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The Stage is Set – Israel Defend Yourself

Kamal al-Nairab with Ismail Haniya 8-20-11
Kamal al-Nairab with Ismail Haniya 8-20-11

John R. Houk
© August 25, 2011

On August 18, 2011eight Israelis either on the way or returning from vacationing at Eilat, Israel on the coast of the Red Sea were murdered by Islamic terrorists. If you read some MSM outlets you will see that gunmen perhaps from a Palestinian origin were responsible. Let’s be clear! The gunmen were Islamic terrorists and although thought to be directly related to Hamas, the proof demonstrates that members of the Egyptian military were involved in the terrorist attack. Also to be clear the loss of life was eight Jews, THIRTY other Jews were injured to some degree.

At least three of the perpetrators of last week's deadly terror attack near Eilat were Egyptians, investigations by Israel's and Egypt's armies have found. Despite this, Egyptian political activists are still demanding a "million man protest" on the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Eight Israelis were killed and 30 injured in a coordinated, three-part attack by the Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees.

A leading member of Israel's General Staff, Amir Eshel, traveled to Cairo this week to present photographic evidence of Egyptian involvement in the attack, according to Ynet news. Videos he presented show that Israeli attack helicopters avoided hitting Egyptian militant vehicles and troops along the border, instead directing their fire into open areas where the terrorist were hiding. Egyptian troops were also reluctant to confront the militants who were firing across the border, and they may have been killed when they finally left their positions to stop the shooting. Egypt has yet to carry out autopsies on the bodies of the dead soldiers.

An inspection of the bodies of the terrorist proved that at least three of the terrorists were Egyptian. Notably, one of the dead terrorists had been tried in Egypt for radicalism and imprisoned. He escaped along with hundreds of other terrorists during the first days of the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Many of the escapees took refuge in Gaza, with Egypt pressing Hamas to extradite them back across the border. (Egyptians Involved in Israel Attack, IPT News, 8/24/11)

Incredulously Egypt demanded an apology for Israel chasing down the Islamic terrorists at the Rafah Crossing of the border between Egypt and Gaza (Hamastan). Israel borders both Gaza and Egypt. Egypt then recalled its Ambassador to Israel which is seen as a public rebuke to Israel.

An initial inquiry by the army into last week's terror attack near Eilat in which eight Israelis were killed indicates at least three of the terrorists were Egyptian nationals, and Haaretz said.

One of the terrorists belonged to a radical Egyptian group and was jailed in Egypt but escaped during the first days of anti-regime protests.

Details of the investigation were submitted to Egyptian officials by Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, head of the army's General Staff Planning branch, who traveled to Cairo earlier this week, said.

Eshel also showed Egyptian officials photographic evidence to support the findings, the Web site said.

The report showed Israeli soldiers did their utmost to prevent Egyptian soldiers and border guards from being hurt during gun battles that erupted between Israeli soldiers and terrorists who fled to the Egyptian side of the border.

Videos taken from aircraft showed Israeli soldiers intentionally diverted fire from the Egyptian all-terrain vehicles and soldiers towards open areas near the border base, the site said.

The investigation also found Egyptian army troops spotted the terrorists but did nothing to detain them. The terrorists wore uniforms similar to those worn by the Egyptian army, the site said.

Five members of Egypt's security forces were killed in the attack prompting Egypt to demand an apology from Israel. Violent protests erupted in Cairo with demonstrators demanding an end to the peace treaty with Israel and calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador. (Israel beefs up security at Egypt border, UPI, 8/24/11)

So then, Egypt demands an apology and Hamas of Gaza shoots GRAD missiles at Ashdod, Ashkelon and other Israel locations.

Some 20 rockets were fired at Israel's southern communities on Wednesday night (August 24).
A 9-month-old baby was hit by glass splinters when a rocket fired at Ashkelon Wednesday evening exploded near a house in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. A car caught fire and was destroyed, and damage was also caused to several structures.

Among the rocket hits:

• On August 19 a synagogue and a school in Ashdod were hit by rockets fired from Gaza. One person was seriously injured, and some ten were wounded. There was extensive damage to the building.

• On August 20 two Grad rocket hits were identified in Beersheba, causing the death of one Israeli civilian, critically wounding four others and inflicting varying degrees of injuries on three others; considerable damage was done to one house in the city.

• On August 20 two Grad rocket hits were identified in the region of Ashdod. Four civilians were wounded, one of them critically; several structures were damaged.

• On August 20 two more Grad rocket hits were identified in the region of Ashdod. Six civilians were wounded, three of them critically; one sustained minor injuries and two were treated for shock.

• On August 20 three rocket hits were identified in Ofakim, wounding several people including a four-month-old baby and causing severe damage.

• On August 20 a rocket hit was identified in the western Negev; property was damaged.

• On August 21 another Grad rocket hit was identified in Beersheba and property was damaged. (Israel under fire - August 2011, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 8/25/11)

After the butchery of 8 Israeli citizens attempting to enjoy a vacation, Hamas fires GRAD missiles at civilian targets because Israel did not sit on its appeasement backside and sought and found immediate justice against murdering leadership that started the snowball of violence in the first place. The Palestinian Authority is right there to back up Hamas by claiming the whole thing was Israel’s fault. WHAT?

If Israel defends itself all deaths are on Israel’s head because of defense of their borders, is that right? If only the American President had enough cajones to stop Drug Cartel terrorists from entering America from across the Mexican border.

I say, “Netanyahu do not put up with this junk from Islamic terrorists! If Israel allows the existence of a Palestinian State followed with the division of the Jewish Homeland Capital city of Jerusalem, expect more of the same.”

JRH 8/25/11

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