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Benghazigate and Impeachment

Impeach Obama - DC Capital Afire
John R. Houk
© February 23, 2013 sent a paid advertisement from the Conservative Daily with the hook that Senator James Inhofe the Republican Senator from Oklahoma is calling for an impeachment investigation of President Barack Hussein Obama of Benghazigate because of a cover-up.

Since I believe BHO is the most crooked President since Slick Willie Clinton and Tricky Dick Nixon the word ‘impeachment’ caught my attention. Unfortunately a Google search did not turn up any articles or quotes in which Senator Inhofe intended to initiate or call for investigative hearings that could lead to impeachment of President BHO. However, I can see why the word ‘impeachment’ was used as a hook with Senator Inhofe’s name. Senator Inhofe did say Benghazigate had all the appearances of a nefarious cover-up on a scale that was worse on past Presidential scandals such as Watergate, Iran-Contra and so on:

One day after Senate Republicans held a press conference to question this week’s State Department’s report on the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Libya that left four Americans dead, Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe said the scandal is bigger than Watergate and Iran-Contra.

I have made a study of different cover-ups – the Pentagon Papers, Watergate and Iran-Contra. I’ve never seen anything like it. I think this is probably the greatest cover-up, in my memory anyway,” the Oklahoma Republican said in an interview Saturday night on Fox News. (Emphasis Mine - Inhofe: Benghazi cover-up bigger than Watergate, Iran-Contra; by David Eldridge; Washington Times; December 22, 2012)

When a Senator uses such strong words in reference to an Obama cover-up like, “I think this is probably the greatest cover-up, in my memory anyway,” the implication is definitely a probe leading to impeachment. We are in late February and as I write this I have not heard if Inhofe has pursued a Senate investigation that would be on the scale of the Watergate investigation that brought down President Nixon.

As far as Benghazigate goes I have written or cross posted about the potential conspiracies of Benghazigate was about the Obama Administration working a deal to send arms to al Qaeda Syria and of the angle that the Administration got cold feet on supporting al Qaeda influenced Syrian rebels and was about to allow those arms to sift through Muslim Brotherhood Egypt and into the hands of Hamas.

I had heard of other conspiracy angles as well but have not paid close attention to those angles until I tried to find if Senator Inhofe actually said he was going to pursue an impeachment investigation into Benghazigate and President Barack Hussein Obama.

This is what I discovered:

The Washington Examiner, quoting retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons, writes: "the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi... was the result of a bungled abduction attempt.... the first stage of an international prisoner exchange... that would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the 'Blind Sheik'..."

But something went horribly wrong with Obama's "October Surprise." Although the Obama Administration intentionally gutted security at the consulate prior to the staged kidnapping, former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty disobeyed direct orders to stand down, saved American lives, single-handedly killed scores of attackers...and the attackers, believing that the Obama had betrayed them, tortured Ambassador Chris Stevens and dragged his body through the streets.

Some will say that Admiral Lyons' accusation is not a smoking gun. We agree, that's exactly why Congress must investigate Benghazi-gate.

Moreover, we firmly believe the problem with Admiral Lyons' assertion is that he is only scratching the surface the full and complete truth may be much, much worse.

… We are dealing with something much more sinister... something potentially treasonous... and the following questions, posed in an article in The New American, go to the heart of the matter: (READ IN ENTIRITY - Is This The Scandal That Will Bring Obama Down?; by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown; GOP USA; 1/11/13 6:53 am)

The conspiracy implication here is Admiral Lyons believes four Americans met their deaths because the Obama Administration made a deal with al Qaeda Libya to kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens then use the kidnapping as the cover deal in a prisoner exchange between Ambassador Stevens and the Blind Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman who was convicted for brainstorming the first World Trade Center bombing.

I am guessing the Foreign Policy prerogative provided by the Constitution to the Office POTUS does not cover bogus deals to release convicted felons out of jail. The cover the backside of the deal would be not to outrage the public for giving up the Blind Sheik to a bunch of Islamic murdering terrorists; ergo create a situation that placates Obama’s Islamic pals and hides the deal from the public.

That indeed would be treasonous, right?

Adding to the Benghazigate prisoner exchange Conspiracy Theory is the mysterious relieving of command of military officers who either made the attempt to ignore orders to stand down or exposed those ‘stand down’ orders given when they felt they could rescue Ambassador Stevens who did ask for help:

I would call Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, who was removed from command of the USS Stennis Carrier Group, designated Carrier Strike Group 3 (CSG-3).  Gaouette was replaced over “allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment” after he refused to stand down when he ordered his forces to assist ground troops being sent on a rescue mission to Benghazi.  According to several stories I have read it is extremely unusual for a commander to be removed from command while at sea.  The usual action is to replace them when they return to port.   Admiral Gouette is reported to be in the Obama dog house for refusing to “stand down” after hearing the call for help from Ambassador Stevens during the attack caused by  “a video offensive to Islam”.   I would ask Admiral Gaouette what he knew and when he knew it, what his actions were in regards to the attack, and finally, when he was told to stand down and who gave that order.

The second person I would call would be General Carter Ham, commander of AFRICOM, the top commander on the African continent.  General Ham was reportedly relieved of his command and detained by his second-in-command, General David Rodriquez, when he refused to stand down in his moves to provide support to Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans at the Benghazi consulate.  Rodriquez quickly received a promotion for his loyalty to the regime rather than to his fellow Americans who were under attack.   After General Ham I would pull Gen. Rodriguez in for a “consultation”.

The idea that we could not intervene in an attack that lasted for 7 hours is beyond preposterous.  There is much that could have been done had the regime had the desire to save those who were killed.  The two Navy Seals that died disobeyed orders to help.  One had a laser designator “painting” a mortar crew firing on the compound.  I know enough about special operations to know he would never “lase” a target if he knew there were no assets available. (READ IN ENTIRITY - The Benghazi Hearings: A Bipartisan Whitewash; by Bob Russell; Conservative Daily News; 2/9/13)

The Obama Administration is definitely hiding something. A different state of existence is with Obama than there was with the Nixon Administration cover-up scandal; viz., the Press loves Obama and hated Nixon. Obama has gone through to major election victories in 2008 and 2012 and there was plenty of questionable issues the Mainstream Media could have asked the tough questions on issues Obama has not been forthcoming. The MSM did not ask in 2008 and 2012. I doubt they will ask post-2012.

As long as the Dems control the Senate I have grave doubts that anything to do with impeachment will come from that chamber. EVEN IF the House manages to get the correct percentage to impeach Obama it would only take 51 Senate votes to acquit President Obama of wrong doing. Clinton pulled off an impeachment acquittal in the Senate and the GOP was the majority Party at the time.

JRH 2/23/13
Inhoffe (sic) Confirms Benghazi Cover-up; Impeachment Next?

9-11 Benghazigate

By Tony Adkins
Sent: February 23, 2013 12:30 PM
Sent by
Sent from: Conservative Daily
Original posting: February 13, 2013

First off, we want to thank our readers for applying pressure to Congress and demanding hearings regarding the tragic events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.  You sent thousands of faxes and emails to Congress and those in power were forced to listen.  You demanded that Hillary Clinton and Leon Pannetta testify and after months of your voices demanding answers, they were forced to speak under oath, in front of the American people.

The families of those that lost their lives are surely thanking you for your actions.  But as you will see, the job is not done.  We must keep pushing Congress until we justice has been served on those in our government who refused to act and allowed our citizens to be murdered at the hands terrorist savages.

At Conservative-Daily, we have been keeping you abreast of the Benghazi massacre and the questions surrounding the White House’s response.  We were one of the first theorize that the Obama Administration was engaging in a cover up and we reported this cover up contemporaneously; while President Obama and his Cabinet were lying to the American public, we were one of the few media outlets raising the alarm.  Not because we wanted the scoop, but because we care about our fellow Americans abroad who sacrifice their safety on a daily basis to keep our families safe.  We owe them a debt of gratitude.  We owe them justice.

Last week, Secretary of Defense and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Leon Pannetta testified on Capitol Hill.  His testimony was as shocking as it was heart breaking.  The night Americans were under attack, the night Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed and their dead bodies desecrated in the streets of Benghazi, on the night that our Embassy was under siege for more than seven hours by terrorists, President Obama was AWOL as Commander-in-Chief.

Let us be incredibly precise: according to Sec. Pannetta, on the night that four Americans were killed and our embassy was attacked, neither President Obama nor ANY White House staff contacted the Secretary of Defense nor any other person or organization that was monitoring the situation in Libya.

However, President Obama was in the White House and working that evening. He made an hour long politically motivated phone call.  Even as Americans were under attack and being killed, Obama was more concerned about his own ambitions.  He couldn’t be bothered to give the orders to send in Marines, who were only one hour away.

Let us say that again: it was a seven-hour siege and Marines were only one hour away.  President Obama refused to contact the Secretary of Defense; he knowingly and willingly let our people die proving that he is as much of a moral coward as he is a dictatorial presence in the White House.

In the days and weeks following Benghazi, there was clearly a cover up.  Senator Inhoffe (sic) (R-OK), Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, stated “as bad as everything that I’ve stated is, what I think is worse is the cover-up…It was obvious from the information we had on Sept. 11 that the second wave … of attacks on the annex was unequivocally a terrorist attack, and we knew it right at the time”.

For six months Americans have demanded to know what exactly transpired in Libya on September 11, 2012.  We demand to know why our countrymen died defenseless, sacrificing their lives for their country.  Of course the White House won’t comment.  What?  Did you expect Obama to tell the truth and relinquish power?   The cover up was a knee jerk response from an Administration for which such un-American activities have become commonplace.

Obama’s purposeful obfuscation is easy to understand: he had an election to steal.  He didn’t want the American people to know that the Embassy lacked armed security even though it resided in a nation known for harboring terrorists and has been historically antagonistic to the United States.  He didn’t want us to know that the Embassy had petitioned for added security and had been denied.  He didn’t want us to know that on the day of the attack, Ambassador Stevens had begged for more security, only to be denied and then killed by the very men he feared; betrayed by the country Ambassador Stevens swore to protect. Obama wanted so badly to win this election that he allowed Americans to be killed and created a cover up surrounding the attacks. 

Effectively, he committed electoral fraud and stole the election; climbing on the backs of four dead American heroes.  Now, Obama the Coward sends in his Secretary’s to speak for him since he is too scared to do it himself.

Last month, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee released a damning report on the Benghazi fiasco.  The report says it all; in discussing the security of the embassy and the danger in the country, the report states that Benghazi was “increasingly dangerous and unstable, and that a significant attack against American personnel there was becoming much more likely”.  This information did not lead to increased security at the Benghazi consulate or closing the operation altogether. The report called both of these options “more than justified by the intelligence presented”.  In fact, the report stops just short of placing all the blame for the failed security on directly on President Obama and Secretary Clinton.

Don’t believe that President Obama and Secretary Clinton were at fault for the security failures in Benghazi?  The Senate Report goes on to state that “In the months leading up to the attack on the Temporary Mission Facility in Benghazi, there was a large amount of evidence gathered by the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and from open sources that Benghazi was increasingly dangerous and unstable, and that a significant attack against American personnel there was becoming much more likely. While this intelligence was effectively shared within the Intelligence Community (IC) and with key officials at the Department of State, it did not lead to a commensurate increase in security at Benghazi nor to a decision to close the American mission there, either of which would have been more than justified by the intelligence presented.”

Let’s not forget, Libya is the same country where President Obama spiked the football after former Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi was deposed and later killed.  In typical Obama fashion, he took credit for the success of others.  Unfortunately, after the celebration, he didn’t bother to properly secure the American Embassy.  The US Ambassador killed in the attack, J. Christopher Stevens, wrote in his diary that he was on an Al-Qaeda kill list and feared an imminent terrorist attack.  Did the President or Secretary Clinton pay attention to the Ambassador’s concerns?  Nope. In fact, the week before the terrorist attack, Obama didn’t bother to attend a single intelligence briefing, despite actionable intelligence warning of a possible active terror cell in Libya ready to strike American interests.

Think that’s bad?  Since President Obama was first inaugurated he has skipped over 66% of his intelligence briefings.  Unbelievable!  In a post 9/11 world, it is unfathomable that a sitting President would care so little for the lives of the American people that he would put their safety on the backburner so that he might keep his job.

There are even reports saying that there was actionable intelligence more than a week before the tragic events transpired.  Yet Obama did NOTHING.  He allowed Americans to die so that he could save his job.  His Presidency will forever be marred with the blood of American martyrs.

Stand with us and demand a FULL Congressional investigation into the Benghazi cover up.  President Obama must answer for his actions even if that requires impeachment.  Lives have been lost, lies told, and injustice has been served.  It is time Congress reigns in the Obama Administration.  Barack Obama must not be allowed to use dead American patriots as cannon fodder. Demand CRIMINAL charges for any wrongdoing.  We hope that you will stand with us.  Our fallen patriots deserve better and we hope you will add your voice to ours so that their sacrifice won’t be made in vain.  Fax Congress today and demand a full investigation!


Tony Adkins
Benghazigate and Impeachment
John R. Houk
© February 23, 2013
Inhoffe (sic) Confirms Benghazi Cover-up; Impeachment Next?

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