Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Sources Claim Boehner’s On the Way Out as Speaker

I have not paid real close attention to the news during the Christmas-New Year’s season; however the scant amount of news I did listen seemed to project the Rep. Boehner is secure in retaining his Speakership in the House. This is important because Boehner has indicated bending toward President Barack Hussein Obama’s will that pertains to the budget-deficit-fiscal cliff crisis.
Now I realize with a Socialist-Dem Party President some give and take is necessary to keep government operating. However, Boehner appears way to accommodating in the give part of negotiation and not stubborn on the take part of negotiation.
Due to Boehner’s inability to get some Conservative initiatives to match Obama’s Left Wing agenda, many Conservatives are calling for the GOP House majority to replace Speaker Boehner.
Here is some information on replacing Speaker Boehner I discovered on the Tea Party News Network (TPNN).
JRH 1/3/13
More Sources Claim Boehner’s On the Way Out as Speaker
By Greg Campbell - TPNN Contributor
January 3, 2013
Speculation continues to heat up across Capitol Hill regarding Speaker of the House John Boehner’s future as Speaker. As TPNN reported yesterday, whispers were abound as Congressional sources claimed that efforts were underway to unseat Boehner. Now, as a new Congress is about to begin, sources are claiming that not only are there desires from Republicans to oust the moderate GOP leader, but that they may have the votes to do so.
Ron Meyer from American Majority Action claimed on Wednesday,
“I have confirmed with a group of Congressmen that Speaker Boehner will not be elected Speaker tomorrow. He will either resign or be forced out tomorrow.”
“Outgoing Louisiana Republican Rep. Jeff Landry told Breitbart News there are at least 17 GOP members who plan to unseat House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday… Landry said another member organizing the effort told him they’ve got at least 17 – which is the bare minimum needed to unseat Boehner. ‘They’re somewhere between 17 and 20,’ Landry said in a phone interview. ‘I think they’re trying to get to 25.’”
After last month’s purge by the Speaker, where conservatives were removed from key fiscal committee positions to silence opposition to any deal Boehner made, conservatives are uneasy with Boehner. However, The Hill reports that in an effort to keep his position, Boehner has promised that he will no longer negotiate with Obama one-on-one and that he is committed to “letting the House work its will.”
Many speculate that the heir presumptive is Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican who is reported to be disliked by President Obama from having sparred with the former Minority Whip on several occasions.
During last year’s debt ceiling talks, Obama lashed out at Cantor and stormed out of a meeting, yelling, “Eric, don’t call my bluff. I’ll take this to the American people.” Cantor later stated, “When the president was faced with a policy difference, he just didn’t like it.”
While America waits to welcome the 113th Congress, Americans wait to see if political arm-twisting and moderate caving will have consequences for Boehner.
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