Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We Should Suppress Palestinians Rather than Give them a State

Dry Bones Arab Spring & Jew-Christian Hatred

John R. Houk
© December 7, 2011

Western nations led by America, EU, Russia and the UN have been pressuring Israel to cave in to allowing a new State to arise from their Biblical Land for Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. As brutal as it sounds I believe Israel should drive Muslim Arabs from Judea-Samaria and Gaza to Jordan and Syria. Jordan especially was carved out of the original British Mandate for Palestine as a gift to the Hashemite family for aiding the British to victory in WWI over Turkey (then the Ottoman Empire). The British awarded the Hashemites other carved out areas as well; however the Mandate for Palestine was created with the purpose of restoring Jews to their homeland. Take note this was BEFORE the Holocaust that murdered approximately SIX MILLION JEWS. In recognition that the majority population of the area was Muslim and Christian Arabs, the huge Mandate for Palestine was intended to create an Arab State separate from the Jewish State.

Incidentally the Christian Arab population was much greater in Palestine Mandate days than they are now. Does anyone know why? It is because from the time that Arabs that call themselves Palestinians became recognized as a political entity the Muslim majority in Judea-Samaria began persecuting the Christian minority. Christian Arabs have responded by leaving traditional areas of population concentration (like Bethlehem) for safer places to live. PA-Hamas-Hezbollah propagandists have attempted to bend statistics that Israel is the fault for Christian Arabs leaving Judea-Samaria and that Christian Zionists (i.e. Evangelicals) are spreading propaganda that Islam is the reason for Christian Arabs leaving their homes. The actual truth is that Islam is to blame, the Christian Arab population in Israel has tripled and Evangelicals are countering the propaganda of Islamic terrorists. Malcolm Lowe utilizes statistics to shine a light on the blatant manipulation Muslim propagandists are using in creating lies.

Islamic terrorists are real big on using propaganda to lie their way into a sovereign Palestine on Jewish land. The propaganda has been so successful that Western governments are trying to kowtow to the terrorists by telling their citizens that stealing Jewish land and giving it to Arabs that call themselves Palestinians will bring peace to the Middle East.

Western governments are failing to tell the truth that Arabs in the Jewish territories, that their education and media are training Arabs - from cradle to the grave – to hate Jews and American Christians. Here are five example clips from Al-Aksa TV (Hamas) of how Jews are portrayed to Muslims courtesy of MEMRI TV.

Why in the world is our American government joining three other Western entities to nearly bludgeon Israel into accepting a sovereign Palestine State right alongside the Israeli border? This Palestine will be controlled by the Palestine Authority which ultimately will include Hamas controlled Gaza. The Palestine Authority is just as devilish in propagating Jew and American hatred as Hamas. Unless the Islamic terrorists accept the existence as a Jewish State and cease from brainwashing Jew-hatred, the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians will NEVER cease from a having a violent society with the primary ethic of killing Jews and destroying Israel.

JRH 12/7/11

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