Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 3 Common Myths of Capitalism

Dr Jeffrey Miron

Tony Newbill sent me a link of a Harvard Professor discussing three myths about Capitalism. For clarity’s sake the video should have been labeled three Leftist myths about Capitalism. The good Professor answers the myths and destroys them in three brief moments.

Newbill asks: “How did President Obama and the Washington Establishment Government miss this Harvard Professor's ideas about the USA Economic system of Capitalism?

JRH 12/8/11
Top 3 Common Myths of Capitalism

Posted Aug 22, 2011

Is being pro-business and pro-capitalism the same? Does capitalism generate an unfair distribution of income? Was capitalism responsible for the most recent financial crisis? Dr. Jeffrey Miron at Harvard answers these questions by exposing three common myths of capitalism.

Newbill’s original link:

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