Monday, August 29, 2011

Leave Islam – Convert to Christianity – Die

Hossein Soodmand (Left) - Mashad Soodman

John R. Houk
© August 29, 2011

Iran executes their citizens for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity. And yet Iran has joined the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly Conference – OIC) agenda of criminalizing people who have insulted Islam. Trust me; it is not difficult to insult Islam. The mere criticism of the darker side of Islam, such as the Quranic suras that originated in Medina rather than the pre-Hegira Meccan suras is an insult worthy of death. Criticizing Sharia Law is worthy of death. Criticizing the decisions of Mohammed is worthy of death. Critically analyzing Islam’s deity known as Allah is worthy of death. AND SO, leaving Islam to convert to Christianity is worthy of death.

The OIC influenced United Nations Assembly Resolution originally known as Defamation of Religions makes it illegal to criticize Islam in nations that signed off on UN resolution. Where is the outrage when Christians are persecuted for their faith? Make no mistake a person or people who convert to Christianity are Christians. To not recognize this is an act of persecution in Muslim nations against Christians. The recent consensus of the UNHRC to switch the focus of Defamation of Religions from religions to individuals is all a matter of semantics. The focus is still on individuals that might insult Islam rather than on individuals (especially Muslim individuals) going beyond the insult right on to the realm of acts of violence that too often lead to death of a non-Muslim adherent especially of Christian individuals. The glaring sadness of Christians being persecuted is that the Muslim State legalizes said persecution by codifying the persecution in the rule of law. Hence when a Muslim converts to Christianity in a Muslim nation the rule of law often stipulates that this insult to Islam can ONLY find justice in the execution of the Christian. NOW that is real Defamation of Religions.

JRH 8/29/11

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