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Abortion: A Contribution to the High Crime Rate in the African American Community

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Here are some interesting thoughts about abortion sent by a person who wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

JRH 2/17/13
Abortion: A Contribution to the High Crime Rate in the African American Community

By Anonymous
Sent: 2/16/2013 8:28 PM

One of the common misconceptions that are perpetuated in our society is that abortion reduces crime rates.  Therefore abortion is a necessary evil as it accomplishes a greater good for our society.  I take exception with the terms necessary evil or greater good, as it is contradictory in itself and has been used as a justification for some of the worst atrocities in human history.  I seek to outright contradict the notion that abortion reduces the crime rate.  In fact I propose that abortion actually increases crime rates.  Though all I will be able to give you is logic and data that has a correlation to the effect I strongly believe this is the case.

The data:

 There have been studies that claim abortion reduces crime.  But what is shown here, anyone with a little bit of intelligence and curiosity can easily build themselves.  It is very simplistic and as we know from Occam's Razor when all the wrong answers are removed the simplest solution is likely the correct one. All one has to do to produce the graph below is look up the national crime rates, number of abortions, and number of people in the nation for the years shown and they themselves can produce the same graph.  The blue line represents the number of crimes per person, while the red line represents the number of abortions per person multiplied by 7 and then with an offset of 10 years into the future.

national crime rates, number of abortions, and number of people graph

The abortions per person is multiplied by 7 only to give the curve a more distinct appearance so that it can be easy followed along with the crime statistics while the offset for 10 years is to compare the age at which children might have started committing crimes.  As can be seen the crime rate is proportional to the abortion rate suggesting a correlation between increase crimes with increased abortions and decreased crimes with decreased abortions.

 Why might it increase crime rather than reduce it?  Well this is a good question?  In the last 50 years our country has done everything it can to destroy the family structure from allowing no fault divorce to encouraging sexual promiscuity.  But what most may have not realized is that our country is also encouraging the worst possible mothers to be the parents of the next generation, and abortion is only half the equation to this encouragement.

One of the common themes that the left tries is to paint abortion in a positive light by saying that it is a necessary evil because it eliminates unwanted children who have no future and would only be a burden on society. Commonly pro-life advocates argue against this as a valid reason to end the life of what is sacred and valuable (every human life).  Even though it is true that this isn't a valid reason pro-life advocates commonly fail to challenge the premise that abortion is ridding us of unwanted children whose future is unlikely to turn out well.  In reality when US policies allow mothers to choose abortion, it is those women who are actually contemplating their future.  In their fear of what it may become, they are ending these lives.  While the benefit of the welfare system is encouraging the women who are thinking of what they can get now to keep their children by increasing what they can get.   So instead these philosophies are encouraging those who would probably turn out to be bad mothers to keep their children and those who would probably turn out to be good mothers to kill them.  This is sad because we should be encouraging those who would be good mothers to keep them and those who would be bad mothers to put them up for adoption.

 Fatherlessness is noted as the prime reason for high crime rates in the African American community.  Most will not deny that, including me, as it is one the major differences in African American communities and communities of other ethnic backgrounds which do not have higher crime rates.  This huge shortage of positive male role models is causing destruction of the family structure and its benefits that allow the rearing children in the way they should go.  What I want to propose is that the combination of the higher abortion rate along with the promotion of welfare programs, which has become prominent amongst the African American community because they have a higher poverty rate, is contributing to the really high fatherlessness in their community.  For if it is more likely that bad mothers are the ones keeping their children they are also unlikely to choose good role models for mates either.


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