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Bare Naked Islam Shutdown by Word Press

John R. Houk
© December 30, 2011

I have been going through my RSS feeds at Google Reader. I don’t know why I still have Little Green Footballs on my RSS. The big football over there has it in for bloggers that wish to expose Islam as a theopolitical religion that its very essence is antithetical to the American way of life that was initiated by our Founding Fathers as well as being an overtly racist religion.

The idiocy of the hatred of LGF’s Charles Johnson has called Pamela Geller a racist bigot for her part in exposing Islam. Here is a Johnson quote on Geller I found on Helian Unbound:

The fact is that there are plenty of good reasons to make the judgment that Pamela Geller promotes crazy hate speech, racist groups, and conspiracy theories; her main targets are Muslims, but many of these reasons have nothing to do with Islam, radical or otherwise.

This Helian Unbound post demonstrates the hypocrisy of Charles Johnson. The post proceeds to quote Johnson racism and incitement:

Congratulations, Glenn (Beck). You’ve now succeeded in being even more of a gratuitous race-baiter than Rush Limbaugh.


Some days it seems as if the right wing blogosphere has become possessed by the Demons of Utter Stupidity.


In his feverish rush to smear LGF by any means possible, wingnut hateblogger Ace of Spades makes an accusation. (Amid a whole bunch of outright lies.)


This is the kind of person who represents the right wing blogosphere: a rank hypocrite, who accuses others of the unethical acts he performs himself.


World Net Daily’s source for their latest insane Birther article is James Edwards — an open white supremacist who runs the vile “Political Cesspool” radio show in Tennessee: Hawaii elections clerk: Obama not born here.


I haven’t been paying much attention to raving Birther kook Orly Taitz’s campaign for the GOP nomination for secretary of state, but amazingly, there’s actually a chance she might win today


Fox News Hitler pimp Glenn Beck has a new favorite author:


Nothing new about any of this, Blair, you freaking brain-dead right wing moron. Try harder next time.


Today’s disgusting right wing racist is South Carolina Republican Senator Jake Knotts.

If Johnson ever was a Conservative has totally abandoned the Right to become a Left Wing writer of hate. As any good Leftist will do, Johnson will delete or edit any incriminating posts or comments to protect his LGF sainthood. This is one reason I sought quotes from somewhere other than LGF itself.

I point out this nature of Charles Johnson because it is through a rant of his against Pamela Geller that I discovered Bare Naked Islam (BNI) was shut down by the blog’s host Johnson praises and castigates Geller for her timely and vociferous post at Atlas Shrugs leveled at for dropping BNI. Evidently believes BNI violated its terms of service; however the closure was a result of Muslim complaints supported by Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood connected Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) against BNI. As of today this is what you are directed to if you attempt to go to the BNI blog: is no longer available.

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

For questions or concerns, contact Support.

Who knows how long even this slim piece of information is available; nonetheless be a person that clicks the “ Support” link above to complain about this attempt to censor Free Speech merely because of the hypocrisy that some Muslims were offended by a BNI portrayal of Islam.

Pamela Geller is correctly angry with and CAIR for this kind of censorship. Geller’s defense of BNI demonstrates the hypocrisy involved in this act of shutting BNI because CAIR is a radical Islamic group of which BNI would expose as a group dedicated to bring intolerant Sharia Law as the law of the land in America.

Geller urges everyone that has a Word Press blog to shut down voluntarily in protest; however I am probably one of many that will ignore this voluntary action. I use my Word Press blog kind of as a place to disseminate info that leads back to my main blog If you do not have much invested in your Word Press blog, by all means take it down. If you have a lot invested in your Word Press blog OR if you have no Word Press blog I urge you to complain to Support!

JRH 12/30/11

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