Friday, May 31, 2013

Is Obama Hiding Complicated Geopolitics from Americans?

Bashar al-Assad - Hassan Nasrallah
John R. Houk
May 31, 2013

Here is something to wrap your mind around. And it is a bit complicated as far as Conservatives are concerned about U.S. National Security. Obama has been supportive of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) which is dominated by Islamists now. Benghazigate probably even has something to do with Obama clandestinely arming the SFA. So the potential mind warping thing to tackle is Hamas has been training the SFA in Lebanon.

Obama has to be aware of this! The information about Hamas training FSA has become public knowledge because … CHECK THIS OUT – Hezbollah has told Hamas to clear out of Lebanon because they are training the FSA. You see, the FSA is fighting Assad who is a major client state of Iran. AND Hezbollah is a major terrorist client of Iran. AND Hezbollah basically controls Lebanon. AND Hezbollah, Hamas, the FSA, Assad’s Syrian government and Iran ALL hate Israel!

Hmm … A fellow writer friend of mine – Danny Jeffrey – believes the arms deal Chris Stevens was trying to hammer out was sending Qaddafi-Libyan arms to Hamas rather to directly to the FSA via Turkey as seems to have been the usual practice.

Now in Danny’s essay I linked to, believes the Libyan arms were diverted to Hamas to use against Israel. Was Obama possibly arming Hamas with the intention of training the FSA? If that is the case, I wonder what Israel felt about Obama sending clandestine arms through Hamas with the intention of benefiting the FSA? Did Israel protest? Was Israel in cahoots with the plan also clandestinely? Perhaps Obama and Israel were exploiting the Sunni-Shia mutual hatred for each other as a way to wedge separation between the Muslims who all basically desire Israel’s destruction regardless if they are the majority Sunni or the minority Shia? Things are getting geopolitically complicated enough that some on the Left and the Right with both agree and disagree on any path to aiding the FSA rebels against Bashar Assad’s Syrian rogue government allied to Twelver-Shia dominated Iran.

So you have to wonder what does Obama not want Americans to know about Benghazigate, don't you think?

JRH 5/31/13

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