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The Dementia of the Southern Poverty Law Center

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In the early days of the Civil Rights Movement the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was a champion (SA HERE) to be honored for confronting racism in the USA. Not so much today…

TODAY the SPLC has taken a Left Wing multicultural path. TODAY if you are more than an inch Right of Center on the political spectrum the SPLC will label you a racist bigot.

To comprehend just how far Left the SPLC has degenerated you have to become aware that if you are a Biblical believing Christian or a person (or group) dedicated to exposing the nefarious political side of Islam.

Sharia Unveiled has written a defense of one of my heroes in counterjihad exposés in Pamela Geller who is labeled as an extremist by the SPLC.

JRH 2/6/13
The Dementia of the Southern Poverty Law Center: The Pamela Geller File
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By Schuyler Montague
February 5, 2013

For anyone unfamiliar with the Southern Poverty Law Center, you would not gain much insight judging by their name.  Rarely, if at all does anything they do relate to poverty, except maybe to bring some citizens closer to it.  Granted, some of the work they do is for the good.  The SPLC is a private organization with strong ties to the federal government, namely the FBI, the BATF and the DOJ.  They primarily infiltrate, investigate and collect data on organizations that have been labeled as “Hate Groups.”  Then, they turn this information over to federal authorities, providing the evidence to initiate formal investigations.  Some examples of the organizations that they have targeted in the past are the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations and the Aryan Brotherhood.  These organizations are most definitely racist hate groups by almost any standard.  The Southern Poverty Law Center played a lead role in the investigatory work done to control the proliferation of these groups, which is a great accomplishment.  That being said, they do have a quite tarnished past as well and have often found themselves on the wrong side of an issue and the wrong side of history itself.

Imagine my surprise while doing some research recently when I came across an Intelligence File on Pamela Geller on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website.  After overcoming the initial shock and dismay, I could not believe the degree of bias and prejudice that was falsely assigned to her.  Morris Dees and Joseph J. Levin Jr. , the co-founder’s and chief trial counsel for the SPLC must be smoking something good down there at the SPLC headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama because their minds are diluted by the fog.  I guess it’s okay to hate, so long as you hate the people that they choose to hate.  Well, I can honestly tell you that ‘hate’ is not even a word in the mind, nor an emotion in the heart of Pamela Geller.  To the contrary, Pamela is actually one of the most embracing people I am aware of.

Pamela Geller has dedicated her life to being a voice for the voiceless.  She puts her life on the line every day that she awakes and boldly walks where few dare to walk.  She is considered by many people today to be the leading voice for human rights.  But, not just “any humans.”  Pamela Geller proclaims and demands the freedom and rights be given to the women and little girls from which they were stolen.  But, not just “any women and little girls.”  She is the leading voice for muslim women and muslim girls who dare not to speak out of fear.  All around the world today there are muslim women and girls who find themselves enslaved to a 7th century indoctrination.  These women and girls are often prisoners in their own homes and more so, their hearts are held captive.  They live in fear and fear to live.  Freedom is a distant thought and rights are something they only dream of.  Many of these women and little girls live in an environment of subjugation.  They are often not allowed out of their houses without their husbands, they are not afforded an education and they sometimes wonder, will today be the day that I die?

These women and girls for which she stands, are the women the world has forgotten.  This is a world where women are humiliated and flogged in public each day.  This is a world where women are buried in the ground, up to their chest and stoned to death and for what?  Because the woman was raped and she is to blame.  This is a world where little girls are murdered, but not by a stranger but rather by one they love.  They fear the thought of even a glance at a boy, lest they be taught the meaning of “honour” in their world.  Yes, this is a place, a land of disgrace where a woman may get acid thrown in her face.  And, almost always by the man she loves.  Screams of pain echo across the desert plains, but not to worry because here this is common place.  It may be the pain of a little girl having her genitals sliced off, maybe it’s rape or maybe it’s just the pain of another day.  Yes, just another day in paradise lost but not paradise forgot by all.  Because this is the place and these are the women and little girls, that Pamela Geller boldly speaks for.

There are only a handful of people on this earth today that I call an inspiration to me.  And, there are even less that have spread the truth out of a loving heart, that have inspired me to also be a voice for these women and girls.  Pamela Geller is one of these few that have done this.  So, now I have just one thing left to say and this I address to Mr. Morris Dees at the Southern Poverty Law Center;

Mr Dees;  I respectfully request that you reconsider the case file of Pamela Geller and remove her name from your list.  If this is not an option that you will consider, than I have one last request:  Please initiate a file on me as well because if Pamela Geller is guilty of some crime, than so am I.  You see, I to, speak out on behalf of the evil atrocities against muslim women and children and I promise you I will continue to do this until it ends or until the day that I die.  If you would be so kind, please place my file right next to hers, because united with Pamela, I stand.

Love is the catalyst.

This is the link to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Lack of Intelligence” File for Pamela Geller:


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