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Thoughts on Eric Allen Bell – Christianity and Counterjihad

Eric Allen Bell
John R. Houk
© January 4, 2013

I received the email entitled “Mark My Words” from Eric Allen Bell about eight days ago. Bell’s email relates that he is disturbed by both the Liberal media and what he calls radical Evangelicals. Evidently Bell did not like the criticism from Christians that were displeased with Bell’s humanist/mystic (kind of New Age mysticism) beliefs. Bell as a Leftist is critical of Christianity. I suspect Bell does not buy into the man/God died physically on the Cross and arose from the grave in a glorified physical body bring Redemption to all who Believe on the risen Savior. Many Left Wingers question the existence of a divine entity called Jesus.

After Bell did some checking into the real nature of Islam as opposed to the propaganda fed to Westerners and Americans, I am guessing Allen broaden his distrust of Christianity to include Islam because Islam is a bit militaristic in protecting its values and converting non-Muslims.

Anyway in looking up Bell’s info I made the unfortunate discovery that Bell seems to have shut down anything to do with counterjihad including his Global Infidel TV. If you try to use the Global Infidel TV url you are redirected to Global One TV which seems to be focused more on New Age mysticism than counterjihad. In my quick perusal of the website I found zero on informing about the counterjihad movement to expose that there is more violence in Islam directed toward non-Muslims than should be acceptable by Western and American culture.

I have applied to Bell’s Global One TV web community not because of the New Age content but because I had hoped Bell would find room there to also expose the nefarious side of Islam. As much as Left and Right are polarized by their political-social-religious agenda, they should all agree that Islam is intolerant to everything and anything to do with Liberty no matter how that concept is defined by the Left and Right.

Below is an email I sent to Bell which I am uncertain if it will go through if he ended his Global Infidel email address. However you may desire to skip what I wrote and read Eric Allen Bell’s email first and then read my email to him.

Mr. Bell I have to tell you I am a Christian Right person with a little bit of Neocon thrown into the mix. Definitely I am disappointed about any anti-Jesus remarks you may have made; HOWEVER I find it pleasing that you as a Liberal have woke up about the threat of Islam. The Left and the Right are quite polarized in America today, yet one thing that should unite the American Left and American Right. That united appeal is that Islamic Supremacism has one goal of global domination eliminating both the Left Wing causes and the Right Wing causes. As far as Islam goes, I am on your side!

So that you get an idea of just how counterjihad Bell was listen to a bit of this interview between Bell and Josh Hasten a mere two and a half months ago - Oct 12, 2012.

JRH 1/4/13

By Eric Allen Bell
Sent: Dec 27, 2012 at 7:10 PM
Sent by Global Infidel TV
Now Called: Global One TV (Entirely different direction from GITV)

MARK MY WORDS, AS ONE DAY THEY WILL BECOME SELF EVIDENT: I am already dealing with over 100 death threats from Muslims, a significant percentage of which are probably viable, according to FBI Counter Terrorism. However, generally speaking the Evangelicals give me no credit for that, or going onto the news and telling MILLIONS of people the truth about the dangers of Islam repeatedly, or going onto radio and doing the same, all over the world. The only thing they fixate on is that I criticized Jesus. When it comes to the effectiveness of countering Jihad in America, Evangelicals are generally speaking NOT our greatest strength (as they would like to believe), but in fact OUR GREATEST LIABILITY. Radical Evangelicals are the main reason the Counter Jihad movement is not taken seriously - not the Liberal media. Sam Harris and Bill Maher can speak at length, on CNN and MSNBC critically of Islam, without being interrupted. The Liberal Media is not what is holding us back. As long as the fight against Islamization in America remains dominated by Evangelicals, Islam will continue to infiltrate our government, our media, our courts, our schools, our culture. Because the loudest voice opposing this has a clear and transparent agenda - and that is to use this issue as a front to advance Christianity.

- Eric Allen Bell
Thoughts on Eric Allen Bell – Christianity and Counterjihad
John R. Houk
© January 4, 2013

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