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Arpaio Faces Recall Shortly after Reelection

Joe Arpaio - America's Toughest Sheriff
John R. Houk
© February 9, 2013

I don’t live in Maricopa County in Arizona thus I cannot vote for or against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I am gratified to hear that Sheriff Arpaio was reelected to another term of Office. Why? Arpaio has gained national attention because he makes sure inmates in his County jail don’t live in a country club lifestyle, he is bullish against illegal immigration and most recently he put together a team of forensic specialists to examine documents that are publically available concerning President Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility for the Office POTUS. The last politically incorrect endeavor places Arpaio squarely in the controversial and oft berated Birther crowd.

[Side Note: My stand on the Birther Movement is quite nebulous at the moment because I believe that BHO is definitely hiding something about his past but at the same time I believe Birthers are grasping straws rather than facts. This makes them look like loons. Nonetheless, as long as Birthers continue to be a thorn in BHO’s side I love reading their speculations with the hope that one day something become verifiable.]

Arpaio’s initiatives have made him a target by Leftists on a national scale. Thus money is beginning to flow into the coffers of Sheriff Arpaio’s political enemies. AND those political enemies have initiated a recall election against Sheriff Arpaio.

Below is a national appeal for donations to counter Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s recall vote. Support Sheriff Arpaio, please.

JRH 2/9/13
You're not going to believe this

By Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sent: 2/5/2013 2:58 PM
Sent by: Reelect Joe Arpaio

Just three weeks after I was sworn into office for a sixth term as Maricopa County Sheriff, a group of radical extremists filed a recall campaign to forcibly remove me from office.

This is very serious. These left-wing groups of agitators are the same ones who spent millions against me in last year's campaign in an effort to defeat me. Because they didn't like the outcome of that election they are now going to spend millions of dollars to force a recall election this coming fall.

So far they have raised over $1.3 million to defeat me!

These sore losers just never stop. They figure if they can force an election in an off-year they'll be able to turn out every pro-illegal immigrant voter and steal this election. We saw them do the very same thing to an Arizona State Senator just over a year ago.

It's clear that these people will go to any lengths to see me defeated and out of office. They'll resurrect all the lies, distortions and personal attacks from last year's campaign and use them against me this year.

And what is this all about really? Why do they hate me so much? It's simple: I am the only law enforcement official in this state that enforces our laws against illegal immigration. Period. Everything else they'll talk about is a deceptive smokescreen because they know they cannot win on the issue of enforcing the law.

In fact, in their statement about the recall this group claims that I don't "respect, defend or protect the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution!" This, coming from the same group of people who have waged a relentless campaign against me in an effort to stop enforcing the laws! I have sworn an oath to protect and defend our United States Constitution probably more times than these clowns have pledged allegiance to our flag.

You were such an important part of my victory last year even though we faced insurmountable odds. I certainly did not plan on this recall, but I have to ask you again for your support. The fight starts now. Over the next several months I am going to be bombarded with negative attacks and lies. I must have the necessary resources to defend my record and run a winning campaign.

But I don't care what threats they make. I will never back down one inch when it comes to doing the job I was JUST elected to do. I will continue enforcing all the laws on the books no matter what the consequences.

I am going to need your help now more than ever before. This campaign starts NOW.
Will you support me and my efforts today with a much-needed contribution of $860 (the maximum per couple), $430 (the maximum per person), $300, $250, $150 or even $50?
Your contribution today is critical as we face these radical extremist forces. We cannot allow a small band of thugs to thwart the will of the voters and erode the Rule of Law.

Trust me; I never dreamed I would have to come to you for a contribution again. But it's clear that I must ask you for your support and your prayers if we are going to beat our opponents.
Please click here now to make a contribution

Thank you for everything you have done and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

P.S. Please don't delete this email.
Please make a much-needed contribution today. And please do me one more favor: Forward this email to at least five of your friends who may want to defend my efforts to enforce the law! Thank you!
Arpaio Faces Recall Shortly after Reelection
John R. Houk
© February 9, 2013
You're not going to believe this

Paid for by Elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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