Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is There a U.N. Invasion of the USA?

UN Soldiers

John R. Houk
© May 23, 2013

A friend of mine on the Ning social network America Conservative 2 Conservative (AC2C) sent an email basically using the exact wording of a post that was read about the United Nations sending troops of foreign to America origin to the East Coast as an invasion. That piqued my interest and so here is that email:

Subject: I'm not sure about this...BUT just in case
Sent: May 22, 2013

We have had unconfirmed reports of foreign troops landing in US.  If you have any information, please use the "Contact Us" form.
I’m getting cell phone calls that there are huge transport jets landing in West Virginia, Jacksonville, Fl, and Camp Atterbury, and possibly others. Plz post if you are seeing similar heavy air traffic in your areas. It appears we have a UN invasion developing.”

Just had a phone call from a man in Jacksonville Florida who lives right on the flight path of the Naval Air station there who advised that starting early yesterday morning there has been a constant flow of huge unmarked military transport planes landing non-stop since. He thinks they’re C130s and C17s also. He said he’s never in all the years there seen more than a dozen per day. These jets are silver and plain, no tail markings. Do we have anyone here who can add to this?”

”I had several high level militia members call me with Intel confirmed on UN soldiers being flown into Indiana on 130s and c17s bein issued US army name tapes and ranks and being put under order of DHS on top of that multiple armed swat raids being led by IRS in south multiple people taken Texas Florida Mississippi an[d] Georgia.” When soldiers asked about incoming flights they are told you did not see what you thought you saw.

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The last link appears to be archived because there is a link to their “new site” which is labeled the National Liberty Federation. Below onwards is the reply I sent to social network email.

CJ this sounds like a hoax to me to catch the attention of us Conservatives that have zero trust in the Obama Administration and the United Nations. The only outside action happening here in Oklahoma is recovery from tornadoes and the look of more bad weather approaching.

The reason I sense this is hoax is because there are a few links other than the one you sent from the National Liberty Federation with the exact same wording. The earliest post was from a blogger/radio host Steve Quayle dated May 20, 2013:

Then there is Before Its News – same date:

Then I found a gal reading this “alert” on her Youtube Channel - nanashinoappuri89. Nana… can’t confirm if this alert is true or not be she finishes with something like “Sooner or later it’s gonna be true folks”:

Until further confirmation comes in I’d have to label this in the not true category. If you find other blogs reporting on a U.N. invasion without using the same wording there might be something to it. Frankly I think someone is having fun with all the Obama scandals at Conservatives’ expense. Until then – time will tell one way or the other.

JRH 5/23/13

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