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John Schlitt Still doing Christian Rock-n-Roll

John Schlitt
John R. Houk
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In the 1980s I was a huge Petra fan. Petra was a Contemporary Christian Rock-n-Roll group, that performed music with awesome lyrics some of which were even worthy for a Christian worship Service. For many years John Schlitt was the lead singer for Petra. Schlitt had replaced my then favorite Petra lead singer Greg X. Volz (SA HERE) who went on to a solo career.

Petra- Paul Simmons, John Schlitt, Bob Hartman, Greg Bailey

John Schlitt is still doing Christian Rock-n-Roll and Donna Anderson to send a link of one his song “Faith and Freedom”. The song is a mixture of Christian Rock-n-Roll and American patriotism.

Thanks to being on the mailing list of Raiders News Network, Donna Anderson sent this to the subscribers on June 29, 2012 7:28 AM:

Former lead singer for Petra asked us to share with you

Check it out!

Our good friend Jeff McLaughlin and the former lead singer for Petra, John Schlitt asked us during this 4th of July and historic presidential election season to share John's new song 'Faith and Freedom.'

When we asked John why he wrote the song, he said, "As a Christian and as an American, I realize that I’m part of a generation that’s probably the most blessed generation in the history of mankind. My father, my grandfather and the fathers before us sacrificed so much for this country - which was formed under God. Not Buddha, not Mohammed, but Jesus Christ!”

Check it out, embed on your site and share with your friends! Here is the link:



JRH 6/29/12


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