Sunday, August 28, 2011

Muslim Fifth Column in U.S. Government Exposé

MB - USA Seals

WorldNetDaily sent a link to an article that demonstrates the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has infiltrated the U.S. government on a greater scale than most comprehend. MB infiltration has gone on through a number of Presidential Administrations; however high level placement of MB associated or openly MB sympathetic Muslims has taken place under the Obama Administration.

Now why in the world would President Obama be so in tank with radical Muslim ideology attending a Christian Denomination that has a penchant Progressive Christianity and the Marxism of Black Liberation Theology (BLT)?

Here are some guesses:

1.   BHO was raised among Muslims until his Grandparents began to raise him in Hawaii.

2.   BHO attended a Church heavily involved in the racist-Marxist teachings of BLT.

3.   BHO apparently had Black Superiority drilled into thought patterns along with Progressive Christianity which meant Biblical spirituality is a Whitey invention.

4.   BHO has no affinity for Biblical Christianity thus desires a societal transformation along Socialistic/Marxist terms that must attack Biblical Christianity in order to emphasize the transformation.

5.   BHO’s Progressive-BLT Christianity allows for pushing Islam and its Sharia Law to denigrate Biblical Christianity. One can perhaps see BHO thinking with his association to Louis Farrakhan of Nation Islam.

I would describe BHO as a Progressive Christian steeped heavily in Secular Humanism. BHO was under the tutelage Rev. Jeremiah Wright for a couple of decades. Rev. Wright is a Black racist at worst and a Black Supremacist at best. Although BHO would deny being influenced by negative aspects of Wright because of political correctness, I have no doubts the President harbors his mentor Wright’s world view.

BHO’s apparent reckless regard for the Muslim Brotherhood goes a long way to explain why some cities in America force their employees including the police to attend a Mosque in the name of multicultural diversity training. This practice seriously violates the First Amendment by forcing an individual to attend a religious service that is contrary to his belief system. In the case of Tulsa Police Department Officer Paul Fields, he was ordered to attend a police appreciation day at the radical Mosque Islamic Society of Tulsa. Fields refused to attend and TPD police Chief Chuck Jordan demoted and suspended Fields without pay.

When one finally apprehends the realization Islam has nothing in common with the American way of life, which began to develop with the experimentation of the Revolutionary War and the approval of the U.S. Constitution including the first ten Amendments, then one will realize Islamic authoritarianism and Islamic dualistic ethics cannot work in America.

Is WND reporting on MB infiltration based on own investigations? Not this time. WND is reporting the words of former FBI John Guandolo (Read about Guandolo at this SEG about page) and what WND calls a Muslim reformer named Tarek Fatah.

JRH 8/28/11

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