Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trust my Experience – Get a Flu Shot

syringe flu shot

John R. Houk
© January 23, 2013

I still have the lingering effects of the flu. I have not partaken of a flu shot, but I am here to tell you when the last vestige of the flu dies in my body I am going to get a flu shot!

I have had the flu in the past. After all I am 56years old. This flu though was extremely rough on the old five senses. I had the lung congestion of a cold, my body ached and my head hurt so mightily it reminded me of hangovers of those youthful years I’d just liked to forget. The difference between youthful hangovers the ache in my head from the flu was fantastical. I never-never-never-NEVER want to feel that again.

My wife has discouraged me from getting a flu shot because of the negative side effects that friends and family had told her about. After this last experience with the flu I can honestly say, “Forget that!” The negative side effects are infinitesimal compare to the symptom of the flue. Even if one of those negative side effects is death, I might consider death better than the suffering torture of the flu.

Here is a short balanced article on the flu shot 2013: How Bad Is the Flu? How Good Is the Shot?

JRH 1/23/13

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