Friday, February 17, 2012

Original Taken Down by Censorship

Internet censorship
John R. Houk
© February 17, 2012

Well it has happened. Server Owner has officially shut down leaving a menacing message that says “Stopping hate speech is not censorship”.

Mr. (name edited) is my stepson that has defined defending Christian Morality as hate-speech. The Bible speaks of homosexuality and the associated lifestyle groups often described as Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transexual (or Transgender) (LGBT or variations of the anagram) as ungodly. The homosexual agenda is in complicity with Leftist culture transformationists that have had the unfortunate success in brainwashing Americans that sticking with the Word of God is hate-speech.

It is hate-speech to expose the tenets of Islam that support hatred of non-Muslims which includes the use of violence against those who are perceived as insulting Islam in telling the truth. In Islam it is particularly insulting to claim that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that Mohammed is a false prophet in the light of the Bible. Muslims go berserk at this suggestion and frequently go on rampages of violent assaults, rapes, kidnapping and murder to protect the so-called honor of Islam and Mohammed.

Where is the outrage over Muslims disseminating the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf as viable and accurate literature that demonizes Jews so much that the only conclusion is the extermination of Jews? Organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are proven supporters of the Arab-Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. Both Hamas and CAIR have direct links to the Muslim Brotherhood which has beliefs in acting on the literal calls of Mohammed to kill Jews and Christians if they insult Islam.

How many crazy Christians hit the streets inflicting violence en masse against Muslims, Mosques or Embassies of Muslim dominated nations? You will see protests and anger most likely emanating from Church displeased with the treatment of Christians or the defilement of the Christian faith, but will never see Christians filling the streets looking for blood.

Contrasting Islamic tenets with Christianity: All the violence that history records perpetrated in the name of Christianity is CONTRARY to the Scriptures as it is understood in Christianity. Muslims that kill in the name of Mohammed in the 21st century and its imperialistic past are merely doing what is commanded in the Quran, Hadith and Sira.

The contrast is huge but to expose that contrast according Mr. (name edited) is hate-speech.

Atheism idiocy explained

Then there is the concept of atheism. Mr. (name edited) is a virulent atheist and militantly anti-Christian. He might tell you he is virulent against all religions; however in my discussions with him Mr. (name edited)’s contempt for Christianity is a path he does not shy from. Often his description of Christians is used with words like deluded, moron, intellectually challenged and the similar vain. Mr. (name edited)'s point is atheists possess a superior intelligence because they do not believe in a personal god. To defend Christianity or to use the same descriptive words toward atheists is considered hate-speech by Mr. (name edited).

Jesus Hipster

If Mr. (name edited) has not changed the content he has placed on you will notice the hypocrisy of placing a hip Jesus underneath his banner basically implying I am a hating Christian bigot. Typically of god-haters/Jesus-haters, the Christian faith is mocked by an atheist calling Christian truth hate-speech and that stopping Christian speech is not censorship.

Therefore the words placed by (name edited) on what once was – “Stopping hate speech is not censorship” – is a load of manure! Mr. (name edited) and deluded-like ilk get so upset with the truth that they call my writing hate-speech. THIS IS CENSORSHIP!

Here is the post on that began an exchange in which Mr. (name edited) culminating his musings with the words “Last Straw”: Pastor Facing Execution. The link in the title is the link, due to censorship I am not sure how long you can read it there; therefore here is the SlantRight 2.0 link to the same story.

Below is the Facebook exchange between me and Mr. (name edited). There are other atheist buddies of Mr. (name edited) that I am not including but you are more than welcome to read their comments as well. However I am including defenders of Christianity in order to view the flow of the comments.

(name edited): Why not welcome the reward of eternal salvation and martyrdom with open arms? January 27 at 7:26pm

John Houk: Or why don't we send atheists to Iran and see if they have a little more sympathy for persecuted Christians. January 28 at 12:38pm

(name edited): I have no interest in going to a country where I'm persecuted for lacking faith. I can get plenty of that by bigoted assholes here in America. January 28 at 12:48pm

John Houk: Atheists need to look in the mirror to see a bigot. American atheists’ level of hate toward Christians is nearly unbelievable. This is a nation in which RELIGIOUS freedom is the foundation. That even means atheists are free to have a lack of religion. The atheist attack on Christianity has the goal of eliminating Christianity. Now that is bigoted. January 31 at 8:04pm

(name edited): Actually christianity will fade away in time. It’s literally just a matter of time. As the old, ignorant non thinking humans die off, your religion will die with you. Your god exists only in the gaps of understanding of human knowledge and those gaps get smaller by the day. I have no need to destroy christianity; it's doing well enough on its own. January 31 at 8:21pm

Wendell John McWhorter III: LoL! How absurd (name edited). January 31 at 8:29pm

(name edited): Americans who identify themselves as "religiously unaffiliated" have grown from 5.3 percent of voters in 1988 to 12 percent in 2008. That makes us a bigger bloc than Hispanics (9 percent), gay voters (4 percent), the Jewish vote (2 percent) and just slightly below the African American vote (13 percent). The largest percentage of this group is atheists, agnostics.

Luckily for you, we don't have a party to corral our lack of beliefs into a political movement. Most atheists are liberal independents. We don't have an agenda. We simply use our brains to arrive at conclusions, or reserve judgment until we can. I don't deny the existence of god, but said existence is highly unlikely.

If you want to write and speak about atheists, you may want to actually talk to a few before you create straw man logical fallacies that can be dismissed quite easily.
January 31 at 9:12pm

Wendell John McWhorter III: LoL! With all your logic and intelligence you have no clue about anything important. Your venom is spreading is true. My point is that Christianity will not die because it will be raptured on the day of God's choosing. At that point you will be given one last chance...I hope at that point you choose wisdom. January 31 at 10:45pm

(name edited): I have no clue about anything important? How can you defend that hyperbolic, ridiculous statement Wendell? No clue because I reject your ideology? Interesting ad hominem. January 31 at 10:49pm

Wendell John McWhorter III: Yes because you refuse to attend your soul, because you fail to see John's point about you the atheist spitting venom and attacks at Christians. You have been doing this non-stop for years now.

What happened to you
(name edited)? One who claimed the faith when I had first met you? Who was it that took you off the path of truth to the child of the accuser? Better for them to tie a millstone around their neck and cast themselves into the sea, for God's wrath is weighted against them! February 1 at 12:27am

(name edited): My brain did it. February 1 at 7:54am

Wendell John McWhorter III: Hmm. That's not how I remember it. February 1 at 3:48pm

(name edited): How do you remember it? February 1 at 4:27pm

Wendell John McWhorter III: I remember you coming into work in a horrible mood. I remember you spouting off something about the Bible and church that was derogatory. I remember asking you: Why are you questioning your faith? You didn't go into detail, but said that a family member had lied to you about the Bible and God. That they did something or said something that turned your world upside down. Do you remember? February 1 at 6:34pm

John Houk: Way to go Wendell. These jokers cry victim about being atheists, yet the attack to denigrate Christianity is a huge victimization in American society. If Christianity fades it will happen because Leftists and atheists teaming up to utilize extra-Constitutional methods such as the Judiciary to create law making Christian Morality and Values hate speech. At this point American will begin to go underground to speak freely. February 2 at 3:44pm

(name edited): Mass delusion. February 2 at 4:53pm

John Houk: Who can believe the writing of a deluded atheist? February 2 at 5:10pm

(name edited): Last straw. February 2 at 5:32pm

[SlantRight Editor: It is at this point I also received the “Last straw” email informing me that hate speech will no longer be tolerated on Mr. (name edited)’s servers and that I should make plans to remove my content.]

Wendell John McWhorter III: They're not deluded just misinformed. February 2 at 8:29pm

I have to assume that Mr. McWhorter’s last comment is in reference to my frustrated question about believing deluded atheists.

Can anyone justify that this dialogue was the use of hate-speech on my part? Is it even possible that someone cannot see that the “Last straw” followed by booting my blog off Mr. (name edited)’s servers was censorship?

JRH 2/17/12
A little spell check editing was added for all the dialogue participants wrote in Facebook haste and I had to adjust errors except where a sentence fragment made more sense rather than creating a sentence.


  1. "You have been doing this non-stop for years now."

    That's not how I remember it, Wendell. I guess we can ask the other guys.

    For John, it must indeed be rough for your religion to control the majority of congress, 75% of the nation, be in charge of pretty much everything, but still be persecuted.

    I do find it odd how all these other Christians primarily don't agree with you. Maybe they just aren't True Christians. Or maybe you should think that you might be wrong. It's been known to happen.

    It is not censorship for Steven to disagree with John and refuse to work with him or give him free services. This is a capitalist country. Why do you hate American principles like the free market?

    The greatest threat to Christianity is people like you, John. Christian numbers are in decline because they see uninformed invective from individuals such as you, and begin to wonder if they might similar. The greatest tool for atheism ever conceived was the bible.

    I wish you luck with your persecution complex. I hope to be able to eventually one day beg for special rights and complain when other people are on equal footing. It must sting to see those awful atheists who you think should be licking your jackboots for salvation actually taking as stand and saying "You know what? You're an ass."

  2. Pay attention ElistB! There is no where on this blog where I call for a Christian government that has shock troops to force the conversion of anyone let alone atheists. I challenge you to find anywhere where I call for an established Christian fascist State that acts like a dictatorship.

    I am an Original Intent Constitutionalist when it comes to the U.S. Constitution. The Original intent of the First Amendment is to keep Government out of Church but not to keep Church out of Government.

    So if you are looking for jack boots look in the mirror. Atheists and Leftists have been to transform Christianity out of America for decades.

    First Leftist activist judges came on the seen then judicial fiat began to unconstitutionally to make law rather than interpret it. Constitutional change is for Congress and the States, not the Judicial Branch to transform culture ex nihilo.

    In a America I have less a persecution complex and more of a defend Christianity with the power of the pen against those that war against Christian principles keeping America great.

  3. he was letting you ride for free and refusing to do so is now censorship. This is Entitlement at its best. Get a job John and pay your own way you dirty hippy.

  4. John, brother,

    Peace now my friend. Please listen to me with your heart and lean not on your understanding. It would appear that you are being driven by emotions instead of being led by the spirit. This is easy to do for men as our default emotion is anger. This usually happens when we get hurt and let's face it, men don't like to admit when someone has hurt us. When we get hurt we tend to defend our foolish pride by retaliation. I feel that this is what has happened to you and it's the reason you have taken this opportunity to broadcast your hurt in the form of an attack against your son.

    Now I'm not here judging you my friend. I've been guilty of this very thing, and anyone who says they haven't is a liar! I am here though to help my brother see through the heart that Jesus renewed within you and I. Your son has questioned his faith, and I assume it was because of you, or something you have done in the past. He has embraced a belief that doesn't exclude a higher power, but believes that the God of the Bible is not it. While you and I both know he is wrong and those with him are also, we have not the power to force them into our beliefs. What we do have in our toolbox is love, understanding, and prayer. For we both know we can't save them, only God can.

    Now your son has said some very vile and venomous things to me, and I'm sure to you, about Christianity. I must remind you that Jesus told us they would. Jesus also said because of him they will mock us, scorn us, and even kill us! He said count it as joy for we do God's will. You shouldn't return his venom with venom though. You must return it with love, peace, understanding, and blessing. Our job as Christians is to inform them not judge them, for Jesus even said I have not come to judge you but to save you! You MUST fix the relationship with your son and be down with the foolish pride! Pride is vile and will consume you to the point, like Samson, God will remove his blessing from you. You must know that what I speak is true. You don't want to stand before the father and have to account for this? Please my friend I pray that you hear my words and may blessings be upon you on this.

    Wendell J. McWhorter III

  5. Thanks Wendell, that is a good word. Incidentally I don't believe I was at fault for the server-owner (I am not allowed to relate personality) leaving Christianity. Although our current exchanges on theology/lack-of-belief probably has contributed to that moving away.

    I don't know the particulars; however I sense it was the death of a Christian mentor of his that a "blame-God" mentality began to emerge. Just a guess.

    At any rate you have hit the nail on the head. The Server-Owners current treatment on contradiction to past assurances planted the seeds of anger in my being.

    Wendell, it might take awhile to get over such a betrayal, but I will work on it.

  6. I have not been pleased with the censorship of the server-owner of my once primary blog In the process of the censorship I cried foul. Then in my opinion the server-owner responded to the foul in a very arrogant inconsiderate fashion. In the tit-for-tat exchanges that included some of the server-owner’s supporters I was forced to reveal sensitive information to make a point about our mutual character assassination.

    Under the intercession of my beloved wife I am removing my comments along with the hateful comments of the server-owner & pals. Sadly I doubt the server-owner will appreciate with the proper gratitude that which my wife has convinced me to do.