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Islamic Terrorism and Islam

Islamic Terrorist Faces
Justin Smith read the cross post on SlantRight 2.0 and added a comment on his Facebook letting me know there was more to the post I entitled “If Radical Islam is 20-25% of All Muslims…

Justin wanted me to edit the original post and add some new information as an addendum at the end. However I am going to add Justin’s new information as part two and create yet another title as I did in part one.

Here is the comment intro from Facebook introducing part two:

Hey John...You beat me with my own release...too cool My Friend. I was actually sort of formulating this as an article around a greater kernel of thought, and I had actually posted the introduction and precursor to this just minutes before, but I guess You missed it. Well, this would have been the first half of the article, just in case You may find it just as interesting and wish to attach it as an addendum...

JRH 6/8/12

Islamic Terrorism and Islam

By Justin Smith
June 7, 2012

Large numbers of learned, educated people were speaking out against Hitler and his Brown Shirts and Mussolini by as early as 1933, but Americans stood by very nearly incomprehensibly not understanding that they too were at risk until the third part of the Axis Powers, Japan, attacked on Dec 7th, 1941. In between these years, however, Americans did not know or fully understand what the Europeans were suffering under the birth of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party; they consequently could afford to disbelieve the political refugees who shouted in despair that America would be next in a long list of nations suffering misfortune at the hands of the Nazis!

About Islamic fundamentalists, on the contrary, we now know the imminent and immediate threat that they pose on a worldwide basis and through a worldwide agenda as pushed by the Wahhabiists of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brothers of Egypt and their minions and associates in Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Jaamat el-Islami, Islamic Maghreb and a host of others. Please recall that not even two months after the tragedy of 9-11 Bin Laden proved the true intent of the Islamic world, and his words reveal the truth in my contention that a Reverse Crusade is currently underway against the entire Western Civilization....a war of religion they call a Holy War, Jihad. For these Reverse Crusaders the West is a world to be conquered and subjugated by Islam!

Osama and his followers called the UN and Sec. General Kofi Annan criminals in a video which also threatened France, Italy, the UK and was only lacking the histrionics of Hitler to revisit the horrors of fascism because make no mistake, at its very core, its heart, lies the worse of anything imaginable that fascism can and will implement; however, "in its essence, this is a war of religion and those who deny it are liars" (quote Osama bin Laden), and in this I am in agreement with the enemy!

Osama went on to say..."The Arab and Muslim leaders who sit at the UN and share its politics place themselves outside Islam. They are Unfaithful...Those who claim the legitimacy of international institutions give up the only authentic legitimacy...which comes from the Koran. And finally, "The overwhelming majority of the Muslims have been happy with the attacks on the Twin Towers. Our polls confirm it." Yes, unbelievably Osama had run a scientific poll, but remember, he was highly educated by the Royal family after the death of his father. From Afghanistan to Sudan, from Palestine to Pakistan, from Malaysia to Iran, from Egypt to Iraq, from Algeria to Senegal, from Libya to Chad, from Kenya to Syria, from Morocco to Lebanon, from Yemen to Indonesia and from Somalia to Saudi Arabia, the hate for America and the West swells like a fire fed by the wind!
If you have read this post without reading part one, you will find richer context by so reading the first part: If Radical Islam is 20-25% of All Muslims…

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