Monday, December 5, 2011

Euro Collapse and the New World Order


John R. Houk
December 5, 2011

I always love a good Conspiracy Theory read. The best Conspiracy Theories are those that utilize actual facts rather than speculated assertions or just outright fiction. One such Conspiracy Theory is based on actual Socio-Political Theory of the collapse of the Eurozone’s Euro currency. Academics, Economists, Politicians, Globalists and Believers in National Sovereignty have become extremely concerned of the stability of the Euro. American Conservatives know the reason for Euro problems is because of the Socialist-Democratic-Entitlement society the European Union has developed over the years of the elitist dream of the One European Government often equated as the United States of Europe. The fine line between Conspiracy Theory and Political Theory is the reality of predicted outcomes. The outcome will have history paint the picture of how a theory is labeled.

I found a post by Danny Jeffrey of Freedom Rings 1776. Jeffrey is convinced the Euro will come to an end then delves into the reasons for the unraveling as an indictment against Globalism and moving toward a New World Order.

The Conspiracy Theory worst case scenario of a Euro collapse runs something like social unrest will overtake Europe. To restore order some kind of centralized authority must step in to return social order. There are three big powers in the EU of which two are members of the European Central Bank (ECB) which is somewhat like America’s Federal Reserve. Those big three are the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Social unrest will separate the UK out of a continental European power struggle. This leaves France and Germany. Perhaps France and Germany will somehow share power in restoring order to Europe. My Conspiracy Theory guess is France and Germany will eventually carve out economic zones roughly pertaining to Western Europe and Eastern Europe. It is likely Russia have something to say about that economic influence in Eastern Europe. For a short while France, Germany and Russia will be a triumvirate of economic stability in Europe. Eventually Russian paranoia and German National Interests will clash. France will either join Germany against Russia or France will protect its National Interests by courting a UK alliance. At this point this sounds like old European distrust and jealousies coming back to haunt Europe all because of the collapse of the Eurozone. Then there is one more element that will probably realign old European squabbles into yet another global affair.

That element is the rise of purist Radical Islam that is slowly spreading through what the West has perceived as Moderate Islam. I have no prediction on how Islam will play out in global chaos or war but I know it won’t be good. Islam might be the excuse global elites utilize to use the United Nations mechanisms set up by Agenda 21 to begin a New World Order under Leftist ideology to control individuals on a global basis. OR someone wakes up enough to be an influence to confront Islam with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

That wake-up call of course would be American voters giving the Left the boot and restore Constitutional Original Intent people to govern via the Branches of Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Unless America realizes the foundation of our Founding Fathers that made America exceptional, then the world is doomed to a conflict between an Agenda 21 and Islam with Communist China joining in on the side that best benefits the Chinese National Interests.

Now how is that for a Conspiracy Theory, eh?

Political Theory is not quite as dramatic as Conspiracy Theory. If the Euro collapses, conventional wisdom would be that the governments of the EU will turn to France and Germany to reform who can sit on the Board of Directors of the ECB meaning nations that can’t pay their bills will longer be a part of the economic process of the Eurozone. Those nations given the boot from the Board of Directors of the ECB will have to decide whether to return to a national currency or submit their economies to the banking policies of a reformed ECB. China, India and America thus will have a stake in backing up a reformed ECB to stabilize the global economy. The result: The world slides into a global chaos SLOWER than my Conspiracy Theory scenario or years more of a status quo globalist economy under current National Sovereignty situation of the world’s nations with America trying to keep its primary status as the world’s Capitalist profit/loss market economy.

JRH 12/5/11

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