Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Against Israel?

Chuck Hagel anti-Israel Jew-hating RINO Comrade
Hmm … President Barack Hussein Obama nominates Senator Chuck as Secretary Defense. This is the same Chuck Hagel that desires to support Jew-Hating Islamic terrorists to endear America to Arabs even though such a necessary is throwing Israel under the bus. Hagel will actually say the USA is committed to Israel on one side of his mouth and on the other side of his mouth wants to extend diplomatic talks with surround Islamic terrorists that have only one goal; viz., the destruction of Israel and the genocide of Jews.

The ACLJ has started a petition that is probably as much of a fund raiser as it is a voice to such a ridiculous choice as a Hagel nominee; nonetheless a donation is not required at it adds a voice of dissention that is made public by American voters.

JRH 1/8/13
Against Israel?

By Jay Sekulow
Sent: Jan 7, 2013 at 1:24 PM

President Obama has nominated an anti-Israel former Senator to be Secretary of Defense. Senator Chuck Hagel has blamed American support for Israel on the "Jewish lobby," refused to sign a letter supporting Israel, and opposed labeling Hezbollah a "terrorist organization."

But that's not all. Senator Hagel supported direct dialogue with Hamas – a terrorist group that launches near-daily attacks on Israeli civilians – and even refused to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as terrorists.
A former Senator with this record of appeasement cannot be second in command of our Armed Forces.

Make your voice heard. Tell the United States Senate to vote against President Obama's nomination of Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

Defend Israel - ACLJ

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Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

P.S. Please forward this critical petition to anyone you know who supports Israel and share it on Facebook.
Does a Hagel Nomination Mean a Giant Leap Forward for Iran’s Nuclear Program?

By Jay Sekulow
Jan. 7, 2013 10:55 AM

Since 1948, the hostile governments of the Middle East have done everything in their military power to completely destroy the state of Israel.  Immediately after Israel’s declaration of independence, Arab armies united to invade the new nation.  In 1967, Israel found itself surrounded by hundreds of thousands of troops and thousands of tanks.  In 1973, Egypt and Syria breached the peace and sanctity of Yom Kippur and launched a surprise attack that brought Israel to the brink of extinction.

Each time, Israel was saved by the providence of God and the indescribable courage of its armed forces.  Each time, the American people rallied in support of our most faithful ally.

But not even courage can prevail against a nuclear detonation.  For the first time since its declaration of independence, Israel is on the verge of facing a nuclear-armed enemy – a nation that has vowed to destroy the Jewish state.

In the face of this threat, President Obama has nominated a former Senator, Chuck Hagel, who has a record of appeasing Iran that is perhaps unmatched by any Senator, current or past.  Over at the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol has done invaluable work compiling the sad details of Senator Hagel’s record. Consider the following:

-He has voted against labeling Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, even though the Revolutionary Guard has been fighting a low-intensity war against America, Israel, and other allies for years;

-He voted against labeling Hezbollah – Iran’s army in Lebanon – a terrorist organization in spite of its long record of attacks on Israeli civilians and perhaps even American Marines;

-He voted against the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act at a time when both countries had recently engaged in direct attacks against Americans;

-He opposed the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act; and

-He said – while still a senator – that “[A] military strike against Iran, a military option, is not a viable, feasible, responsible option.” (Emphasis SlantRight)

While no one wants war with Iran, a military strike is preferable to a nuclear Holocaust.  Yet Chuck Hagel has taken such an option off the table.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, this nomination – in the face of Democratic and Republican opposition – signals that President Obama values Israel’s security less than any other modern American president. Fortunately, however, he will soon discover that he faces a united American people – from across party lines – that understand a simple moral imperative: Terrorist nations should not possess nuclear weapons.  Americans deserve a Secretary of Defense who shares that core moral understanding.

The fact is that Senator Chuck Hagel is not the right person for the job.

Send a powerful message to the Senate: we must protect Israel and that means rejecting Senator Hagel’s nomination. Add your name here.

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