Monday, August 1, 2011

Is the mystery of DB Cooper about to be solved?

DB Cooper artist sketch 1971

Who remembers the legend of DB Cooper? DB Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 in 1971 demanding Two-Hundred-Thousand dollars and four parachutes. The jet landed at Sea-Tac airport to exchange 36 passengers for the $200,000. The Boeing 727 was gassed-up with the destination being Mexico. The legend begins when DB Cooper parachutes out of the jet somewhere over the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State. DB Cooper disappears into history as an unsolved crime that made him a folk hero in the Pacific Northwest.

Check it out! A Daily Mail story reports the FBI is on the tip of the edge in solving the mystery of DB Cooper.

JRH 7/31/11 (Hat Tip: Drudge Report)

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