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YouTube video of the day: Singing for Aasia Bibi’s release

Asia Bibi - Persecution PD for by US taxpayers
Asia Bibi is still in prison in Pakistan for being a Christian accused of breaking the Blasphemy Law.

Mehwish Aleem sent a link of a Ooberfuse from the UK doing a song demanding Bibi’s release. Mehwish’s own father Hector Aleem has been in a Muslim prison also related to breaking Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law.

I am posting a Youtube video of that song and cross posting The Express Tribune article about this song writer activist fighting for Bibi’s release.

JRH 6/19/12
YouTube video of the day: Singing for Aasia Bibi’s release

Published: June 17, 2012

As Aasia Bibi’s imprisonment enters its third year, a song, “Free Aasia Bibi” surfaces with a message of hope for a possible acquittal.

The song, featuring Ooberfuse – an electro-pop band from the United Kingdom – is a part of the Free Asia Bibi media awareness campaign, aiming to raise voice for her release.

The video shows re-enactments of Aasia Bibi – a Pakistani Christian mother of five – seen languishing in jail after being awarded a death sentence for blasphemy.

The woman who plays Aasia is shown in poor condition, with bruises all over her body as she sits in solitary confinement, while the singers of the band are seen singing for her liberation.

As the video progresses, Aasia is seen receiving sealed envelopes containing pictures of blue skies, captioned with motivational words like “hope”, “courage”, “keep the faith”.

Slowly and gradually her prison wall is full of blue skies.

Video rating: Thumbs up.
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