Friday, August 12, 2011

Rick Perry to Announce

Rick Perry

John R. Houk
© August 12, 2011

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) has told FOX News he is making a definitive announcement on Saturday.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will make "a definitive announcement that he is in the 2012 race for the presidency Saturday," aides told Fox News.

The governor's Spokesman Mark Miner confirmed late Thursday that Perry will enter the race.

"This is it," a Perry source told Fox News. "No exploratory committee, no more deliberation."

Perry will spend most of next week on the road officially campaigning.

Team Perry acknowledges they had only been hinting about a run earlier, but now tells Fox News first that Saturday is the official launch.

Frankly the little coverage I have seen of Governor Perry places him in a favorable light. Then I heard that Perry was a former Democrat that served as State Chairman to get Al Gore elected as President. Today Gore is as loony as a Leftist can be. I understand that Perry’s Dem Party days were those of a Southern Democrat Conservative that supported many Conservative causes: No Fed funds for abortion, pro-gun, was with President Reagan on supporting Nicaraguan Contras against the Communist Sandinistas and so on. These kinds of Democrats are few to non-existent today.

I am going to hold my thoughts on Governor Perry’s for the GOP Presidential nomination until I learn and listen to him to see what he as to offer. If the Texas Governor turns out to be a RINO, I definitely will not be in his political camp.

JRH 8/12/11

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