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Romney the Corrupt One


John R. Houk
© December 22, 2011

Mitt Romney seems to be the choice of establishment Republicans and his poll numbers seem to be consistent. I am one of those Christians that believe Mormonism is a cult hence I am very anti-Romney. Yep, that makes me a Mormonphobe.

My old buddy Tony Newbill sent me a link to an article posted in June 2011 that gives an old Mormonphobe like me some ammunition other than my dislike for the Mormon cult that should start Romneyphiles to rethink their thoughts on which they support.

Newbill had tipped me earlier that Romney’s so-called business expertise has a tainted history. This June article referred to me entitled, “The Romney/ Goldman Sachs Chronicles - Modern Day Robber Baron's g[al]ore,” is chalk full of allegations that should be investigated. If even a hint of them are true, the allegations would turn out to be criminal. It seems that Republican Establishment people are willing to look the other way as the Democrats were in not vetting President Barack Hussein Obama in his secretive history and connections to Marxists who favored violence and to racists that hate whitey.

The article is posted at Daily Kos so I am not so surprised in the detail of the Romney hit. What I am surprised about is that there are so few stalwart Conservatives who distrust Romney’s Conservative bona fides that have failed to publicize these same allegations. Perhaps the reasoning in the failure is the sources that are anti-Romney are Leftist in origin. Hey! I never read the Daily Kos because of its Leftist nature; however this dirt needs to be opened up to prevent another secretive candidate from possibly attaining the White House. I have a problem exchanging a Center-Right corrupt President for a Left Wing corrupt President, don’t you?

At this point I am still on the Newt train. Perhaps this author – Laserhaas – writing for a Leftist Internet Journal is worth the read.

JRH 12/22/11
The Romney/ Goldman Sachs Chronicles - Modern Day Robber Baron's g[al]ore

By Laserhaas
Jun 16, 2011 at 07:15 PM PDT

We cannot wait until Mitt (the Pitts) Romney gets the GOP nomination - before we address the true nature of this nefarious beast. Because this series of reports will contain evidence of off shore tax havens, bankruptcy fraud, bankruptcy collusion and federal system of justice corruption that benefits Romney's entities. That also ties hand in hand with Goldman Sachs IPO fraud, bankruptcy collusion, bankruptcy fraud and federal system of justice collusion. Such a series therefore needs to name them both.

Benefiting from Off Shore Tax Havens, Federal Court Fraud and Organized Crimes

What we will (and hopefully others who come forward with more facts) - what we will do, is provide irrefutable proof that Mitt Romney Bain entities have benefited from federal frauds. Because Romney's Bain entities and Goldman Sachs utilize the same Delaware counsel (Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell ("MNAT")). We can also, easily, provide sufficient proof of bad faith acts, extremely bad ethics, manifest injustice and Dept of Justice corruption - PROFUSE.

We reported (way back in 2006) that Mitt Romney was engaging in Off Shore Tax Havens and erroneously stipulating that his wealth was only $250 million. Romney was forced to "adapt" his Presidential Campaign Finance Form to a "custom made" format and stipulated (mockingly) that his money was in a blind family trust since 2003 and he did not know how much money he really had. As anyone can see - though main stream media has speciously deleted all other references to the issue - we reported on Mitt Romney's custom made campaign finance form falsity in 2007 (see comment #265 in this blog (here)).

Pitts' Romney Off Shore Tax Have questions still unaddressed

As all can see from the Tim Russert interview of Mitt Romney back in 2007, and of the AP picture (left) from the Los Angeles Times story
Island tax havens factor into Romney's business success".

This story and a "complete" investigation of the issue(s) are long overdue. Unfortunately, Tim Russert passed away and we have no one like him (yet) - willing to ask the hard fact finding  questions. We do hope that after the NN conference in Minnesota, everyone will come back fired up and a DK'r with better rec list potential will bring these cold hard facts to the limelight.

Campaign Finance and Off Shore Tax Have Speciousness

If you look at Romney's 2008 Campaign finance discussion on Wikipedia (here). It does not match other press reports. Meg Whitman and Mitt Romney both have a history of utilizing their own monies to fund their campaigns. This might be due to the fact that Meg Whitman came from BAIN - too!

Gaze upon the Los Angeles Times story that talked about Romney's Off Shore issues. As Governor of Mass, Romney halted off shore tax advantages. Yet as a private company owner and manager he benefited from the very item he made his state deny. What is obviously surreptitious at best, no one believes that Mitt Romney has no idea how much cash he has. The very notion is absurd. If such were true, who would want such a rich fool with money in charge of the nations wealth? Beyond that simple common sense item, the larger question is –

Did Mitt Romney lie on his Campaign Finance Form custom made?

If you do NOT know how much money you "really" have, then how can you legitimately state you have NOT benefited from "off shore" tax havens.

The Los Angeles times story quotes the Tim Russert interview and several facts;
Pay very close attention to the germane testimony. Romney's staff stipulated that Mitt did NOT benefit from Off Shore monies. Yet, the Los Angeles Times story says different and the KEY is SANKATY.

In Bermuda, Romney served as president and sole shareholder for four years of Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors Ltd. [SlantRight: There was a link here. It is either dead or incorrectly inserted by author]

It funneled money into Bain Capital's Sankaty family of hedge funds, which invest in bonds and other debt issued by corporations, as well as bank loans.
Like thousands of similar financial entities,Sankaty maintains no office or staff in Bermuda.

Its only presence consists of a nameplate at a lawyer's office in downtown Hamilton, capital of the British island territory.  "It's just a mail drop, essentially," said Marc B. Wolpow, who worked with Romney for nine years at Bain Capital and who set up Sankaty Ltd. in October 1997 without ever visiting Bermuda.

"There's no one doing any work down there other than lawyers."

All anyone need investigate is Bain and several other "exclusive" holdings of Mitt Romney to see he speaks with forked tongue. Such as Stage Stores, a southern Texas Bankruptcy case (#00-35078) - where Mitt owns the bulk of the entity that held 500 stores. We will begin his chronicle of nefarious benefiting at that case and his cohort Paul Traub.

Romney spoke and for (and all GOP's have finally received) - private funded elections without restrictions. Fortunately, Mitt (the Pitts) Romney - is not always correct. In this YouTube video he speaks about campaign finance and predicts that McCain will beat Obama.

Mitt Romney talks campaign finance – 3/2/11:


You can go back to NeoStar, or the crimes of Stage Stores, eToys/Kay Bee

Romney most likely met Paul Traub of the Traub Bonacquist & Fox (Yellen) law firm, back during the NeoStar case. Since that time, Paul Traub and Romney's interest have walked hand in hand. Including Bain's Jack Bush (yes - from TX) - who was with Traub and his cohort (Barry Gold) at Jumbo Sports.

However, to really get a grasp on the situation, you have to look at Stage Stores, eToys, Bain/KB and Toys R Us. Bain now owns Toys R Us. But it does so ILLEGALLY. Even though Bain and Goldman Sachs attorneys confessed to supplication of more than 34 false affidavits

(Please remember and Take NOTE --- Martha went to jail for one verbal lie - these are officers of the court held to a much higher ethical standard).

Despite testimony by Dept of Justice personnel that Traub and MNAT were Forewarned not to violate the law. Paul Traub and MNAT failed to disclose their connections to Goldman Sachs and Barry Gold. Paul Traub, rejecting the US Trustee's forewarning against replacing key executives of the bankruptcy case with someone connected to him –

Did then (SECRETLY) put in his partner (Barry Gold) as CEO of eToys - after the bankruptcy case began.

But the crimes did not begin there - they were Cemented as true thinking and implementation of criminal acts - once Barry Gold was illegally placed within.

Barry Gold worked for the Directors/owners of Stage Stores - including Michael Glazer, Mitt Romney and Jack Bush. Paul Traub worked at Stage Stores federal case too. In the year 2000. Also in the year 2000, Bain acquired Kay Bee Toys. Michael Glazer from Stage Stores was also the CEO of Bain/Kay Bee.

Paul Traub has sinced Confessed - that he placed Barry Gold inside eToys without telling the court. Paul Traub also confessed (see pages 60 thru 69 of federal case transcript (eToys docket item) (here)).

Goldman Sachs and Bain's civil and criminal violations are massive. Including crimes against public entities, organized criminal endeavors "profuse" and issues of violations of the law to protect Romney's various entities and Goldman Sachs from investigation and prosecution.
More than enough public docket record evidence to  easily satisfy the conspiracy monitor police and FAQs requisites. I will state here, so that there can be no misunderstanding - I am NOT an investigative journalist doing an independent review. All of such main stream media, including the Wall Street Journal, are too chicken to tell you the entire story.

Dept of Justice duplicity/Cover UP of Goldman Sachs/Bain Crimes

The fact of the matter is - the Delaware (we coined a phrase "Deal-aware")

As the Dept of Justice and Federal system of justice (Court and Clerks office) are helping assist the organized crimes of Goldman Sachs and Bain to succeed, because it would embarrass Mitt Romney to investigate the case and destroy the MNAT law firm.
See how the Court approved Destruction of Books n Records early in the case
See how the Dept of Justice Trial Attorney did Strike and Expunge the evidence
If you want to know how they could get away with all this. Simple, the Deal-aware United States Attorney was a partner with Goldman Sachs/Bain law firm (MNAT) in 2001 (the very year the crimes began). This fact was hidden from us for 7 years.
See US Attorney Colm Connolly's resume listing MNAT in 2001 (eToys fraud is 2001).

Other germane links - Bain, Goldman Sachs, Romney & Tax Havens.

Goldman Sachs and Mitt Romney's Robber Baron antics would only increase by a quantum leap - if Mitt should STEAL the election (his companies steal everything else).

You can see with your own eyes, the black and white Dept of Justice ILLEGAL efforts to assist Organized Criminal empires of Traub, MNAT, Goldman Sachs and BAIN to succeed. The Chief Justice said, despite confessions to 34 false affidavits - that there was NO Perjury in eToys (see page 52 of the OPINION (here)).

Because the crimes are federal cases complex and full of massive corruption. We will take the next few weeks and make "chronicles" of the violations - (separately).

Fully disclosing the fact that I am on a mission to get back my money they stole. To halt corruption in the Delaware Federal Court and US Trustee's office, I always post at my website and blogs - an Affidavit - to make sure any reader understands the gravity of the issues here.

These Fraudsters are assaulting our Constitution SEDITIOUSLY - and must be halted at all costs. G-d help us all - if Romney is able to steal this election. He certainly has enough money to make it happen.

If not, he will simply file bankruptcy and stiff everyone he owes anyway - after all (remember) he has NO idea where the money is or how much he has!

See my Laser Haas online affidavits at

If you think Traub could not possibly get away with all these crimes, then simply address this factual issue.
Paul Traub confessed to intentional fraud on the court in eToys and was given a DOJ Get out of Jail Free Card (see WHEREAS Clauses)
When we reported the other $100 million fraud - the Deputy Director at the Dept of Justice over the US Trustee did email me this promise

Date: 02/25/05 14:49:58To: ‘’Cc: Kelly.B.Stapleton@usdoj.govSubject: RE: Item sent to the record today

Mr.. Haas:

You most assuredly have our attention and my personal commitment that we will act in every case where action is required and we are aware of it.  Please understand however, that like any prosecutor, we must exercise appropriate discretion in carrying out our responsibilities which while sometimes in a particular case may seem unjust, it is done with perspective to ALL matters we handle.  I sympathize with your frustration and again assure you that my staff is extremely competent to handle this matter and will exercise appropriate judgment.

Lawrence A. Friedman, Director
Executive Office for US Trustees
United States Department of Justice
Washington, DC

Then, after some weird court hearings and an FBI promise to halt the fraud Director Friedman RESIGNED

US Attorney THREATENS Asst US Attorneys to Keep their mouths shut

We reported the massive frauds and felonies (over $1 billion and more than 100 crimes) to the Dept of Justice Public Corruption Task Force
That US Attorney assisted the crimes by Shutting it Down
Threatening career Asst US Attorneys to - Keep your mouths shut or ELSE

Paul Traub was partners with Marc Dreier (doing 20 years)
Traub was partners with Tom Petters (doing 50 years)
Worked both sides of the fence in OKUN's case (doing 100 years)
Traub has relationship with Bain, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Cerberus (who owns Hilco) and Hilco, Gordon brothers bought Polaroid (illegally)
[N]ow Traub owns Polaroid (being with GB) that was bought by stolen funds through his partner Petters. Traub also has a relationship with Cerberus (that received all the bailouts GMAC, Chrysler) and Cerberus, with Goldman Sachs and Bain manipulated the issues of Hilco/Polaroid, Fingerhut
Cerberus (translates to the Guardians of the Gates of Hell) is also a Republican Robber Baron machine, that worked as a feeder fund to Madoff.

Yet NOT one mention of Traub - ANYWHERE by the Feds
Romney the Corrupt One
John R. Houk
© December 22, 2011
The Romney/ Goldman Sachs Chronicles - Modern Day Robber Baron's g[al]ore

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