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Christians be Bold in this 21st Century PC Age

Not Ashamed of JC - Rom 1-16
John R. Houk
© January 27, 2013

As a Christian I am not ashamed to say that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God. In that belief I feel obligated to speak up for my faith when confronted anti-Christ situations. The anti-Christ problem situations are admittedly projecting a ‘holier-than-thou’ image in the confrontation. Yes I realize it is not Christ-like to appear holier than thou. Even so, until I learn to develop that knack of projecting God’s Love while standing with the Savior I’ll err on the side of holier than thou rather than on the side of cowardly sheep afraid of offending someone.

One thing you should understand is that I am not perfect. Too often a lack of perfection is used by critics of Christians to cry hypocrite. And too often the critic is correct about the accusation of ‘hypocrite’. This is how I deal internally if I am a hypocrite or not.

The hypocrite is one who believes and tells another what is right while without contrition continues to personally do the opposite of what is right one’s self. The sense of contrition is the difference between a hypocrite and one who continues to seek the right even if a wrong turn is taken. Some are better than others at reading right and wrong turn signs. Or have learned the discipline not to be enticed to take wrong turns when there are signs that show the right way to go.

Two anti-Christ issues I deal with are to a lesser extent the immorality of the homosexual lifestyle and to a larger extent Islam. These days a critic of homosexuality and Islam is labeled with the epithet of homophobe or Islamophobe. In this post I am exalting Christ over Mohammed and the deity he called Allah.

Muslims – especially devout Muslims – are convinced Jesus is (as in the past tense ‘was’) only a man. Muslims are taught Jesus was one of a long line of prophets and the last prophet was Mohammed. In Islamic thinking Jesus is not the Christ (Messiah) the Son of the Living God who is ONE with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Christians view the Trinity as One God and Muslims view the Trinity as three god polytheistic idolatry.

Muslims have no problem expressing their negative thoughts on the Divinity and Sonship of Christ Jesus. Indeed, the Quran and its companion commentaries that include the Hadith, Sira and Sunna including the Islamic Clerical commentaries that ends up being studied to formulate Sharia Law, have theological reasoning for aggression toward Jews, Christians and polytheists. Initially Islamic holy writings indicate Mohammed desired to woo Jews and Christians into Islam as People of the Book. Polytheists or other non-Muslim religions were simply offered a convert or die option.

Does the Bible speak of aggression against people? Only an idiot would say no. However there are some glaring differences between the agendas of the Bible and the Quran relating to aggression against people.

The Old Testament (Christian perspective) points to the genealogical line that was Promised from Adam’s Fall through to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob then through Judah, Jesse and David then through David’s lineage that lead to Mary who conceives Jesus by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. This Old Testament scarlet thread focuses on the descendants of Abraham through the child of Promise Isaac – NOT Ishmael the son of Abraham and the Egyptian slave Hagar. Isaac’s son Jacob was renamed Israel by God. The descendants of Jacob-Israel became the Hebrew nation of Israel. God commanded the nation Israel to clear out the land of Canaan of its inhabitants because those people had devolved into such heinous sin they were beyond redeeming. Converting the Canaanites to the ONE-God faith of the Hebrews was not part of Israel possessing the Land.

The rising and falling of the nation Israel mirrors the degree of faithfulness of Israeli leaders in guiding the people under the Law of Moses. Eventually Israel split into two Kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom became known as Israel and roughly represented ten of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Southern Kingdom became known as Judah and represented the two tribes Judah and smaller Benjamin. The Southern Kingdom maintained the line of King David which is part of that scarlet thread of the human side of Jesus through Mary.

Israel and Judah both had their Kingdoms emptied of the Hebrews. The Assyrian Empire removed the predominant elites of the Northern Kingdom. The Babylonian Empire removed the inhabitants of Judah save a few unlearned tied to the land. History essentially begins calling the Hebrew remnant as Jews after the last Hebrew Kingdom of Judah. The Persians (Ironically the present day Iranians) allowed the Jews to begin to return to their Homeland area shortly Babylon was conquered.

 I tried to abbreviate the Old Testament history of the Jews and I probably did a poor job; nonetheless the gist of my timeline is correct. At no time are the Jews commanded by God to force the world population into Judaism or die. The only people commanded to be exterminated were morally reprobate people on the level of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Mohammed’s sole dictum to his followers was to spread the creed of Islam by conquering the world by blood, lust and humiliation. The humiliation part was the plan to intimidate non-Muslims into eventually converting to Islam. The Islamic agenda was not a divine mission. Rather the Islamic agenda was a political-martial conquest that cemented the subjugation of the conquered by inculcating a new socio-theological paradigm into their conquered societies via demoralizing humiliation.

The Christian sole dictum is to go into all the world and share the Good News that Salvation is of the Jews and believing Jesus died on the Cross, was buried and on the third day was Resurrected from the grave by the power of the Father. Christ the Son of God in His glorified body fully human and fully Divine sits at the Right Hand of the Father ever interceding for the saints (Believing Christians).

Islam conquest of the world is coercive. Don’t believe junk that there is compulsion of religion in Islam. It is a deceptive statement. Sure the People of the Book can return their religion BUT ONLY if no open contradiction to Islam exists. Believe there is compulsion if Muslim indoctrinated people believe a religious minority is openly practicing their faith in a Muslim majority nation today.

Biblically Christian conquest in this world, until the Last Days, is purely a voluntary act of faith. The consequences for rejecting Christ are faced in the next life. Yes there have been Christian nations and empires that have imposed Christianity; however the imposition is contrary to the Word of God in the Bible. The Quranic aggression against non-Muslims is codified in the Quran, Hadith and Sira both in this life and the next life in Islamic theology.

I have to admit my ire over how Western political correctness was raised by an Andrew Bostom article with the theme that even when criticism is correctly directed toward a Muslim Cleric or Muslim terrorist that is a proponent of instituting the purist Islam of Mohammed, the critics tend to fail to note that Islam’s holiest book the Quran actually calls for the degradation of the non-Muslim.  In Bostom’s critic he notes that the Obama Administration is selling some weaponry of significant power to the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt’s President Muhammad Morsi. That weaponry is some of America’s finest Fighter Jets.

In the past Egypt had developed into a pretty decent ally of U.S. under the now deposed Hosni Mubarak. Now Egypt is more like a fake ally putting the face of friendship while killing Coptic Christians and spewing the typical Quranic drivel that Jews and Israel should be exterminated. It is the ‘kill the Jews’ mentality that has gotten Bostom’s attention.

Evidently Sean Hannity has been criticizing the Obama Administration about selling weaponry to Jew-hating and American-hating Morsi. Bostom is ok with that portion of Hannity’s criticism. Bostom is befuddled on how Hannity and other good Conservative pundits like him are not pointing out that Morsi is merely repeating EXACTLY what the Quran, Hadith and Sira are saying about the way to treat Jews and Christians.

Here I am emphasizing that Christians should have no fear from Muslim Apologists that take glee in belittling Christianity and the Savior Jesus Christ. No one not even the President of the United States of America will denounce prominent Muslims for spewing anti-Christian hatred. AND YET the President and his Leftist minions will go out their way to denounce Biblically minded Christians as bigoted Islamophobes for pointing out the racism and über intolerance of Muslims and Islamic theo-political ideology.

YOU NEED TO READ ANDREW BOSTOM’S POST: Hey Hannity, Koran 5:60 Refers to Jews as 'Apes and Pigs'

JRH 1/27/13

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