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Oklahoma Jim Bridenstine says GOP is caving too much on budget

Jim Bridenstine 2-20-13
First District OK Representative Jim Bridenstine is sticking to the Tea Party Conservative principles that carried him past a Republican incumbent and beat the Dem challenger in the 2012 election. The Tulsa World reports Bridenstine commenting the House Republicans are dropping the ball in confronting America’s most Socialist President in Barack Hussein Obama.

JRH 2/22/13
Oklahoma Jim Bridenstine says GOP is caving too much on budget

By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer Published: 2/20/2013  1:52 AM
Last Modified: 2/20/2013  4:04 AM

BIXBY - House Republicans have been "caving too much" on budget issues and must not buckle under pressure in the weeks ahead, 1st District U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine said during a town hall meeting here Tuesday.

"My concern," he said, "and I think the concern of a lot of Republicans in Congress, is that once the sequester takes effect, people are going to be screaming for a deal, and that deal ultimately is going to be what the president wants - to raise taxes.

And if there's enough pressure, (Speaker John Boehner) will bring it to the floor and 200 Democrats and 30 or 40 Republicans will vote for it. And once again you have the speaker caucusing with the Democrats."

Asked what kind of compromises he would accept, Bridenstine said he thought there would be some on immigration, then added, "My beef is not that we aren't compromising enough. My beef is that we're caving too much. If everything you do is what the president wants, then there is no compromise."

Since his first day in Congress last month, Bridenstine has alternately criticized and tried to downplay his disagreements with Boehner, his party's leader in the House of Representatives.

On Tuesday evening, Bridenstine said his resistance to party discipline has at least gotten Boehner's attention.

"There are a lot of freshmen" in the House, he said. "There are probably a lot of freshmen he doesn't know the names of. He pays a lot of attention to me, and the reason is because I stood up to him on something."

Bridenstine was even more critical of Democratic leadership, beginning with President Barack Obama.

"The only thing the president is committed to is raising taxes," Bridenstine said, speaking of proposals to head off sequestration, the automatic spending cuts that are scheduled to begin on March 1.

Democrats have offered a mix of tax increases and spending cuts to reduce the federal deficit by $110 billion, while Republicans want all deficit reduction in the form of spending cuts.

"The president says no. It's raise taxes or we aren't going to do anything," Bridenstine said, adding that he thinks spending, not revenue, is the problem.

According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, federal receipts - both in current and inflation-adjusted dollars - are expected to reach or exceed the all-time high reached in 2007.

Receipts as a share of gross domestic product are expected to be the highest since 2008 but well below the all-time high of 20 percent in 2000.

Outlays as a share of GDP are expected to be one percentage point lower than last year and two points lower than the post-World War II high of 25.2 percent set in 2009.

In dollars, federal outlays have increased every year except one - 2010 - since 1956.

Original Print Headline: Bridenstine says GOP must not buckle on taxes

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