Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ZOA and J Street Joining Forces?

Conservative Jew v. Leftist Jew golden-calf
I am a Christian Right kind-of-guy that many would also describe me as a Christian Zionist because I whole heartedly stand with Israel and believe the land of Israel should at the very least retain its current borders and at best embark on a Greater Israel. Yep, that makes me an extreme Right Winger as far as Israel goes.

Knowing that I have as much devotion toward Israel nearly as much as I do to the United States of America, I am often surprised about Jews - both in Israel and America - that would label themselves as Progressive (aka Liberal, Leftist, Moonbat and so on) politically and demonize the Homeland of their heritage. “Progressive” American Jews particularly astound me with their failure to grasp that border reduction to create an Arab State on the Israeli border which only wishes the destruction of Israel, opens Israel’s existence to a perilous edge of a cliff that will lead to a fall extinguishing Jews and the nation of Israel.

Ari Bussel writes of this phenomenon of Jews shooting themselves in the foot which includes a pleasant surprise he experienced attending a meeting in which the speaker was an IDF Brigadier General and his listeners were divided between Jewish Leftists and Jewish Conservatives.

JRH 8/3/11

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