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The Intolerable State

Caution- Illegal-Immigration Crossing
Here are some thoughts from Justin O. Smith on immigration and illegal aliens.

JRH 2/8/13
The Intolerable State

By Justin O. Smith
February 4, 2013 at 2:44pm

For decades the Democrats have vilified Republicans over their stance on immigration and illegal aliens, likening it to a form of racism. But, if Republican's eagerness to pander to Hispanic voters in order to gain their votes enables Obama's plans for quick, broad changes in U.S. immigration law without first securing our borders completely, then they deserve to be vilified for being political pygmies. America needs a U.S. immigration policy rather than a Leftist-Democrat immigration policy that blurs the lines between domestic and foreign policy, damages U.S. sovereignty and creates a borderless monstrosity!

This newest focus on border control and immigration initially centered on the need for "immigration reform" and bringing eleven million illegal immigrants "out of the shadows" as Senator John McCain put it. The eleven million figure from the PEW Hispanic Center is actually closer to thirty million; and it is suspect, since the U.S. government admits it has no concrete estimate of the number of illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S., and it can only track the departures of foreigners in some airports and does not track exits by land. Illegal immigrants brazen enough to demand citizenship now and protest and openly proclaim their illegal status in the streets of America, while waving Mexican flags, are hardly living in the shadows. And this illuminates a more troubling aspect of this debate.

From the onset of this immigration and border security issue being discussed within this administration, Obama has consistently refused to do his job as a U.S. President and enforce the current immigration laws. While Obama claims to "have done more on border security in the last four years than we (the U.S.) have done in the previous twenty," the facts show that Obama did place more Border Patrol agents along the borders, as he also ordered them to follow a "catch and release" policy in dealing with all but some of the most dangerous illegal immigrants. Obama has also interfered with states' attempts to enforce federal immigration law, as seen with Arizona, and Homeland Security has ceased nearly all deportation proceedings.

If America could not trust Obama to uphold U.S. law between 2008 and 2012, how can we trust him now and what is to keep him from simply reopening the immigration flood-gates again once he has achieved his current goals? Does anyone really believe that the illegal immigrants will "go to the back of the line"?

Part of this debate has recently shifted to the United States' need for skilled workers. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and several others, such as Marco Rubio and Amy Klobuchar, want to increase the cap for skilled workers under H-1B visas from 65,000 to 115,000 a year. While many of the illegals already here are highly educated, the bulk of them are poor, uneducated and under-skilled or unskilled, and they are draining the nation's resources and overloading our education, penal and welfare systems. But many of these poor too deserve a chance at the opportunities and freedom America offers, however, at the same time, shouldn't we have a reasonable expectation that new immigrants should, for the most part, be able to take care of themselves? Now, with chain immigration de facto reality, we can expect this New AMNESTY for 11-30 million illegal immigrants to generate approximately 60 million new immigrants, further overloading our system!

If we need more skilled workers in the U.S., maybe we should be working more towards reforming U.S. education and tuition costs. Perhaps we should be lowering tuition in state run universities and reducing the salaries of numerous overpaid educators and administrators, whose work load does not remotely merit the unfounded and exorbitant salaries they receive, as we work to ensure the educational success of our own citizens first.

Rubio, McCain and several others also seem to believe that typically poor illegal immigrants can or will pay back taxes and fines; it also stands to reason that many of them already have criminal pasts, or otherwise, they would have sought legal entry first. And, to add insult to injury, once these illegal immigrants receive "probationary legal status" allowing them to live and work legally in the U.S., they will also be eligible for most federal public benefits; the main aspect of this debate is the economic cost to the U.S. citizen, the taxpayer, since these illegal immigrants will be included in the Obamacare plan... this is unacceptable and unsustainable!

Also, many millions of past legal immigrants and all those currently waiting legally in the system view this current immigration plan as a slap in the face. One twenty-six year old Irishman explained how he has patiently waited nine years, across the ocean in Ireland, for permission to enter the U.S. And all these illegal immigrants mainly from Mexico and Central America, are in the country now, and Obama is not going to force them to return first, before giving them "probationary legal status." It is a de facto amnesty move.

As children, most of us had very little say in where we lived or when we moved, and it primarily depended on our parents' career choices and moves. Coming to America illegally and having a child here does not mean that an illegal immigrant should not be or cannot be deported. The false argument  of the Leftist-Democrats states that "we cannot separate the parent from the child." Nothing is preventing the illegal immigrants from taking their children, U.S. citizen or not, back to their country of origin when they are deported. And yes, it is a difficult thing to seemingly penalize the child, but the burden and the guilt rests solely on the shoulders of the illegal immigrant and not the citizens of these United States!

Our federal government and Obama have failed completely, knowingly and deliberately to ensure the physical security of U.S. borders, and not only have they employed a policy that damages the U.S. economy, they have also placed national security at risk, as an untold number of Spanish speaking Islamists/Al Qaeda are infiltrating the U.S. annually, along with all the other illegals. And as Americans, we find ourselves in what Thomas Paine described as the "intolerable state" of being "exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without a government." With Mexico's ever increasing instability and drug-cartel violence spilling across our borders, the best answer is to elect people in the future who will deploy the U.S. Army and Marines along our land borders to prevent the entry of illegals, along with an effective network of fences, drones, trenches, watchtowers, radars and, if necessary, minefields (the U.S. did this very thing along Korea's Demilitarized Zone); let Obama and Homeland Security babble about "greatly improved border security," as we act at the state and local levels to protect Americans by taking responsibility for our domestic security, which Obama abandoned from the onset!

"We've been down this road before with politicians promising to enforce the law in return for amnesty... The American people should not be fooled." -Representative Lamar Smith R-Texas

By Justin O. Smith

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