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Persecuted Christians in Pakistan Need Your Help

Stop Persecuting Christian Pakistanis

John R. Houk
© January 1, 2013

Christians in are a persecuted lot and the children ultimately suffer the most. Christians are often arrested on bogus charges relating to minor infractions to as extreme as Pakistan’s notorious Blasphemy Laws. Christians in Pakistani prisons then receive horrific treatment from the guards and Muslim inmates alike.

I have been discussing with Shamim Masih on ways to send funds and donations for legitimate Christian activists to utilize whatever law that can be cited to bring relief to Christians as second class citizens. I know when I was a supporter of “Free Hector Aleem” that donations could be sent via PayPal and the administrator of the fund used Western Union as an alternative path of sending donations. I have no knowledge of how the Aleem fund operated; nonetheless it was a method that worked.

There are obvious logistical obstacles to get money to organizations that are based in Pakistan and are not Islamic. A Sharia minded government can easily declare foreign funds for Pakistani Christian is an espionage issue. In this scenario the Pakistan government can easily confiscate donations meant for Pakistani Christians. This is just one possible scenario.

Another possible scenario is perhaps on a local basis snail mail with monetary donations can be stolen with impunity because supporting Christianity is anti-Islamic especially if the money comes from a foreign non-Muslim entity such as the USA which even most Americans consider a Christian nation in spite of the USA’s President that has proclaimed the USA is not a Christian nation.

To any readers that see this post you need to get your thinking caps on to brainstorm on ways to support Christians in Pakistan. To a great extant donations will be used for relief ends; however due to the nature of persecution in Pakistan against Christians I can see some of the donations used for legal fees or perhaps as escape funds to avoid death threats and death penalties.

Below is an article on the rough treatment of Christians in Pakistani jails. At the end of the article Shamim Masih provides his email as contact info. I am also showing that email to send your brainstorming ideas to Shamim to establish some consistent support for the plight of Christians in Pakistan:  

JRH 1/1/13
Pakistani Christian died in prison

By Shamim Masih
Sent: 12/30/12 10:56 AM

Pakistani Christian died in Central Jail Adayla when he could’ve been treated for his illness.

Rawalpindi Pakistan (Shamim Masih): Sadly, one of the many ways Christians are persecuted is not only when they are arrested in blasphemy cases but then how badly they are often treated while in prisons in Pakistani jails.

In Pakistan we see Christians are being arrested under the different farms of persecutions laws. Cases are planted then turned into their life imprisonment or so. The Christians prisoners are not being treated for medical issues that can be easily treated.

According to a Christian’s human rights activist, Safdar Chaudhary from Lahore, Parvaiz Masih son of Shangara Masih died in Central Jail Adayla, Rawalpindi during the past night on December 29 after the suffering from diabetics. A Christian human rights activist in Pakistan asked the prison officials to give this brother medical treatment, but the jail officials refused to give him proper medication, citing security concerns, Safdar added.

Few months back his wife died the central hospital, Fawara Chowck, Rawalpindi Pakistan during her imprisonment. The couple died during their imprisonment and left three growing children Danish, Aanan and Hina.

Parvaiz and his wife were travelling to their home town and Anti- Narcotics Force (ANF) arrested them under PPC 9-C, a case planted of Hasheesh smuggling and then sent to jail. Pavaiz Masih belongs to Gujranwala, a city in Punjab province. The ANF judgments sentenced them for life imprisons and couple had been in the jail for the last seven years.

Pakistani law enforcement agencies don’t have transparent enquiry procedure; in early 2000 ANF arrested Gulshan Masih from slum of Islamabad, which didn’t proved and he seeking asylum in European state with his family.

Parvaiz and his wife left three children who really need to be helped. These growing children need education, food stuff and their proper living.

Special appeal: These young children are facing challenges of life ahead; your small contribution can help these needy children to grow and survive in the bitter situation of Pakistan. If you like to know more about them, contact to Safdar Chaudhary, General Secretary, Rahe-e-Nijat or write an email at and I can send you details.
Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih
Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist 
Secretary General
Persecuted Christians in Pakistan Need Your Help
John R. Houk
© January 1, 2013
Pakistani Christian died in prison

© Shamim Masih

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