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America's Stark Choices

M is for Muslims

Wow! Okay, I am a Baby Boomer born in 1956 and felt the ‘70s was the most important decade. So here is an old Baby Boomer expression that I pray Justin appreciates: RIGHT ON, MAN!

JRH 6/26/12
America's Stark Choices

June 25, 2012 at 12:38pm

If one castigates and denigrates America in order to avoid discomfort, court easy praise from the Left and gratify Muslim sensibilities and reinforces their stereotypes of America, this person is a traitor to their self, the truth and America, as they dance arm-in-arm with Obama, Islamofascist-in-Chief, and his court jesters. All their lives Muslims and a large portion of the current U.S. generation have had their minds poisoned against the very values that might save them.

Far from being anti-Muslim, I simply stand against the many doctrines of Islam which are currently still in practice, and which represent blatant human rights violations, antithetical ideas to the U.S. Constitution and a direct insult to every single man and woman who ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Paying "blood money" to avoid revenge killings, female genital mutilation, "honor" killings, pedophilia/"child brides" and terrorism as a method of political manipulation are all still practiced regularly within Muslim communities worldwide, including Europe and the U.S.

Hundreds of thousands of good and honorable men and women fought the tyranny of Japan and the fascism of Germany and Italy during WWII. On the 40th anniversary of D-day, Ronald Reagan addressed these heroes: "You all knew that some things are worth dying for, and democracy is worth dying for because it's the most deeply honorable government ever devised by man. All of you loved Liberty. All of you were willing to fight tyranny...” The islamofascism of CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and most of the Islamic world is no less dangerous to Liberty and Freedom than Hitler's Nazi fascism!

In 1983 Americans witnessed our U.S. Embassy in Lebanon destroyed, and this was quickly followed by the 1984 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut which killed 241 of our boys. Then, just after Christmas of 1985, the Abu Nidal Organization killed 19 people in Vienna and Rome, among them five Americans and 11 year old Natasha Simpson who died in her father's arms.

In 1993 Americans were shocked by the first bombing of the World Trade Center orchestrated by the Blind Sheik. And, credible evidence has been revealed between 1995 and 2000 by Jayna Davis, investigative journalist for KFOR-TV, that an Islamic terrorist connection existed in the bombing of Oklahoma City's Murrah Federal Building between Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and expert bomb technician Ramzi Yousef and terrorist cells in the Philippines, Oklahoma City and Chicago. This was sworn testimony presented to the 9/11 Commission and confirmed by investigative journalist Steve Emerson (CNN & Family Security Matters), Frank Gaffney (Center for Security Policy & ex-Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense) and the Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism, who also compiled intelligence reports that implicated Osama bin-Laden as the financier.

After 9/11, the U.S. overthrew two dictatorial regimes in the Muslim world. Americans liberated Muslims and risked their lives to help the Afghan and Iraqi people rebuild their countries in a manner that would ensure Freedom and prosperity; many U.S. soldiers died or returned home without limbs. And yet, while it was Islamists murdering Muslim men, women and children in these nations, just as it is now across Egypt, Libya, Syria and most of the Middle East, U.S. Muslims seemed to qualify their condemnation of Islamic extremism by calling for "understanding" of the terrorists' rage at the U.S. Far too many Americans and Muslims act as if jihad or holy war had not existed prior to the invasion of Iraq. So, I grow weary of the idle superior sneers from the Left-Muslim alliance who portray America as a heartless, bloodthirsty imperial power, indistinguishable from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

The Obama administration is the "useful idiot" for the islamofascists within America. It is delusional to think that U.S. Muslims' so-called "help" in the intelligence services and counter-terrorism mitigates their hostility to democracy and assimilation or their determination to continue the Islamization of America. This serves only to further enable their infiltration of the U.S. government.

If continued, Obama's current policies can only lead to the near "Balkanization" of the U.S. with warring factions of the Left-Muslims and original intent Constitutionalist American Patriots. Americans are told they must feel ashamed of their heritage, contemptuous of their Freedom and willing and eager to settle for any kind of "peace" at any cost, as Obama whispers sweet nothings in the Russian president's ear and does nothing, while mad Mahmoud arms Iran with nukes and the Islamists spread across the Middle East like wildfire. The U.S. under the Obama administration is imperiling its Liberty, at home and abroad, by appeasing the totalitarian ideology of Islam!

While I acknowledge the existence of secular Muslims, socialist democrats such as Benazir Bhutto (two time Pakistan Prime Minister/assassinated), Anwar Sadat (Egyptian President/assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood) or democratic reformers such as Irshad Manji and Dr Jasser, and the one time communist leader of Afghanistan, Najibullah (hung by the Taliban), they are the exceptions, because intimidation is a large part of Muslim reality. Far too many potentially reform-minded Muslims may really despise the harshness of Sharia law, but they refuse to speak against the fundamentalists... the True Muslim/Islamists...or work towards reform of Islam for fear of exclusion from the umma/their community... or worse. However, if they meekly allow Sharia law to enter America, practically speaking, they are still allies to America's enemies.

How does a belief system founded on conquest that advocates an Islamic theocratic state live at ease in the 21st century in free and secular societies? Instead of answering the question, the Islamic hierarchy and most Muslims tend to attack the people who ask, and they ask for special laws to silence us!

Some of the solutions must come from the Muslim community itself, as "We the People" counter the Obama administration's astonishing assault on Free Expression and force the U.S. government to acknowledge Muslim related problems; this must include Obama's defeat in November and an immediate halt to the collusion with Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the enemies of America. Muslim silence cannot endure, and U.S. intelligence communities cannot win the war with Islamic terrorism on its current path of official government denial of its existence. If U.S. Muslims do not stand for their own right... Our Right... To Live Free Lives In America... Our Beloved America... then the only alternatives may eventually and ultimately be stark and unappealing some several years ahead: acceptance of Sharia law within the U.S. or the mass expulsion of Muslims. It's an easy choice for me!

By Justin O. Smith
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