Tuesday, June 19, 2012

John Houk Heart Cath Update

Smiley Sun
June 19, 2012

I went through the Heart Cath procedure with flying colors. No stints were needed so I was in and out the same day.

Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your support.

If any would like to help defray the cost of $600 bucks for the outstanding bill it will be humbly accepted. I know $600 does not sound like much; however I am on a disability which is not exactly a high paying job. I do have payment arrangements to make it affordable, but still the financial stretch is there with my monthly income.

Here is the donation paragraph I used on Sunday prior to my Heart Cath:

At my SlantRight 2.0 and the old archive site I have PayPal buttons you can use if the prompting occurs. Or you can click this PayPal generated link to donate. Any amount would be appreciated; however I am not trying to defray the costs of my medical bill by guilt. If you are not prompted to donate, please pray for me concerning the heart cath procedure and for resources to open up to pay the bill.
JRH 6/19/12

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