vendors' get paid top dollars for expired or close to expired food to feed the inmates. Rural towns are surviving off prisons; the prisons have more people in them then the actual town. The United States imprison more people both per-capital and in-absolute term than any other nation in the world. Reading an article by Cindy Chang in the New Orleans Times Picayune newspaper--the state [Louisiana] I am from is the prison capital of the world.

Infer; this is just a compendium of what is taking place in the land of the free and our so-called justice system. I have acquired a wealth of knowledge that I will share with the American people. In the name of justice, they are (the Oligarchs') acquiring wealth and power through bondage. It is my obligation to God (Ya) and the American people (99%ers') to fight this injustice and promote peace. I am formally announcing that I will run for the presidency of the United States in the year 2016.

"The energy, faith, the devotion which 'I' will bring to this endeavor will light our country and will serve it--and the glow from that fire can truly light the world." (paraphrasing President John F. Kennedy)

Peace be with you!

Oscar Hill IV

The Elusive Case of Oscar Hill IV
John R. Houk
© May 16, 2013
Another Case of Federal Prosecutorial Misconduct – Middle District of Louisiana

SlantRight Editor: Notice in small text there is a name “worldwide news network”. The only thing I could find close to that is this link: I suspect there is no relationship between this info and the news organization of the similar name.

Then on the pdf header is this organization: USA Today Newspaper. Google brings me to this link: Again I sense there is no relationship to who put out the email or the pdf document. Perhaps those of you that have the investigative knack can let us know.

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